CNC® ショートタトゥーカートリッジマシン Faulhaber Q1


The CNC Q1 machine uses the same Faulhaber motor as CNC Q2 tattoo pen. Compared to the CNC Q2, the Q1 has some subtle differences. The center of gravity has been adjusted and brought forward to give the tattooist better control and less fatigue.

We have also put together an awesome Q1 tattoo machine kit for beginners and professionals.

A short and portable tattoo pen machine with all its working parts integrated into the grip. The Q1 is the perfect machine for modern tattooing because it’s lighter and it has minimal vibration, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it can also create perfect shading.

By quickly and easily changing the internal cam and pin, the stroke on the CNC Q1 can be adjusted. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth black and grey. Our blog "正しいストロークの長さの選び方" は、作品に合ったストロークを選ぶためのヒントを与えてくれます。


  • Professional direct drive machine.
  • 軽量設計、クラシックな外観。
  • Faulhaber nominal 7.5V advanced DC-motor..
  • RCA接続は、有線・無線両方の電源に対応しています。
  • Accepts all major cartridge brands. (We do not recommend using hard silicone cartridges).
  • 30mm grip diameter
  • Length: 95mm
  • Light Design, only 110g
  • The eccentric cam and pin can be changed for different strokes.


  • Dimensions: 95mm φ30mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • RCA Connection
  • Drive: Direct Drive
  • Piercing Frequency: 40Hz-160Hz
  • Rated Voltage: 7.5V(Max Voltage should Under 12V)
  • Power intake: 2w
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Needle protrusion: 0-4mm
  • Vibration total value: ≤2.5m2/s
  • Emission sound pressure level: ≤65Db(A)


  •  1機
  • 1 RCAコード
  • A few O-ring
  • 1 manual

Note: You don’t need to add the products below to your cart because these 2 products will be sent to you if you order CNC Q1 tattoo pen.

CNC警察用カートリッジサンプル5種パックOne box of CNC Police Cartridges( 5 PCS/ BOX) will be added to your package.





3.0mm ストローク Qシリーズタトゥーマシン用オールインワンカム1 * 4.0mm stroke will be added to your package if you order Q1 machine.

CNC®オフィシャルストアへようこそ。2018年以来、CNC®タトゥーサプライR&Dチームは、一連のプロフェッショナルタトゥーマシンを立ち上げ、大きな成功と評判を得ることができます。  品質とサービスは、私たちが常に従う最も重要な原則です。  

私たちは、CNC® タトゥーサプライが世界で最も革新的な製品を作っていると心から信じています。



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This Q1 tattoo machine is one of the most popular short tattoo pens of 2022. It uses the German Faulhaber Flat Motor and is suitable for all sorts of cartridges and power supplies on the market. It can be used with a wireless battery or RCA cord. Let CNC Q1 tattoo pen promote your work to a new level.

The CNC Q1 – the professional tattoo artist’s choice!

cnc q1 short tattoo pen rotary tattoo machine

CNC Q1 Rotary Tattoo Pen Specs

Operating mode: Continuous operation

外形寸法図: 95mm φ30mm

重量: 110g

接続 : RCA

ドライブ: Precision motor-DC

ピアス周波数: 40Hz-160Hz

定格電圧: 7.5V

Power intake: 2w


Needle protrusion:0-4mm

Vibration total value: ≦2.5m2/s

Emission sound pressure level: ≤65Db(A)

cnc q1 rotary tattoo pen for sale


CNC Q1 tattoo pen in hand
CNC Q1 tattoo pen with tattoo needle installed
CNC Q1 tattoo pen parts display

CNC Q1 VS Q2, which one should I choose?

From customers' real experience

Ohhh that’s a good question! I feel the Q1 and Q2 tattoo pens are both awesome and amazing tattoo machines because of the various reasons I’ve listed in the reviews videos below. I have made a fully detailed review of the Q2 machine.

They both pair with a wireless battery well. I used the Q1 today on a text tattoo and it pushed and packed with ease. I’ve also used the WE to do small dainty tattoos and larger scaled tattoos as well. I’m a personal fan of the motor inside the Q1 and the Q2. In comparison to the WE wireless tattoo pen.

があります。 Q series motors have less vibration but that’s also considering the fact that the CNC WE had an eccentric wheel motor. From my experience with these machines, all of the motors do their own thing and offer their own niches. For the essential lining, shading, packing we can really trust any of the CNCタトゥーサプライ‘s machines.

CNC Q1 Faulhaber Motor
Tattoo Pen Review

CNC Q Family Tattoo Pen Comparison

CNC Q Family Tattoo Pen Comparison CNC q1 tattoo pen machine CNC Q1 CNC Q2 SHORT TATTOO GUN CNC第2四半期 cnc q3 tattoo pen red CNC Q3 CNC Q5ショートタトゥーペンメイン CNC Q5 cnc q6 タトゥーマシン メイン CNC Q6
MACHINE SPECS 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する
SPECIALIZATION Price $199.45 $209.95 $169.95 $169.95 $129.95
Type Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Stroke Size 3.5mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
Grip Size 31mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 34mm
Connectivity RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery
Needle Depth 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm
モーター Faulhaber motor Faulhaber motor CNC customized Germany motor CNC customized Germany motor Germany coreless motor
重量 110g 108g 123.6g 147g 153g
Capabilities All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques, especially suitable for shading. All tattooing techniques
Body Tattoo
重さ 0.468kg
サイズ 19.5 × 11 × 7.5 cm



Based on 12 reviews
Q1 Love these pens.

I have been building and modifying tattoo machines for over 10 years. I was working on what I thought would be the ideal pen machine for a while now but I found it in the Q1. If I was designing the perfect machine for me this would be it. I have 2 of them now, 1 with a 4mm and one with the 3.5mm cams. Love them both but the 4mm cam is my go to machine for most things now. Love the size, balance and performance of these machines and at a price point you can't beat. Well done CNC.

Károly Nagyabonyi
CNC Q1 faulhaber

Very nice tattoo machine.
Extreme light weight, very gold quality.
Helpful customer service and shipping.
Thanks for your help😉

Kirill Sushko
Get 4.0 stroke because 3.5 won’t be enough

Machine is okay. Does line well with 4.0mm. It will not sink one pass lines but will allow to sculpt. The 4.0 stroke was suppose to come with the purchase as advertised but was told “it will come with your next order”. Basically I was forced to spend money to get what was already mine. Police cartridges fit poorly. Works best with mast cartridges or similar construction

Jimmy Sedgwick
4.0mm stroke

the 4.0mm cam made the Q1 line and color pack 10x better, before ot was just OK at lining and color packing it was more suited for black and gray shading but with the 4.0mm stroke hit hits much harder and puls thick one pass lines with a 14 hollow round liner and color packs great with a 23mag

Yen Danny Chum
Great machine and very sleet.

Highly recommended, the quality on how it’s made and the price spent.

Russell Lalonde

CNC® Tattoo Machine Short Cartridge Machine Faulhaber Q1


Machine performs perfectly, have no complaints and the additional batteries are fantastic!

Nathan Menke

Absolutely love this machine! Upgrade from coil machine & very happy I did, this runs smooth & steady, easy to use & runs lines & color packs beautiful.

Joshua Gonzales

Granted I am a new tattoo artist I love this machine. Light weight really don't have to struggle with it at all, great price, great for lining and shading I will be looking to invest to buy another one.

Kristy Conley

My son bought this pen and told me how good it does he sent me a link to get me one it got here super fast and works as good as he told me it would I recommend this product