Q1 CNC Tattoo Machine short tattoo gun

CNC Short Tattoo Pen Q1 Complete Review 2022

I received my CNC Q1 Tattoo Machine around early to mid-May of 2021. I would like to take some time and share my experiences with the CNC Team & Tattoo Artists across the globe. 

Where I will begin is with the packaging, after I shed some light on the packaging I will move onto the cosmetics of the Q1, we will go over the performance, I will relay any drawbacks, and give you all my honest opinion and review. By the end of this article, you will be more acquainted with the CNC Q1. 

CNC Q1 Tattoo Machine Packaging

So let’s begin with the packaging. The packaging of every CNC machine I have received is always simple but offers optimal protection for the investment you made or your potential investment. Not to mention the machine comes with a nice felt bag for the machine as well an ultra lite RCA cable for the machine itself. 

I personally love the boxes the tattoo machines from CNC come in because first, they offer optimal protection for your investment, and second they can be used to house your machine until you find something you like or just use the box. Not to mention you can see the machine comes protected in a nice little felt bag that I also use to place my machine back in after I sterilize the machines. 

We also get a user manual that explains the machine in which we go over the manual as well in the full in-depth review that I have made that is available on my YouTube channel. I can confidently say anytime you get a machine from CNC your investment is protected when it is on its way to you. 

Let’s dive into the cosmetics of the CNC Q1. I would like to show you all up-close images and touch base on some specifics about the machine.

This is the CNC Q1 up close and at first glance, this machine feels high quality and super compact. The CNC Q1 has a little bit of weight to it which is perfect for a pen-style machine as the weight is balanced but light. We will get more into performance here shortly but I want to mention that the vibrations from the Q1 are very very low. I can use the Q1 hours on end and my back will start hurting before my hand. Typically other machines I have used have a considerable amount of vibrations which shortens the span of my comfortability, not with the Q series machines.  

As you can see below the CNC Q1 is super compact and small in size but don’t let that fool you as the Q1 packs a major punch. From lining, to shading, packing black and color, it’s all there. By the end of this article you will be much better acquainted with the CNC Q1.

The CNC Q1 has a click grip system that allows us to lock in our needle depth for a worry-free consistent tattoo needle depth session. I never worry about my depth adjusting during a session because of the click mechanism. I simply set my depth and keep it moving, it is that easy when using any of the Q series tattoo machines. 

The CNC Q1 is SUPER easy to disassemble and reassemble and it is also SUPER easy to sterilize. We can put the grip into an autoclave or use chemical sterilization to effectively sterilize the Q1.

For me some of the major variables I consider when I am looking to invest in a tattoo machine. 2 off of the top that I am big on is the sterilization process and the performance. When I invested in my CNC tattoo machines I felt good doing so because of the powerful motor which assured me the machine would perform. I also felt good because of the simplistic design and quality build of the machines which allows me to effectively sterilize my machines. These 2 variables are very important to me and are a couple of the main reasons why I choose to invest in my CNC tattoo machines

Let’s dive into the motor and performance of the CNC Q1. What drew me into this machine so much was the Germany-made Faulhaber same as the CNC Q2 motor which has provided me with an ultra-smooth workflow from the first time I ever used one. Whether I am doing lining, or shading, or packing black or color, the CNC Q1 can handle anything I throw at it and more with ease!

The Faulhaber motor is powerful, consistent, and handles anything I can throw at it. From lining, to shading, stippling, packing black and color. I can pull nice saturated lines at around 7.5 volts easily, and I can do some nice pepper shading at about 5.5 volts. Of course, this will vary from person to person but for me, these voltage settings work well.

As you can see in the image below the CNC Q1 is super easy to disassemble and reassemble which is one of my favorite features of this machine. When I need to break down the machine for sterilizing, the process is very swift and simple, it is what I feel it should be, or at least what I want from my tattoo machine.  

The CNC Q1 runs smoothly with a wireless power supply. I have done a handful of tattoos with the Q1 running the WX-2 Wireless Power Supply and each time the Q1 ran smoothly, with no hiccups, fluctuations, or any adverse sounds or behaviors.

Another thing that I love about the Q1 and all of the Q series machines is that they are super easy to wrap up. Whether we are using a standard power supply or a wireless power supply, wrapping the machine is not difficult at all and very straightforward. I simply use a barrier film that comes shipped with the CNC Tattoo Bundles and I wrap grip tape adhesive around the tattoo machine for extra comfort and stability. 

Let’s get into the performance side of the CNC Q1 Tattoo Machine. When using the CNC Q1 I noticed that I was able to achieve lining, shading, dotwork, and stipple shading. I am able to pack black and color as well. In the image below I am using a 09RL to pull a nice clean saturated line and from my experience, the Q1 performs with super smooth ease. I have pushed 14 round shader, 27 round magnums, so the Q1 can push larger needle groupings with ease. 

With the Q1 I can push any needle configuration I threw at it from round liners, to round shaders, magnums. Each line I pulled was nice, saturated and clean. Each needle configuration pulled and functioned very smoothly.

Packing black and packing color comes with ease and feels next to effortless. The CNC Q1 packs black with ease but can also pack color with ease. If you are looking for a Tattoo Machine that can line, pack black, pack color, smooth shade, stipple shade, dotwork and more the CNC Q1 is a great investment for any tattooist of any caliber. That Faulhaber motor is powerful!

Would I recommend the CNC Q1 to other tattoo artists?

Yes! Absolutely! Here is why.

I would not only recommend the CNC Q1 but I would feel confident doing so because of multiple reasons!

  • The Q1 has a very simplistic build which allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Not only does the simplistic build make for easy assembly and disassembly, but it also makes for an easy sterilization process too!
  • I would also recommend the Q1 to any and every tattooist because of the powerful German Faulhaber motor that is equipped inside the Q1. The motor alone allows me to feel confident recommending the Q1 to any tattooist of any caliber.
  • What I also love about the CNC Q1 is that it is very easy to wrap and maintain, which to me is a big deal. 

For these practical reasons I give the CNC Q1 a 2 thumbs up and 5 stars easy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

I did a full in depth review that is available for you on my YouTube channel right below.

Should you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to assist you in the best possible direction. 

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