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worst customer service experience ever

Dear sir, sorry about the machine issues. But we can provide you after-sale service under the circumstance that you provide us the order number or any clue that you buy this from our authorized stores.

According to your reply, you order this from a local dealer, but no invoice or anything that can prove this deal.

This leads to we do not know when you begin to use this machine. We are fully responsible for our products. But only when you purchased the product from our store or one of our authorized stores.
Our Customer Service Staff has reported your machine issues. We, means you and me, have agreed on how to solve this problem. We hope you are satisfied with our service!

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Works great
Excelent product
LIke, just need a little improvement
Better than fk and cheyenne
Excelente quality
Great machine.
Great machine!
A great machine
Needs a bit more improvement
tattoo machine
Great Machine
First time buyer.