CNC P6 Affordable Tattoo Pen Kit​ Review In 2022

CNC P6 Affordable Tattoo Pen Kit​ Review in 2022

Make your tattoos affordable! It’s time to enter a new generation of tattooing. –The P6 is one of CNC’s most popular rotary cordless tattoo machines, with a 5-step stroke adjustment and the new German-made motor. The P6 Tattoo Pen Kit will make your tattoo career greater.

Let’s see what Art-Something has to say about CNC P6.

P6 tattoo pen machine kit

CNC P6 Affordable Tattoo Pen Kit

The Specifications of CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Unboxed P6 Payable Tattoo Kit

The P6 rotary tattoo pen comes in a professional box, well packaged. The kit includes 2* Hawink RCA batteries, which cost more than $60, so I think that’s why it’s “affordable”. It is a very smooth machine, with a total of 5 different stroke lengths that can be adjusted by simply twisting the handle, which was a very pleasant surprise to me. The battery is very well connected to the machine and there is no need to worry about it coming loose during the tattooing process.
The kit also includes a complete instruction manual for the P6. If you have any questions about the use of the machine, it can help you out. Normally, I would put the manual away after reading it, but it’s useful so you can keep it. the P6 is very simple to operate, a feature I like. Because it uses a dial to quickly adjust the travel of the machine without replacing parts, which is very convenient, if you need a tattoo machine that manually replaces parts and can display accurate voltage, then you might consider the CNC-M-WE PRO.
I tested different brands of needles on this machine and had no problems at all, the CNC did a great job of compatibility this time. And it is surprisingly powerful when using larger needle configurations.


Special Appearance of CNC P6 Wireless Tattoo Pen

The P6 is equipped with a cordless stabilized drive motor imported from Germany, which can be freely adjusted from 3.00mm to 4.00mm stroke and does not need to stop the machine operation during the adjustment. Each time the adjustment range is 0.3mm, which gives the tattoo artist great convenience when working. The five-stroke lengths are 3.00mm, 3.30mm, 3.60mm, 3.80mm, and 4.00mm.

P6 five-step travel adjustment

The kit is equipped with RCA batteries that can be used on the P6, with the use of voltage recommended between 7 and 12 volts. The battery charge takes an hour and a half to fully charge and the battery life depends on the working time, approximately between 3 and 9 hours. the P6 tattoo machine pen is compatible with most barrel needles. Needle protrusions range from 0.00 mm to 5.00 mm mm.

The P6 tattoo machine has a wider head and an overall forward center of gravity. Comfortable grip when tattooing, work can effectively slow down the return seat force of the tattoo needle, easier to operate. The surface of the machine uses a high-level texture of fine sand black with a bright gold circle, the overall appearance of more texture, the appearance of the contours of a clear sense of hierarchy. Products are also used with a more widely used high-quality motor, strong torque, and smooth shaft rotation. The use of a unique head-end knob ball, the use of more gentle, but also more intuitive and more convenient to assist the tattooist to judge the length of the needle.

CNC Police Tattoo Needle Cartridges

CNC® Tattoo Needle Cartridge Police

CNC Police Tattoo Needle Cartridges

CNC Police Tattoo Needle Cartridges has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing one of the best cartridges on the market using the highest quality materials available. The outer housing is produced with medical-grade plastic which significantly reduces the friction between the needle grouping and the tip.

The CNC Police Semi-Textured Needle adopts a specially Stainless needle, we make the specialized texturized process away from the needle taper area. This feature allows the needle to hold more ink and is extremely suitable for large area color packing. Highly reduce skin trauma caused by repeat ink dipping.

CNC Police Tattoo Needle Cartridges have also been engineered with a full membrane stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance. Perfectly place fingers. fatigue-free. Ergonomic finger rest design. They also include a membrane-style system which provides ample protection against ink back flow.

P6 Tattoo Kits Worth Buying!

So now is the time to conclude the P6 Payable Tattoo Kit. I would recommend it to anyone interested in tattooing or just starting a tattooing career.

  • This is a very smooth-to-use wireless tattoo pen: the special body design allows the weight to be evenly distributed to each part of the grip and will be comfortable to use. Unlike other tattoo pens, some machines are a bit top-heavy and can make your hands uncomfortable after long-term use. If you already have a certain hand disease, then I recommend this machine more. This particular machine is perfectly weighted and balanced.
  • If you buy this machine, you will not be disappointed. Especially if you are a new tattoo artist just starting your tattoo career. As I said, you may have a bit of a budget but not enough to buy the top-of-the-line tattoo machine. However, you don’t need a tattoo machine that expensive, the P6 Tattoo Kit can meet all your needs perfectly.
  • Get rid of the power completely. One thing I like about this machine is that the Hawink RCA strap you eat can be plugged directly into the USB cable for charging. And this machine comes with an extra battery so you never really run out of power. Because when you use one tattoo, the other one can sit there and charge, and then just swap them over.
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