CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Machine reviews

Deshágase de sus cables, es hora de tatuar sin cables - CNC ha desarrollado el concepto de tatuaje sin cables, trayendo otra máquina inalámbrica estilo bolígrafo para tatuar. CNC CW2 has been born! With amazing wireless workefficiency and our new intuitive LED electronic screen function, there is nothing to get in the way of creating a perfect tattoo.

Let’s see what Jono Smith has to say about CNC CW2.

The Specifications of CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Unboxing CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

The CNC CW2 wireless tattoo pen in a professional box well packaged with two batteries. It is a very sleek machine that is easy to wrap and adjust. I was really surprised how well the batteries connect to the machine with the really strong magnet system. I was worried that it might come loose during use but I was unnecessarily worried.

In the box was also a very well put together manual full of all the information you might need. Normally I would read a manual once and put it away but it is useful to keep handy so you can decipher the power supply light system. It is fairly simple to understand as it uses a colour system to tell you what voltage the machine is running at. Had I thought about it I may have chosen the upgraded CNC X-WE PLUS with the display.

The batteries charged fairly quickly and seem to be lasting well so far. I’ve had issues in the past with wireless power supplies providing inconsistent or completely inaccurate voltages so I made the point of testing the X-WE batteries with a voltage meter and they were spot on, even as they started to run out.

I had no issue using different brand needle cartridges with the machine and it was surprisingly powerful with larger needle configurations.

Having two batteries in the pack makes this a reliable machine without worrying about running out of power as this machine can’t be switched to a wired supply. A great all rounder!

Special Appearance of CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

The CNC CW2 comes with a german imported cordless stable drive motor, it comes with a standard 3.5 mm stroke, the extra interchangeable stroke cams can be purchased from cnc to change the stroke of the machine to 3.00mm and also 4.00 mm.

CW2 has 9 voltage levels of output the optimal operating voltage range,  the recommends is between 8 and 12 volts. Fast charging the batteries takes one and a half hours to fully charge, the batteries will last depending on working time between 3 hours and 9 hours. CW2 tattoo  machine pen is compatible with most cartridge needles. Needle protrusion ranges from 0.00mm  to 4.5mm, the pen is made of aircraft aluminium, the grip diameter is 32mm,  the length of the tattoo machine is 145 millimeters, that’s with the power pack attached to it.

The weight of the machine with the battery added is 210 grams and without the battery added it’sjust 40 grams, the batteries are charged with a USB c-harging cable, which is also provided in the package and the package also comes with one extra power bolt battery as backup.

CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen Operation

We’ve got three buttons on the panel , there the middle one is the power button if we hold that for two seconds that will turn the machine on then on the display there, the number they’re flashing is what the power is currently set to and underneath is the remaining battery life to turn the machine on, we simply hit the middle button just once, that turns the machine on and you notice the number stops flashing which also indicates our machines running. and then to turn it off we simply hit the button again.

To make the machine run faster or slower, we use the buttons either side of the power button, so obviously the top button makes the machine run faster and the bottom one makes the machine run slower. If you hold your finger on these button, it runs through the power a lot quicker, and it goes right from one up to number nine.

What’s different with CNC CW2 tattoo machine is that the fact that the number on the display isn’t the voltage that the machine is running at, so on most pen style rotary machines if you see a number nine there, the machine is usually running at nine volts with. This pen machine’s user manual comes witha chart telling you what the corresponding voltage is to the corresponding number on the display- If the machine is set to 1 it’s running at 5volts, 2 is 5.8 volts. 3 is 6.6 volts , 4 is 7.4 volts, 5 is 8.2 volts, 6 is 8.9 volts, 7 is 9.6 volts, 8 is 10.3 volts and 9 is 11 volts.

So basically CNC CW2 machine runs between 5 volts and 11 volts depending on which number the machine is set to.

How to set the needle depth with CNC CW2 Tattoo Pen

The POLICE Cartridge running in the CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

I’m going to rig up the POLICE  needle cartridge to show you it running in the machine. it’s just like any normal tattoo pen style machine, just slot it in, twist it to lock it into place and it’s ready to go. One tap of the button , and the machine’s running, hit the power button again, and the needle stops. A nice feature with this machine is that it does come with an automatic needle retract function, which basically means every time you turn the machine off , the needle retracts back into the cartridge. That’s a nice safety feature built, every modern tattoo machine should come with this auto retract function as standard.

Needle Depth and Stroke of the CW 2 Wireless Tattoo Machine

The needle depth can run from zero  to 4.5mm and you do it just by turning the grip, you also get a nice little definite click when you’re setting the needle depth. CW2 comes with a standard 3.5mm stroke which is the same as HAWK  pen, if you want to convert the stroke, you can convert this to a 3.00mm stroke or a 4.00mm stroke, depending on your tattoo style, and depending on what you want to use this machine, the article "Cómo elegir la longitud correcta de la carrera" gives details on how to choose the right cam wheel. the 3.5mm stroke is a nice all-rounder which you can line and shade. CW2 does come with an additional battery in the package and the method of switching the batteries just pull Because these batteries actually are magnetic. There’s the charging connector at the top there and a usb cable is supplied with the package so to charge it simply, plug this in with the usb and the other end into a power outlet.

CNC CW2's Worth Buying!

So now it’s time for my personal thoughts and conclusion on CNC CW2 wireless tattoo machine. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone that’s first getting into tattooing. 

  • This machine was very comfortable to use: the weight displacement allowed it to line and shade without making it uncomfortable, like you get on some machines especially pen style tattoo machines, some of them are a little bit top heavy, and it can make it quite uncomfortable to use, especially if you’re doing a long session , but with this particular machine, for the weight of it the balance was perfect. 
  • You’re never really going to run out of charge: You’re definitely not going to be disappointed if you buy one of these, especially just starting out your journey with tattooing.  Like i said you might be on a bit of a budget. One of the things that i really like about this machine is the fact that you can just plug it directly into a usb cable and charge the battery, and the fact that the machine comes with an additional battery as well, you’re never really going to run out of charge because whilst you’re tattooing with one, the other one can be sat charging and then just switch them over.
  • value for money:  when this one runs low so again as for value for money, this package comes with obviously the machine and the battery but with the additional battery as well. It definitely starts to make this package much more attractive!
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