CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Pen Q3 Pill



  • An all in one grip, short, and very portable rotary tattoo machine.
  • The Q3 Micro-Drive uses a high end CNC customized motor from Germany – the world leading micro-drive manufacturer.
  • Total weight 123.6g. Flexible and lightweight for every style.
  • Excellent as a liner and shader.
  • Easy cartridge change system.


  • Operating mode: Continuous operation
  • Dimensions: 100mm φ32mm
  • Weight: 123.6g
  • Connection : RCA
  • Drive: Precision motor-DC Piercing
  • Frequency : 50Hz-166Hz
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Power intake: 2w
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Needle protrusion : 0-4mm
  • Vibration total value : ≤2.5m2/s
  • Emission sound pressure level: ≤65Db(A)

The Q3 is a short and highly portable tattoo pen machine with all of its parts integrated into the grip.

Tattoo artists love the Q3 short machine pen because of its lighter weight and perfectly balanced center of gravity, allowing you, the artist, to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it excels at making transitional soft shades.

By quickly and easily changing the internal cam, the stroke on the Q3 can be adjusted. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth black and grey, our blog “How to pick the right stroke length” will give you an idea of how to choose the right stroke for the pierce.


  •  1 Machine
  • 1 RCA Cord
  • quelques O-RING.

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2 colors available

Classic color design. Red or gold?  Which do you prefer?

Ergonomic structure design

Our design team at CNC developed this short machine through thousands of tests, creating an ergonomic and comfortable machine to minimize hand fatigue and strain.

cnc q3 short tattoo pen structure

Light weight - only 123.6g

Built from aircraft aluminum for a lighter weight. With the Q3 tattoo pen, you won’t feel the effect, even after a long sessions.

Customized Precise motor

High-precision motor drive with less noise. Efficient transmission mechanism making ink delivery easier.

Short Tattoo Pen Parameter

Operating Mode: Continuous Operation

Dimensions : 100mm φ 32mm

Weight: 123.6g

Connection : RCA

Length : 100mm

Drive: Precision Motor-DC

No-load speed: 10000RPM

Piercing Frequency: 50Hz-166Hz

Start Voltage: 8V

Rated Voltage: 12V

Power Intake: 2w

Stroke: 3.5mm

Needle Protrusion : 0-4mm

Vibration Total Value: ≤2.5m2/s

Emission Sound Pressure Level: ≤65Db(A)

Rated Current: ≤180MA

CNC Q3 Tattoo Pen
Motor Part

The CNC Q3 tattoo machine comes fitted with a 3.5mm stroke. This can be changed for 3.0mm ou 4.0mm. These additional stroke cams can be ordered via our accessories category. Each stroke cam is equipped with a French precision bearing.  Please follow the manual while uninstalling & installing.

The new motor has a longer life, higher speed and torque, and easily drives any brand of tattoo needle cartridges.

cnc q3 short tattoo pen motor part


cnc tattoo pen q2 show 3
cnc tattoo pen q2 show 2

All-Round Review of CNC Q3 Tattoo Machine

CNC Q Family Tattoo Pen Comparison

CNC Q Family Tattoo Pen Comparison CNC q1 tattoo pen machine CNC Q1 CNC Q2 SHORT TATTOO GUN CNC Q2 cnc q3 tattoo pen red CNC Q3 CNC Q5 short tattoo pen main CNC Q5 CNC Q6 MACHINE À TATOUER PRINCIPALE CNC Q6
MACHINE SPECS Acheter maintenant Acheter maintenant Acheter maintenant Acheter maintenant Acheter maintenant
SPECIALIZATION Price $199.45 $209.95 $169.95 $169.95 $129.95
Type Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Stroke Size 3,5 mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3,5 mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3,5 mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3,5 mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3,5 mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
Grip Size 31mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 34mm
Connectivity RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery
Needle Depth 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm
Moteur Faulhaber motor Faulhaber motor CNC customized Germany motor CNC customized Germany motor Germany coreless motor
Weight 110g 108g 123.6g 147g 153g
Capabilities All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques, especially suitable for shading. All tattooing techniques
Body Tattoo
Poids 0.56 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 11 × 7.5 cm



Commentaires des clients

Based on 8 reviews
romeo reyes
this is a great product

i was on the fence about this buy bc i wasnt sure if i would like this style of tattoo machine, i am only a couple years into tattooing and i am by no means an expert at tattooing yet but art stuff on youtube convinced me. this tattoo machine is really user friendly, and fits right in the palm of your hand. i ordered the wireless battery pack with it and this is something i definitely recommend! the wire isnt terrible though - definitely better than what i was using before, but get the battery pack lol its worth it asf.

JJ Johnson

I love the Q3 pill! It’s in my hand perfectly, adjusts easily on the fly and pouncing. I highly recommend!

Good quality

really good machine

Remberto Velazquez
Great Quality for low price

This machine runs really smoothly i love it

Mark Anthony
Wont buy anything but cnc

This machine is everything and more. Never getting anything but a CNC


Amazing Maschine 👍smooooth Shading and enough Power for a 15RL...Thanks Guys ✌🐼

gary bowerman

This machine is wonderful! It lines with no problem. I’ve used a 14rl with no issues. It shades beautifully, smooth and precise. Packs color with ease. I’ll NEVER pay hundreds of dollars for a tattoo machine again. I love this company and their equipment.

Michael Erickson

The box it came with is very nice and definitely protects your investment. As soon as I got it in the mail, it was obvious that this tattoo machine is quality made.
The box features exquisite foam protection and the machine comes in a very nice velvety travel case.
The RCA cord that is included with this product, is right beneath the first layer of foam.
Speaking of the RCA cable, it is very flexible and made of quality construction. The ends are very nicely insulated and the plugs are heavy duty and covered nicely.
As far as the machine itself guess, it is a very lightweight item!
You can easily see that the machine was CNC carved and flawless. It features a locking ratchet grip end that did not change needle grip depth while using it!
Using it is very simple, comfortable and fun!
It is very important to use cartridge needles with a safety membrane! This will help liquids stay outside of the motor.
This machine was quiet, easy to disassemble, and the grip when detached, can be autoclavable. Do not autoclave the motor part!
A very exciting part about the motor is that it IS an original FAULHABER German motor which should last a while with proper care. I ran mine just fine with a 15 RM at 7.5 volts max. There is no "give" adjustment as this machine provides a permanent 3.5 millimeter fixed stroke and the needle bar provides a hard hitting hit of which the "give" is provides by the hardness of the needle cartridge membrane.

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