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Top 20 Popular Tattoo Ideas & Meaning For Ladies

Tattoos are becoming more and more common today. It is no longer a symbol for bad boys or girls. In this Blog, we’ve collected a list of the most popular tattoo ideas that women will get in 2023. When you are uncertain about the pattern, we hope it will be valuable to you.

We interviewed over 5,000 CNC users and invited several sponsored tattoo artists to help us with this survey. We’ve compiled the top tattoo designs for women and some pointers to help you along the way.

Top 20 Popular Tattoo Ideas & Meaning For Ladies

1, Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo meaning is the desire for freedom, beauty, and a future. As a beautiful insect born from a caterpillar, it also symbolizes the transformation of life. The butterfly is also a beautiful but short-lived creature, and many people choose to get a butterfly tattoo to remember their departed family or friends. So if you have had a big change in your life or if someone important has left you, then get a butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

2, Lion Tattoo

The meaning of the lion tattoo is bravery, loyalty, and firm determination. The lion as the king of animals has the confidence to dare to face any enemy. People usually use the lion to represent a king or a great man. The female lion in nature is a hunter and a nurturer of her cubs, which is also a suitable tattoo for a mother. If you are about to embrace a new life situation or become a mother, then get a lion tattoo.

lion Tattoo

3, Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos mean spookiness, death, and foolishness. Although the skull tattoo was once a frightening symbol, it can also be very cute. For women skull tattoos can reflect their saucy nature. It can also show that you are not afraid of death and ghosts. If you are a Halloween lover then you should get a skull tattoo.

Skull Tattoo

4, Snake Tattoo

The snake tattoo means seduction, fertility, and danger. It also represents the beauty and the deadly danger that comes with it. This is a tattoo designed for hot girls and it can represent having elegant body curves like a snake. A snake tattoo can provide you with irresistible charm. If you want to stand out then you can get a snake tattoo.

Snake Tattoo

5, Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo meaning is love, romance, and passion. Rose tattoos have a long history and are popular with many people. Many tattoo artists will recommend a rose tattoo if you are a woman and are hesitant about what to get. What few people know is that the rose also represents a martyr. So many devout believers or prisoners choose to get a rose tattoo. If you are in a sweet relationship, then get a rose tattoo.


Rose Tattoo

6, Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo meaning is love, friendship, and care. The heart tattoo is also a traditional tattoo that differs from the rose tattoo in that it does not only represent love but also symbolizes all relationships that are worthy of praise. Using different colors to design a heart tattoo also has different meanings. Black usually represents death or a broken heart, while yellow represents a new beginning.

Heart Tattoo


7, Lotus Tattoo

The lotus flower tattoo means sacredness, purity, and rebirth. Lotus tattoos first originated with Hinduism and Buddhism, which believed that the flower was produced from mud but was white and flawless, which is a symbol of purity. In many mythological stories, people first become a lotus flower and then embrace The lotus also represents peace of mind and reflection. If you are planning to re-examine your life, then you can get a lotus flower tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo

8, Wings Tattoo

Wings tattoo means freedom, exploration, and hunting. Wing tattoos usually represent the ability to break through shackles and are a symbol of the desire to break through. Different types of wings represent different meanings. For example, eagle wings usually represent hunter or hunting, angel wings represent the desire for goodness, and demon or dragon wings represent power and the desire to invade. If you are overcoming some difficulties, then you should get a pair of wings.

Wings Tattoo

9, Cross Tattoo

A Cross tattoo meaning is sacrifice, purity, and repentance. Every person who has a cross tattoo must have devout faith in God. It usually symbolizes the remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus, which has led some people to use cross tattoos as a reminder of their need for reformation. If you want God to bring you salvation or want to remember a certain mistake, then you should get a cross tattoo.

Cross Tattoo

10, Dreamcatcher tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is protection, safety, and beauty. Dreamcatcher originally refers to a Native American ornament made of wicker woven like a spider’s web. They believed that there were good dreams and nightmares in the air and that dreamcatchers could protect people from them. If you are plagued by nightmares or bad memories, then you should get a dreamcatcher tattoo.

Dreamcatcher tattoo

11,  Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoo means is cold, lonely, and inner nature. The wolf is a complex symbol that represents different meanings within many cultures. The wolf is a cruel animal in nature (either to its kind or to its prey), but they also pack animals. So it is cold but also a symbol that can sacrifice itself to protect its family. If you desire inner liberation then you should get a wolf tattoo.

Wolf Tattoo

12, Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo meaning is longevity, worship, and happiness. You can have a tattoo of a sunflower as a lucky charm to keep you safe and ensure a long and fulfilling life. This is the ideal gift for your loved ones if you want to show them just how much you adore them.

Sunflower Tattoo

13, Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoo meaning is eternal, growth, and change. The moon is a symbol of femininity and is a very popular image in tattoo art. The crescent moon, in particular, represents motherhood and fertility. The moon is also very closely associated with many mysterious animals, such as werewolves and vampires …… This is another layer of its meaning – mystery.

Moon Tattoo

14, Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo meaning is life, light, and warmth. The sun is a symbol of masculinity and divine power, and it is an ancient symbol that is appreciated by people even in the different cultures of the world. The sun’s burning rays can perfectly represent a person’s strong desire for whatever they seek in life. If you want to be positive about life then you should get a sun tattoo.

Sun Tattoo

15, Medusa tattoo

Medusa tattoo meaning is female power, freedom, and transformation. Medusa’s strength and femininity have made her an alluring subject for artists since the ancient Greek period. Medusa is portrayed in most tattoo art as a “symbol used to protect and defend against dangerous elements” and “to ward off evil with one evil image after another. But for others, her reptilian skin and hair may also symbolize the cycle of life.

Medusa tattoo

16, Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoo meaning is curiosity, good luck, and mystery. Cats were sacred creatures in ancient Egypt, and they were considered to have mystical powers by the people of that time. In Eastern cultures, there is also a legend about the cat having nine lives, which represents its special connection with the cycle of life. And black cats are often associated with witches, witchcraft, and the occult in Western cultures. When it is seen as a symbol of femininity, it contains positive aspects such as spiritual instincts, fertility, abundance, and healing.

Cat Tattoo

17, Dog Tattoo

A dog tattoo meaning is loyalty, companionship, and protection. Dogs have always played an important role in the history of human development as people’s best animal friends. Since the time of hunting, hounds have been the helpers of man, so the dog tattoo also symbolizes an important partner. People have a close relationship with dogs, and many feel a kinship with them in a spiritual sense, honoring them with tattoos. If you have a dog companion then you should get a tattoo for him.
Dog Tattoo

18, Eyes Tattoo

The meaning of eye tattoos is protection, vision, and guidance. There are many eye symbols in different cultures including the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Omniscience, and the Evil Eye …… they all have some common meanings such as guidance or protection. Eye tattoos are often thought to grant the owner a kind of precognitive power, used to avoid unknown disasters.

Eyes Tattoo

19, Unicorn tattoo

A unicorn tattoo meaning is purity, magic, and sanctity. As fantasy creatures, unicorns are often used as a symbol of holiness and are often associated with elves, magic, etc. The unicorn is also a very popular animal among children, in the sense that it also represents childlike innocence. Because in some cultures it is said that only virgins can tame unicorns. Unicorns also represent femininity.

Unicorn tattoo

20, Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoo meaning is devotion, guidance, and kindness. The word “angel” is derived from the Latin word “angelus”, which was originally translated as “messenger of God”. Thus the image of an angel is often thought to give guidance in times of confusion. In women, angels are thought to represent serenity and peace. If you are looking for a way to constantly remind your loved ones, then you really can’t do better than an angel tattoo!

Angel Tattoo

Thank you so much for reading through this blog, We believe that these popular tattoo ideas must have something you like. Do we wonder if you have found a tattoo pattern you like now? Your thoughts are very important to us, please tell us what is your favorite tattoo pattern. Why?
We hope to receive your answers in the mailbox and we will randomly select the lucky winners to receive our gift. Remember to share this post with your friends if you like it. Finally don’t forget to subscribe to our website, you can get more inside news about the tattoo industry that only subscribers can know.

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