CNC® タトゥーマシン X1 Swiss Maxon



The X1 Pen Style Tattoo Machine is our first machine to use a Maxon Swiss Motor,  the best in the tattoo industry. This motor is one of the most consistent, stable, and durable available.


  • The rated voltage of the Swiss Maxon motor is 12V
  • Stable Performance. No matter whether lining or shading, the X1 always performs well. The motor will never let you down.
  • X1 tattoo pen is compatible with the most popular cartridge needles on the market.
  • The quality RCA port ensures the cable remains firmly plugged in all situations.

We recommend using a professional tattoo power supply with the X1.

Note: The start voltage of this tattoo pen is 9V. The grip end of X1 is removable and can tolerate high-temperature disinfection. The drive end (motor inside) is not suitable for high-temperature disinfection. Always refer to the instruction manual.


  • Machine * 1
  • RCA Cord * 1
  • Professional manual * 1

The X1 is suitable for most cartridge needles on the market but we strongly recommend the Rhein Needle.

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CNC®オフィシャルストアへようこそ。2018年以来、CNC®タトゥーサプライR&Dチームは、一連のプロフェッショナルタトゥーマシンを立ち上げ、大きな成功と評判を得ることができます。  品質とサービスは、私たちが常に従う最も重要な原則です。  

私たちは、CNC® タトゥーサプライが世界で最も革新的な製品を作っていると心から信じています。



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The reason to choose cnc x1

For Stability and Precision
Making Your Creation Easier

The CNC X1 equipped with the Swiss Maxon Motor can continuously tattoo for more than 24 hours. It is forward-weighted, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure.

cnc x1 tattoo pen


Machine Name: X1

Operating Voltage: 9V-13V

Start Voltage: 9V

Stroke: 3.2mm

Needle Protrusion : 0-4mm

Drive: Maxon Motor

Length : 120mm

Grip Diameter: 30mm

Weight: 182g

CNC X1 Motor

Discovery The Future

cnc x1 tattoo machine Swiss motor drive

CNC X1 MAXON Motor Detail

Maxon A-Max Motors are an innovative range of high-quality DC motors, equipped with powerful AlNICO permanent magnets. The “heart” of our motors is the ironless maxon winding, that has been tested millions of times. This is the latest technology for compact, powerful and low-inertia drives.

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Nominal Speed: 8830rpm

Nominal Torque : 6.18 mNm

Rotor Inertia: 4.26 gcm²
Torque Gradient: 443 rpm/mNm

Speed Constant: 860 rpm/V

No Load Speed: 11500rpm

Max Efficiency: 83 %

cnc x1 tattoo machine motor

Maxon A-max Motors uses nano motor technology which easily achieves the effect of reducing heat generation and vibration. The CNC-X1 rotary tattoo machine puts you in complete control with ultimate consistency.

Integrated Grips Part

With the integrated grip you can turn the grip to change the needle length from 0 to 4mm and it has integrated balls to lock the needle length. These click when you turn it, which lets you feel the change in depth of the needle. There is a screw on the outside of this grip which stops the grip from falling off when twisted completely.

cnc x1 tattoo machine grip part

DC Motor Part

The drive mechanism is composed of the Maxon Motor, a 3.2mm Excenter, and a 10at speed reduction disc. This speed reduction disc is made of the latest materials (POM and PTFE) and is wear resistant. The motor is supplied through a standard RCA connection.


cnc x1 tattoo machine display 3
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 4
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 1
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 2

Art-Something Review

重さ 0.468kg


Based on 5 reviews

This is quality, from the size, weight, the grip is wide enough how I like it. Easy to break down and easy to keep clean.and the swiss maxon makes this machine right up there with my $800 machines.

Manner Valdez
Great quality, strong and quiet.

This machine has a powerful motor, I changed the eccentric for one of 4.0 millimeters of stroke, and the hit is strong, well color packing, exellent for traditional style. This is my 8th machine and my favourite too.
at the beggining the machine requires around 10 volts to start, then requires less power.

Pretty Awesome!

All in all machine quality is superb! I just wish this came with a higher quality power cord :(

Seth Orsetti
This machine is awesome.

This is my first experience with the pen style machine, I’m used to using traditional coil and rotary machines. It really surprised me with its efficiency and versatility. Very much would recommend!

Alexandre Tessier
Worth the buy !!

This is an amazing machine.
It feels good in hand.
There's practically no vibration or sound.
Work good As F*** !!!

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