CNC Police – New Released Tattoo Needle Review

I received the CNC Police tattoo needles around the end of April 2021. After using an assortment of the Police Needles I want to dive into this article and share my personal experiences using the Police Needles with the CNC Team and Tattoo Artists around the world. 

Let’s begin with the packaging and from there we can move onto the cosmetics of the Police Needles. 

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review by daniel yuck - cnc tattoo needle police cartridges package review

The packaging of the new CNC Police Cartridge Needles is clean, sleek and what I would describe as elegant. What I also like about the Police Needles is that there is a far deeper meaning behind the name of the needle cartridges & the artwork. Allow me to elaborate for you on the deeper meaning. 

The name of the Police Needles is indeed related to Freud and Dysfunction. Everyone yearns for justice and believes in a state of fairness and equality. The lion represents everyone’s righteous heart and the red is symbolic of the sun. The sun has not yet risen, it is an expression of the idea that everyone needs to hold it up as this world can not lack justice. 

Of course, there is room for interpretation and to each their own. I felt I should say a bit about the meaning behind the artwork for the Police Cartridge Needles. 


What I feel is really cool is all of the assortments offered for the Police Needles. As you can see in the image below we get round liners, round shaders, round mags, mags, textured needles, hollow point needles and more. What I also think is very cool is that the Police Needles come with a user manual that has some very cool and useful information inside.

I rarely see any needle cartridges come with user manuals like the CNC Police Needles do. When I first saw that they came with a user manual it told me that they really took their time to make a great quality needle for us to use. From the artwork to the packaging, the preparing of the needles, the presentation, the performance, everything is there when you get the Police Needles. CNC Tattoo Supply team did a great job with these needles right here and throughout this article, I will explain and show you why I feel this way. 

I give the Police Needle packaging and artwork 2 thumbs up. Let’s jump into cosmetics. I am personally drawn into the needles and their very nice and futuristic aesthetic. From my personal experience, the design of the needles is very nice and the Police needles all feel of great quality. I can be using a round liner, I can be using a round mag, or a standard 3rl and every configuration is consistent and performs with ease. The Police Needles are going to be the needle that I reach for the most. 

The aesthetic of the Police needles is grade A. When I use them and it can be a round liner or round shader I get a nice consistent flow each and every time.

cnc police cartridge high quality round magnum needle

As you can see above we have a round magnum and below we have a standard 7 round liner.

Off the bat, we can see that these needles are of high quality. They feel exactly as they look! Smooth and outstanding! 

CNC Round Liner Groupings

cnc round liner tattoo needle cartridge quality

You can see the fine groupings in these up-close images. Above we have a 7RL and below we have a standard 11RL. The groupings are nice and consistent. These 2 needle configurations in these images are some of the configurations that I use the most and I can tell you from my experience the Police Needles are holding their own.

I love the flow of my ink especially when I use 3RL because I personally like to dip the very tip of my 3RL so that I have a proportionate amount of ink, this allows me to keep my canvas clean and it allows me to be far more precise in where I want to put the ink. In the image below I show you an up close image of the 03RL needle grouping.

As I mentioned I fill my tip up with ink as you see in the image below. Combining this approach, with this Police configuration results in a smooth & clean workflow when I approach stipple shading. The Police 03RL is an amazing needle for dotwork and stipple shading.

Let’s get into pulling lines now. Below is an image of me pulling a line with the 7 round liner. The CNC Police Round Liner Needles are not only very smooth but they are also high grade. When I pull lines the needle meets me halfway and feels like butter when used on human skin. I did not experience any wobble or any adverse behaviors of any type upon using the Police needles. 

As you see, slow and steady line pulling with the CNC Police Needles is standard. I do not have to apply much effort upon pulling lines with the Police needles, which is why I say that they meet us halfway if not more. From my experience, every Police needle configuration that I have used was all consistent and of quality across the board. I have yet to experience any adversities or issues with the needles or packaging which is a plus. 


Magnum Tattoo Needle Color Packing

Let’s get into packing black with magnums. In the images below you can see that this 5RM is putting in work and packing that black just fine with no issues at all. 

Packing black with magnums is super easy and seamless with the correct technical approach and application. 

I can pack black with minimal trauma using any of the Police round mag configurations and I feel like that is due to various reasons from the fine sharp needles, to the quality of the build, the soft membrane. The entire design of the Police needles allows for a super smooth workflow and again that is across the board for every configuration that I have tried. 

I also flipped the magnum over on it’s side and took my voltage down to 5 volts and that provided me with a nice stipple approach, using a magnum. I feel the needles can be used however our creative brains can think of, combined with the multiple configurations, consistent and smooth workflow, we can create quality tattoos time and time again. 

Final Words

From my personal experience and after using an assortment of Police configurations I can honestly and comfortably give the CNC Police Needles a 2 thumbs up and 5 stars easy. 

Here is why!

The packaging is very nice, the needle build is amazing and of high quality. There is a large assortment of configurations, and the needles are consistent. Not to mention the needles fit most major tattoo machines that accept needle cartridges.  

If someone were to ask me what needle cartridges I would recommend it would hands down be these CNC Police Needles and I would feel good and confident about recommending them. 

I did do an in-depth review on these needles that is available on my Youtube channel and you can watch that video by clicking this link

Should you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to assist you in the best possible direction. 

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