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Quelle® Waved Magnum Cartridge Needle / M1


I charged it for about 1 hour and used it for 4 hours straight and just reduced 1 bar on the battery level. Will buy more for sure

CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Cartridge Machine Faulhaber Q1

What i needed

I am just starting in this amazing art and I got one of those kits from other website, as a newbie I didnt realize how poor was my machine until I got my Q2. This machine is powerful , I used to run the other machine at 9v to even get a line but with the Q2 I just need to run at 6.5v to get a good line. I am still on the learning process but this machine is making everything easier. love this product.

Police cartridges

So far I am happy with the police cartridges, I am using the new Cncxme machines, and the cartridges work really well with them, where as the bishop davinci’s easily popped out.

Good price/quality ratio


Been using a CNC wireless pen, I was very impressed with the quality of the product and I’ve got to say I’m loving using it. Been a professional tattooist for over 8 years and this is probably the best machine I’ve used so far. Battery life is really good and my old machines will now be gathering dust

Not 5 stars because would be less stress to have information and tracking over the delivery. I have got it in two packages. So, with the 1st package I thought that the delivery did not have all provided on the web site.
More transparency in delivery will culm down your clients.

I'm so sorry for causing that confusion to you. Sometimes due to the DHL requirement, the liquid and electrical products can not send in the same package.
We apologize for not updating your logistics information. We will improve our service. We hope you will be satisfied with our products and services.

Great battery and long lasting only thing about it is the voltage increases by 0.5 not 0.1.


Worked out great. Can push bigger needles with ease


Lasts as long as said it would, good quality and good power. One thing I don’t like is the port that plugs into the machine comes apart easily while plugged into machine. That needs changed. Other than that it’s a badass battery

Love it, works Great!!!

Works as described no issues at all.

Please fulfill my order!

You haven’t fulfilled my order, I am still waiting for my second parcel and shipping update! I require tracking information and notification that my second parcel has been sent!

Quelle 7rl bugpin

The cartridges are well made with medical grade needles.
I didn’t experience any free play in the needles or any wobble during use.
The Quelle cartridges fit various pen style machines is use with a solid click and didn’t loosen during use.
Ink flow is great and not had any issues in reliability or damage needles to date.

It’s the first time that I’ve used Quelle cartridges and I’m impressed
They are my go to cartridges currently over several other makes though I can’t wait to try out the new Police range.

I will do a longer term review after more useage.

Amazing power supply for the money!!!

I have multiple wireless set ups at this point. Some of which costing well over $500. This wireless power supply holds up to any of them. Excellent, consistant power, accurate digital readout, and stays charged for HOURS!! So far the best one ive used, especially at this price!!!

I haven’t used the equipment yet, but Im happy with the speedy delivery service, and packaging. Thanks again


Made a huge diff now one pass lines every time . Wish I would of switched alot sooner

Great battery pack

I received a couple of these with a kit that I purchased and were the deciding factor in the purchase of the kit. I wanted to give battery packs a try and after some research found that these have the highest MAH rating over all the others that were available at the time. This was before critical came out with their battery type power supply. There are a couple of options I wished were part of this batteries programming, such as single increment voltage change (it lowers and increases by .5), a machine jump start for those machines that need something like that, a timer that keeps track of your session/running time, and the shape of the battery makes it to were it needs its own barrier bag, it is too large and awkward shaped to fit in a clip cord sleeve with the machine like many of them do. That is just me being picky though. For the price of these bad boys and the quality of them you really cant go wrong. They charge in a timely fashion and hold a charge well. I'd went 6 or 7 hours before on one charge and still had juice left. The weight isn't bad at all and the display is bright and easy to read. I recommend for anyone wanting to give wireless freedom a try.

Perfect worldwide shipping.

Love the products as always 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


Grip has to much play in it when it clicks into locking position. Seems that grooves in grip are to wide for ball bearings.


Got the CNC X WE today finally and instantly put it to use. Im still amazed how well it runs, it can easily compete with pretty much any big brand. Probs gonna get a 2nd with the stroke options to play with.

Best tattoo machines I have ever invested in..CNC Q2 & CNC Q5

I first started looking into investing in a good tattoo machine .. to replace my first set of coil’s machines . Started to look for rotary tattoo machine’s to step up my decision I have ever made. I first started with the CNC Q2 still love this machine and I still tattoo with this at the tattoo shop ...I been having this CNC Q2 for a year already still running great ... I needed a back up machine so I went with the new CNC Q5. Let me tell y’all best shading I’ve had. And I love that it can put out a great line work. Thanks to y’all guys over at @cnc-tattoo For this amazing machines .. I’m having a few of the tattoo artist that have bought and invested in the new CNC Q5. i let them try it out over at the shop at @spinning needles tattoos ... thanks again CNC -TATTOO. From @kekos_ink y’all are the best ...

Awesome needles

Buy the they are awesome quality

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