What has changerd about tattoos after covid-19

What has changed about tattoos after COVID-19?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak more than two years ago, many people’s lives have undergone profound change. This dark situation also had a significant impact on many industries, with many markets shutting and many stores being closed down.

The epidemic also had an impact on the tattoo business, and many tattoo artists had to cancel appointments and close their shops because they didn’t know how long the epidemic would last ever day. For all tattoo artists, I must say, it was a very stressful time. Fortunately, we all made it through.

However, the tattoo industry has advanced significantly as a result of this difficulty. Ibisworld reports that in 2022, the tattoo parlors increased by 5.4%. More and more people are getting their “first tattoos” after the epidemic.Tattoo industry growth histogram in 2022

Why do people get tattoos after COVID-19?

  • Memorials & Warning. For a long time, people were restricted to their homes, and during that time, fear and frustration filled their minds. During this difficult time, many people lost family members or friends. Therefore, we needed a symbol to remember our love after the epidemic had passed. At the same time, it provides a constant reminder of the lessons that this disaster has given us.

The tattooed portrait of Philip Martin Martinez on Anita’s arm.

  • Emotional Relief. Many people have the opportunity to reflect on their lives and spend more time with their families during this period of isolation, which enables them to rediscover many of the positive aspects of life. Trying new things can also make people feel happy and surprised again because after spending a long time alone or in an enclosed space, people can become anxious and depressed.
Happy clients during tattooing
  • Find a New Life. Many people lose their hobby when they are unable to engage in it for a long time. Perhaps you enjoy traveling or team sports, but during an epidemic, these activities are not feasible. For these people, tattoos serve more as a replacement, filling a void in leisure time during the epidemic.

Will the tattoo make me get covid-19?

It can but rarely will.

Every tattoo artist has taken hygiene into account since the beginning of the tattoo industry. If you work as a tattoo artist or regularly get inked, you are aware that tattoo stores maintain the same standard of cleanliness as hospitals. You won’t need to worry about anything because the entire set of tattoo supplies you’ll be using is disposable, including gloves, protective film, and needles. Your chair and armrests will also be cycle-sterilized.

Every tattoo artist has given the cleanliness of the shop more serious thought since this epidemic. They will require their customers to present a recent nucleic acid test report and put on a mask while getting their tattoos. I must admit that two to three hours of nonstop tattooing while wearing a mask is very tough.


Tattoo artist cleaning tattoo tools

It is important to choose a trustworthy tattoo store. You should check the reputation of the tattoo parlor on the internet before you decide to get a tattoo and start by communicating the services you need by phone or video conference. When you arrive at the store be sure to observe that the environment is clean and that the tattoo artist is wearing a full working uniform (gloves, mask, and apron). Do not choose to go to some unprofessional tattoo store because of some offers. They may use used tattoo needles on you!

What should I keep in mind if I get a tattoo?

If you are a customer

  • Book in advance. Make an appointment in advance by phone with your tattoo artist for the services you need, including the pattern, the position of your tattoo, and the detail you wish to have. Ensure that you arrive at the store with only a short communication before you can start tattooing. Meanwhile, this will give the tattoo artist time to clean up the store after the last customer.
  • Protect yourself. You must know enough about the tattoo studio. You can research online what other people are saying about it. Ensure your tattoo artist has received all necessary vaccinations. Make sure there won’t be any other outsiders freely entering or exiting the shop while you get your tattoo, and wear an N95 mask. Avoid getting a tattoo from a place you don’t know just to get a deal; it’s risky.

If you are a tattoo artist

  •  Clean your store. A tattoo store is already a place with high hygiene standards. You just need to make sure your guests have a safe virus test report. Change the cartridges and tattoo pen pouches for each guest. An untidy store is more likely to make customers feel intimidated than ever before.
  • Make a good schedule. Don’t let your store have a lot of customers waiting for tattoos at the same time. At this still dangerous time, you should manage to talk to each client about the time to come in for a tattoo while leaving you some slack to sanitize your store.

Choice of tattoos about COVID-19

Nurse tattoo of COVID-19

Nurse tattoo of COVID-19. A very confident pattern, with the slogan showing people’s determination to beat the virus. It is also a token of appreciation for every health care worker.

Disinfectant water and mask tattoo for COVID-19.

Disinfectant water and mask tattoo for COVID-19.Two things that were valued by everyone during the epidemic and are also the symbols that best represent this difficult time. This tattoo is more of a reminder of this period of time.

Two lovers with masks kissing tattoo

Two lovers with masks kissing. A very creative tattoo design. Love can conquer all, and viruses are no exception.

COVID-19 Creative tattoo

COVID-19 Virus Tattoo.The culprit of everything, but equally a creature of nature. How ironic to hold up a virus of toilet paper.

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