CNC® タトゥーペンマシン 新プログラム Faulhaber Q2


Q2 tattoo pen limited version is available now


A short and portable tattoo pen machine with all its working parts integrated into the grip. The Q2 is the perfect machine for modern tattooing because it’s lighter and it has minimal vibration, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It can draw delicate lines and it can also create perfect shading.

By quickly and easily changing the internal cam and pin, the stroke on the CNC Q2 can be adjusted. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth black and grey.

ブログ "正しいストロークの長さの選び方" は、作品に合ったストロークを選ぶためのヒントを与えてくれます。


  • Professional direct drive machine.
  • 軽量設計、クラシックな外観。
  • ファウルハーバー社製7.5VアドバンスドDCモーター。
  • 推奨動作電圧は6V~8Vです。動作電圧は10V以下に保つことを強く推奨します。より高い電圧を使用することは推奨されません。
  • RCA接続は、有線・無線両方の電源に対応しています。
  • Accepts all major cartridge brands. (We do not recommend using hard silicone cartridges).
  • グリップ径30mm。
  • 長さ:95mm。
  • わずか108gの軽量設計。
  • RCA接続。
  • 偏心カムとピンを交換する。


  •  1機
  • 1 RCAコード
  •  O-RING数個。

CNC®オフィシャルストアへようこそ。2018年以来、CNC®タトゥーサプライR&Dチームは、一連のプロフェッショナルタトゥーマシンを立ち上げ、大きな成功と評判を得ることができます。  品質とサービスは、私たちが常に従う最も重要な原則です。  

私たちは、CNC® タトゥーサプライが世界で最も革新的な製品を作っていると心から信じています。



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CNC Q Series
Higher Professional Standards

This Q2 tattoo machine uses the German Faulhaber flat motor. The Q2 Short cartridge pen accepts almost brands of needle cartridges and power supplies on the market. Weighing only 110 grams and being only 95 mm long, the Q2 looks more like a light and comfortable grip. This makes it easier to control and create exquisite tattoos. It can be used with a wireless battery taking the operation to a new level. Our engineers have put the center of gravity towards the front of the machine allowing greater control for the tattoo artist. This extremely quiet machine will will help new clients have a better tattoo experience. It’s a great choice for any style of tattoo.


110 grams only, forward-weight, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure.


95mm length. Free up your creative space to the fullest. Comfortable grip helps especially when long working hours are required.

cnc q2 rotary tattoo short pen

Faulhaber Drive

High level of precision and power in the Faulhaber Micromotor makes CNC Q2 perform excellent at lining and color packing.



of CNC Q2 Short Tattoo Machine

Operating Mode: continuous operation

Dimensions: 95mm φ30mm

Weight: 108g

Connection: 3.5mm jack

Drive: Precision motor-DC

Piercing Frequency: 40Hz-160Hz

Rated Voltage: 7.5V (new program)

Power Intake: 2w

Stroke: 3.5mm

Needle Protrusion: 0-4mm

Vibration Total Value: ≤2.5m2/s

Emission Sound Pressure Level: ≤65Db(A)

CNC Q2 Short Tattoo Pen
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CNC Q2 Unboxing & Review


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MACHINE SPECS 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する 今すぐ購入する
SPECIALIZATION Price $199.45 $209.95 $169.95 $169.95 $129.95
Type Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Stroke Size 3.5mm
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
3.0mm or 4.0mm adjustable
Grip Size 31mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 34mm
Connectivity RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery RCA cord or wireless battery
Needle Depth 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm 0 - 4.0mm
モーター Faulhaber motor Faulhaber motor CNC customized Germany motor CNC customized Germany motor Germany coreless motor
重量 110g 108g 123.6g 147g 153g
Capabilities All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques All tattooing techniques, especially suitable for shading. All tattooing techniques
Body Tattoo


重さ 0.468kg


Based on 42 reviews
Scott Clarence
Great introduction to tattooing

Overall I’m very happy with the product, I like the shape and the weight. I think I would prefer getting a battery that doesn’t hang over the side, sometimes I feel I’m getting pulled by the weight of the battery, but this I think is something I will need to get used to especially if I start using coils as well. The only con I have is that it won’t start and stop and start again on a low voltage or a longer needle setting, this means I have to fiddle with the settings wile it is on and is a bit fiddly and distracting when the machine is wrapped up.

Orth Jones
Q2 a legit tattoo pen

love this Q2 machine. I am a complete novice but thanks to the Q2 pen I am able to transfer my years of illustration skills right to fake skins and even brave people. Thanks CNC you are the bomb

Alan Lemieux

This is my first CNC machine and it is amazing!
I've used it over a year and it rocks! No complaints!
Great choice!
I used this machine on all these tattoos!

Vincenzo Teodonno
Cnc Q2 è ottima

Macchina silenziosissima con vibrazioni assenti, leggerissima e comoda, ottima macchina 💪💣

Roderick Ycot
Tattoo pen Q2

This my resent made ,, by Q2 pen 4.00 mm ,hope you like it..stay safe all…

Steve Lor
Thumbs up

This cnc machine is a beast. It feels good in the hand, nice and quiet, and it doesn't vibrate heavily so it gives the user more control. I like this machine a lot.

Roderick Ycot
Q2 tattoo pen 4.0mm

Juzt show you guys my latest work by Q2 pen, 4.0mm , greetingz from Iceland/,, stay safe all..

Harry Wilson
Very good machine!

Liked it so I ended up getting 2. Got the 4mm can and the 3.5mm cam. Try both you won't be disappointed!

Anthony Peltonen
Perfect except…

Flawless body and finish I just wish it came with a different motor because I run mine around 10 volts for lining and 8.5 to 9 volts for color or shading and it does all beautifully. Just not sure how long the motor will last. As long as I can buy a replacement q2 when I need too! I will keep coming back. Smaller and lighter than the bishop wand also! Is definitely my new workhorse.

Kerttu Lemberg

CNC® タトゥーペンマシン 新プログラム Faulhaber Q2