Kabellose Tattoo Maschine WE 3 Boxen POLICE Cartridge Kit


The original stroke equipped in CNC X WE is 3.5mm, you have the additional 3.0mm und 4.0mm strokes to choose from. This tattoo kit gives you full strokes options that you can use to create various tattoo styles! This tattoo kit includes 3 boxes new launched CNC POLICE-Patronen - Die Fingerauflage für die Patrone ist die perfekte Ablage für Ihre Finger während der Arbeit.

CNC WE can be adjusted by changing the Schlaganfall to achieve the difference between bold lining and shading, our blog "Wie Sie die richtige Hublänge wählen" will give you an idea of how to grab the right stroke for you.

X-WE Tattoo Super Kit Package

  • WE machine * 1 box
  • 3.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for WE * 1 pcs
  • 4.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for WE * 1 pcs
  • Single-use pen machine bags *1 box (100pcs/box)
  • New CNC POLICE cartridge needles * 3 boxes (20pcs/box RL,RM RS)

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Wireless worldwide

Customers who want to buy an X-WE model wireless tattoo machine may also need some accessories, such as a pen bag, several different strokes, couple of cartridge needles.

We listened to our customers and put those things into the super kit package, and also at a nicer price. For the 3 boxes of cartridge needles, you can fill your demand note while fulfilled your order.

Of course, you can still add additional cartridge needle or accessories to your cart.

2 Stück
Kabellose Powerbolts

Wireless tattoo pen X-WE is equipped with two PowerBolt for cyclic use and works continuously. The battery uses 900mAh latest lithium polymer, which has a long life and fast charging speed.

Unterstützung Arbeitszeiten

3.0Stunde-9.0Stunde (Testergebnisse)

13 level Kontrolle

unit 0.5V

Spannung Ausgabe

Standard-Startspannung: 7,0 V

Aufladen Zeit

1.5 hour Type-C Fast charge

2 Pcs Wireless Powerboats

Professioneller Tattoo-Künstler's Review

Ever wondered what comes inside the CNC tattoo bundle kit? Daniel Juck here and he will bring you all this unboxing video of the X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle Tattoo Kit.

Furthermore, he does show you all the performances and also created a tattoo. So you can see how this machine performs.

Details & Angles

we Wireless tattoo machine details
WE-kit Wireless tattoo machine details
we Wireless tattoo machine details
we Wireless tattoo machine details

Another CNC X WE Available Tattoo Machine Kit For Picking

cnc we wireless tattoo pen kit
Gewicht 1,5 kg
Größe 19,5 × 11 × 7,5 cm


Based on 22 reviews
Béatrice Minner-Barrette

I borrowed it from my colleague and fell in love. I ordered it right away and I absolutely love it! Also the customer service is A1.

Great tattoo machine...

The machine runs smoothly and the battery life is better than expected... This takes over my other 3 tattoo machines, might not use those anymore... [email protected]

Zachary Moody
Best machine I’ve ever used

This machine is insane I upgraded from my dragon hawk and couldn’t be happier I recommend this machine to anyone I know it’s amazing and the battery life is Awsome I’ve done several 5-6 hours sessions without stopping and haven’t had a battery die in the middle of anything been getting about 8 hours on 8.5 volts it’s amazing

John McCoskey

I love this machine. This thing lines, and color packs like a coil, and the gradient shading comes out perfect. All with a press of a button and quick switch of cartridges. I can’t say enough good about it. I get easily 4+ hour sessions at whatever speed I’m operating at on a single power bolt without having to change. Great machine! Worth every cent.

Andrew Jarrett
Wireless tattoo kit

I love this machine, works awesome super easy to use and set up, along with the easy load cartridges I am super satisfied with this kit, the inks are fantastic too and made in USA. I recommend this product to anyone thinking of going wireless it's well worth it!

Nicolas Pylypenko

Ok so I didn’t notice that it was all shipped out in 2 different packages so I’m not sure if it’s for everyone but my tattoo machine kit and needle came in two different packages so just a little FYI guys

Thanks for your understanding. Hope you would love the tattoo machine kit.

Alan Roberts
Great company

I love the customer service this company has. Even with the complaints I have they put a smile on my face... thank cnc

Really sorry for bothering you. I have made it right now and no more emails will send. Since you ordered multi items from us, so there are more than 1 review requests email sent to you. Really sorry if it bothers you.

Leigh Cook
Very comfortable and great value

Love using this, very nice weight and is comfortable to use. The price is really good for what you get. I bought the bundle which was such good value. Very pleased.

Veronika Koevoets

Good price/quality ratio

sergio igualada arroyo
Bastante sorprendido

Despues de una semana trabajando con ella la verdad que es la mejor maquina que he probado, comoda, se adapta al trabajo y los recorridos que tiene dan versatilidad a lineas gruesas finas y mete el color que da gusto, como punto negativo la entrada de los cartuchos al grip a veces no acaba de encajar del todo, las agujas que vienen en el pack estan bien, pero tampoco son nada del otro mundo adjunto varios trabajos echos con ella.

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