CNC’s first-ever Easter Madness giveaway has landed! Before you enter the giveaway, get to know about CNC’s top-reviewed tattoo machines.

There may be a few top-brand tattoo machines and tattoo cartridges you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Now is your chance to get familiar with CNC    tattoo device.


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If you need help filling your cart, check out the details below for all of our top-selling brand’s tattoo supplies.

1. CNC Top selling wireless tattoo machines

The wireless tattoo machine X-WE designed by CNC is the first generation wireless tattoo machine. Packaged within two power bolts ensure long sessions.

The stroke on our CNC X-WE can be adjusted to 3.00mm or 4.00mm, this gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth black and grey, our blog "Cómo elegir la longitud correcta de la carrera" te dará una idea de cómo elegir el trazo adecuado para el piercing del tatuaje.

CNC-X-WE PLUS designed and manufactured by the CNC pro team is based on the first-generation máquina de tatuar inalámbrica X-WE. A wireless foot pedal and upgraded battery 1000mAh  completely guarantee maximum freedom of tattooing and long sessions of tattooing.

3.0mm and 4.0mm stroke cams complement the installed 3.5mm to give you 3 choices, click aquí to give you an idea of how to choose the right stroke for the piece.

CNC CW2 provides two power bolts for uninterrupted all-day use, adopting a German imported coreless stable drive motor, making the tattoo process more stable with low vibration and quiet operation.

The battery is securely connected to the grip, and inline and will not fall off during use. The LCD screen intuitively displays the voltage changes and has super simple button operation, which ensures maximum freedom when tattooing.

Our factory installed 3.5mm cam wheel can be replaced with 3.0mm or 4.0mm. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, shading, or smooth black and grey. Our blog "Cómo elegir la longitud correcta de la carrera" te dará una idea de cómo elegir el trazo adecuado para el piercing del tatuaje.

2. Best selling cartridge needles

CNC Cartridge Needles feature the highest quality, durable, smoked clear Lexan plastic tip, press-fit into a medical-grade smoked, clear casing. CNC Cartridge Needles are a more efficient needle cartridge by design, featuring less tension than other needle cartridges on the market today.


Using Quelle Cartridge Needles can help eliminate the additional risks of scrubbing dirty needles, which has many cross-contamination points and is a risky process in general, exposing artists to unwanted additional sanitary risks. 

3. Popular rotary tattoo pen

What makes the P6 unique and the most flexible pen-style tattoo machine around is that you can adjust the stroke length from 3.0mm to 4.0mm, even when the machine is running. With five stroke lengths to choose from you have 5 machines in your hand! The P6 uses the CNC X-I motor – stable, powerful, and low vibration.

Cada aspecto de nuestra innovación proviene de nuestro deseo de facilitarle el manejo de su máquina y de crear un arte mejor.

The Q2 is the perfect machine for modern tattooing because it’s lighter and it has minimal vibration, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it can also create perfect shading.

Faulhaber Motors and adjustable  cam wheels ensure that all your adjustable tattoo styles.

CNC Q6 is equipped with a high-speed Japanese coreless motor. Lower noise and less heat. CNC Q6 short tattoo pen meets and exceeds all of our expectations and your needs. The Q6 stroke can be adjusted by quickly and easily changing the internal rueda de levas.

Haga clic en aquí for interchangeable cam wheels for diverse tattooing needs.

Grab your favorite tattoo device

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