CNC P6 アジャスタブルストロークタトゥーペン


Our CNC P Series Revolutionary pen-style tattoo machine P6 is finally here!!! The CNC P6, is also available as the P6 Exclusive Edition – SIRIUS.

What makes the P6 unique and the most flexible pen style tattoo machine around is that you can adjust the stroke length from 3.0mm to 4.0mm, even when the machine is running. With five stroke lengths to choose from you have 5 machines in your hand! The P6 uses the CNC X-I motor – stable, powerful, and low vibration.

Every aspect of our innovation comes from our desire to make it easier for you to operate your machine and to create better art.


  • Stroke Adjust At Your Will- Adjust the stroke without dismantling the machine, even whilst running.
  • Precise stroke control for all your tattoo needs.
  • Lining and shading Master All in One Machine.
  • Mechanical Structure optimization to minimize vibration and volume.
  • Especially easy to cover.
  • CNC craft manufacturing, high quality and durable.
  • Streamline outlook design, the tail end of the interface CNC carved for aesthetic and holding.


  • Texture: Aero-grade alloyed aluminum
  • Motor: CNC Customized X-I motor
  • Weight: 172g
  • Stroke Length: 3.0mm, 3.3mm, 3.6mmm 3.8mm, 4.0mm
  • Color: Mute Black
  • Operation Voltage: 7V – 11V


  • CNC P6 tattoo pen * 1
  • RCA Cord * 1
  • Rubber O-rings * 2

CNC®オフィシャルストアへようこそ。2018年以来、CNC®タトゥーサプライR&Dチームは、一連のプロフェッショナルタトゥーマシンを立ち上げ、大きな成功と評判を得ることができます。  品質とサービスは、私たちが常に従う最も重要な原則です。  

私たちは、CNC® タトゥーサプライが世界で最も革新的な製品を作っていると心から信じています。



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SAVE big on YOUR P6 affordable TATTOO PEN kit

compact& anti-roll

The CNC P6 is a user-friendly, fully adjustable pen-style tattoo machine. 3.0mm perfect for shading and black and grey, 3.5mm is a great all rounder and increase the stroke to 4.0 for lining and color packing. Designed with a comfortable ergonomic grip by our R&D team at CNC.


Meet Various Needs

カラー Matt Black/ Golden Material Aircraft aluminium
Machine Weight 172g ニードルプロトライド 0mm - 5mm
Rated Power 4.8W 定格電圧 10V
Motor Type Hollow-cup Stroke Options 3.0mm ~ 4.0mm

Adjust Stroke Length

Hold the knurled ring and twist the motor housing to adjust the stroke length in steps from 3.0mm to 4.0mm

Adjust Needle Protrusion

Hold the knurled ring and twist the grip to adjust the needle depth from 0 to 5.0mm.

The P6 is fitted with a high-quality Germany-made motor and a common RCA connection for added durability and reliability. The CNC P6 can be used with cartridges of all major brands.  The ergonomic design makes it one of the most comfortable pen machines on the market. The vibration and noise are minimal and the shape of the P6 tattoo pen makes it easy to wrap and sterilize.

CNC P6 Review

Recommended Combination

High Reviewed P6 Pen Kit


CNC P6 All Around Tattoo Pen Kit

cnc p6 tattoo pen kit collection

Recomanded Power Supply

Wired Power with Foot Switch

Wireless Power Battery

重さ 1.5 kg

Black, Gray


Based on 2 reviews
Bernice Mike
Nice to make tattos

Unexpectedly exquisite! The packaging was very well done. I wasn't ready to receive it when the post office called to tell me a package had arrived. A very worthwhile purchase, in addition to the products in the kit the seller also gave me some bandages and tattoo needle samples, which made me very happy. I think this is a good seller that should have the quality. Whether you are a beginner or not, I recommend this kit.

Crystal Luna
I love it !!!

Best purchase for the money! I'm not a professional tattoo artist but I think this is a great machine. It's light and smooth and I couldn't resist trying out a lot of patterns. The seller also included a lot of little accessories for tattoos, which was a real surprise. I recommend it to everyone!