Rotary Tattoo Machines Reviews in 2022 - CNC TATTOO SUPPLY

Rotary Tattoo Machines Reviews in 2022 – CNC TATTOO SUPPLY

CNC accompanied by everyone’s treasure towards the new year 2022. We have more professional CNC tattoo machines review from the tattoo artist’s experience. The most pertinent reviews from tattoo artists in 2022 can be found in this article.

Rotary Tattoo Machines Reviews

CNC-X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

El CNC -X-WE arrived in a professional box well packaged with two batteries. It is a very sleek machine that is easy to wrap and adjust. I was really surprised how well the batteries connect to the machine with the really strong magnet system. I was worried that it might come loose during use but I was unnecessarily worried.

In the box was also a very well put together manual full of all the information you might need. Normally I would read a manual once and put it away but it is useful to keep handy so you can decipher the power supply light system. It is fairly simple to understand as it uses a colour system to tell you what voltage the machine is running at. Had I thought about it I may have chosen the upgraded CNC X-WE PLUS with the display.

The batteries charged fairly quickly and seem to be lasting well so far. I’ve had issues in the past with wireless power supplies providing inconsistent or completely inaccurate voltages so I made the point of testing the X-WE batteries with a voltage meter and they were spot on, even as they started to run out.

I had no issue using different brand needle cartridges with the machine and it was surprisingly powerful with larger needle configurations.

Having two batteries in the pack makes this a reliable machine without worrying about running out of power as this machine can’t be switched to a wired supply. A great all rounder!

CNC T5 Rotary Shader & Liner Tattoo Machine Review

CNC T5 was well packaged and presented. I was excited to try this rotary machine as having ‘grown up’ in the tattoo world of direct drive pens this was the closest I am ever going to choose to get to coil machines. The interchangeable drive bars are said to give the effect of give and subsequently reduce skin trauma, and they feel just like that. The machine hit can be changed without changing the throw.

The grip and machine build are solid. It took a tiny bit of getting used to the depth adjustment but that was more about me than the machine. The heavy weight of the grip counters the machine weight well producing a well balanced machine overall. The grip accepted different brands of needle cartridge with no issues.

The T5 was fairly easy to wrap with a machine bag with no issues with the exposed moving parts.

My one gripe with the machine is actually the RCA cable. It is supplied with a 90 degree angle connector which means the cable is more in the way than it would be if it was a straight connector but that is easily resolved with a new cable.

This machine lines and packs colour really well and had no problems pushing a 14RL with solid saturation.

CNC Tattoo Machine X1 Swiss Maxon Review

El CNC X1 arrived in a professionally made box complete with spare seals, tools, a handy well made instruction booklet and an RCA cable. Straight away the build quality feels good and the machine well balanced. It was easy to wrap and accepted different brand cartridge needles with no issues.

I found the needle depth adjustment a bit to get used to (as in a few seconds) but it is secure and easy enough when wrapped.

I used both a power supply and a battery. The machine worked well on both power supplies. I used a Critical Universal Battery as I had always found these to be consistent and the battery voltage can be selected prior to starting it.

The Maxon motor packs loads of power and the machine excelled at lining and packing but also handled smooth shading and stipple shading as well.

En conclusión

Whether it is CNC-X -WE or CNC -X1 or CNC -T5, those are very good choice, mainly related to the tattoo artist preference. Hope this pertinent review will help those who have doubts about choosing CNC.

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