CNC Tattoo is one of the leading tattoo cartridge needles manufacturers in the tattoo market, having produced several branded series, CNC POLICE cartridges, QUELLE premium needles, and RHEIN needle cartridges, now CNC has developed the finger ledge tattoo needles – Finger ledge cartridges are a great addition to CNC’s existing line of tattoo needles, which are widely loved by tattoo artists worldwide.

What is the finger ledge tattoo cartridge?

Before understanding the finger ledge tattoo needles, if you do not know enough about tattoo needles, then this article “A Quick Guide To Tattoo Needles” you should not miss. Like all of its tattoo cartridges, the rubber finger ledge tattoo cartridge needles are of the highest quality and have undergone rigorous quality control checks. The finger ledge tattoo cartridge is a finger ledge using a rubber material installed near the end of the tattoo needle tip, reducing the difference in diameter between your tattoo pen and the tattoo cartridge, while extending the actual grip of the tattoo needle, resulting in a more comfortable grip to guide the actual effect of the tattoo machine to enhance. 

EN05C-FG-40KIT Cartridge Needle

The rubber finger ledges are removable and replaceable, CNC has specially prepared replaceable finger ledges for users to fit all tattoo needles on the market. When it is time to replace them, just remove them.saliente de goma para los dedos

Benefits of finger ledge tattoo cartridge

The finger ledge tattoo cartridge has all the essential properties of the standard tattoo needles, effectively preventing ink backflow, and is compatible with most tattoo pen grips and tattoo machines on the market. Each needle is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas and is individually packaged. The configuration are Round Liner, and Round Magnum, In addition, it has the following advantages that other tattoo needles do not have.

  • Reduced tattoo machine vibration

The installation of the rubber finger ledge cover increases the tattoo needle barrel end of the tip, on the basis of the original to a greater extent to reduce the vibration of the tattoo machine in the operation sense.

  • No slip forever

The threads on the finger ledge effectively prevent your fingers from slipping off the tip gripper, which gives you the perfect grip for safe machine guidance. Especially when performing tattoos like whipping or pendulum. These techniques are used when eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areolae, and more.

  • Perfect comfort

Comfort finger ledge tattoo cartridge needles will help you take your tattoocraft to the next level.

  1.  Finger ledge cartridges are specifically designed for the comfort of tattoo artists! These innovative cartridges have an integrated Tip Grip for a better grip while tattooing. Having a better grip while tattooing makes it super comfortable to hold.
  2. The finger ledge tattoo needles are ergonomically designed to give you the best possible grip. Simply add it to a standard tattoo cartridge and you are ready to perform any tattoo procedure. they are ideal for use even during longer tattoo sessions.

Finger Ledge Tattoo Cartridges Buying Guide


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