CNC® Short Tattoo Pen Q3 Pill PRO Reviews in 2022

Recibí mi CNC Q3 Tattoo Machine around early to mid May of 2021. I would like to take some time and share my experiences with the CNC Team & Tattoo Artists across the globe.

Where I will begin is with the packaging, after I shed some light on the packaging I will move onto the cosmetics of the Q3, we will go over the performance, I will relay any drawbacks, and give you all my honest opinion and review. By the end of this article, you will be more acquainted with the CNC Q3.

CNC Q3 Short Tattoo Pen Packaging

So let’s begin with the packaging. The packaging of every CNC machine I have received is always simple but offers optimal protection for the investment you made or your potential investment. Not to mention the machine comes with a nice felt bag for the machine as well an ultra lite RCA cable for the machine itself.

Whenever you get a máquina de tatuar from CNC this is the box they will come in. I personally love the boxes the tattoo machines from CNC come in because for 1 they offer optimal protection for your investment and 2 they can be used to house your machine until you find something you like or just use the box. Not to mention you can see the machine comes protected in a nice little felt bag that I also use to place my machine back in after I sterilize the machines.

We also get a user manual that explains about the machine in which we go over the manual as well in the full in depth review that I have made that is available on my YouTube channel. I can confidently say anytime you get a machine from CNC your investment is protected when it is on it’s way

The Specifications of CNC Q3 Short Tattoo Pen

Let’s dive into the cosmetics of the CNC Q3. I would like to show you all up close images and touch base on some specifics about the machine.

CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Pen Q3 Pill 1

Special Appearance of CNC Q3 Short Tattoo Pen

From my personal experience, the design of the Q3 is simplistic and has a very user friendly build. The machine breaks down into 3 individual main parts that allow the user to sterilize and maintain the Q3 easily. We have the grip, the body, and the motor housing. It all disassembles and reassembles easily to you.

CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Pen Q3 Pill 1

This is the body which houses the motor from the top side up and the bottom part is for the grip. Very user friendly, Very easy to maintain and use. Yes we can change the stroke cam on the machine.

Compact Size of CNC Q3 Short Tattoo Pen

The overall machine size is very compact which for me personally I am a big fan of. Even with the RCA cord and the needle the machine still feels compact in size. When the machine is running I can also add that the Q3 is low in noise. The low vibration will also allow me to tattoo for longer hours on end. The CNC-Q3 is also compatible with all major cartridge needles on the market. I have tried several and all of them went right in with ease.

Height Matching Cartridges

Pushing mags was smooth and simple while still having low vibrations. Upon packing black the machine was smooth and packed the black with ease. If I remember correctly I was running at 7.5 volts when pushing the mags and round liners, pushing at that voltage was still smooth and the Q3 seemed to be pushing any needle I threw at it with ease as well.

The CNC-Q3 also comes with a nice user manual that will shed more insight on the mechanics and workings of the CNC-Q3. Not to mention the Q3 is really easy to wrap and secure for your tattoo sessions. Placing a barrier is no problem at all and it makes for easier and more effective hygienic practices.

High Performance of CNC Q3 Short Tattoo Pen

In terms of performance, the Q3 performs across the board. We can pull fine lines, we can pull thick solid bold lines, we can shade, we can stipple, we can do dot work, we can push mags, pack color, pack black. The CNC-Q3 is an all around great machine and is what I would consider to be a workhorse of a tattoo machine. If you are looking for a machine that can handle what you throw at it the Q3 is well worth the investment.

CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Pen Q3 Pill 1

I would personally give the CNC-Q3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ easily and here is why.

Q3 Deserves 5 Stars

I give the Q3 5 stars because of how user-friendly it is and how easy it is to maintain and sterilize. I also give it 5 stars because of the performance and how it can handle anything I throw at it. From lining to shading, packing black and color, dotwork, and more. Not to mention the price point does NOT break the bank. All in all we get a very solid machine and I would feel confident recommending the CNC-Q3 tattoo machine to any and every tattoo artist. Whether you are a beginner or a full blown professional this machine will keep up with you!

In addition to Q3, I also did a careful review of CNC Q1. You can have a clearer perception of Q1 through short tattoo pen q1 complete review 2021.

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