ライン ワイヤレスタトゥーマシン EM145


We listened to you and created a revolutionary device that puts you, the tattoo artist, in control of your art. The first truly wireless tattoo machine with an LED indicator is here – the Red Diamond. More power without any of the complicated stuff and an additional battery to ensure you can finish any session. A pen-style device with all the features you need.

It’s time to unleash your power, embrace the wireless revolution, and create your masterpiece. Say bye, bye to your annoying cables, rotary, coil machine! Even if you’re loyal to the coil, you’ll love the CNC® (RHEIN®) Red Diamond.


  • 3.5 mm direct Drive: a versatile stroke for lining, shading and color packing。
  • Slim-Grip Diameter: 28 mm
  • LED indicator: Check your battery life and the voltage setting.
  • Lightweight Design: only 194g, most of the weight is in the center.
  • Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same amount of power which let your work more stable and smooth.
  • Detachable battery: With the magnet design you can switch to the auxiliary battery in seconds.
  • USB-C port: Charge your wireless tattoo machine in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack.
  • Changing Voltage: Click the button to fine-tune the voltage (0.1 voltage increments), long-press the button to quickly adjust the voltage
  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours. Can charge as quickly as 2 hours when used with a proper voltage USB-C power source and USB-C cord.

パッケージ  1 Machine 2 Power bolt  1 Type-C cord.

CNC®オフィシャルストアへようこそ。2018年以来、CNC®タトゥーサプライR&Dチームは、一連のプロフェッショナルタトゥーマシンを立ち上げ、大きな成功と評判を得ることができます。  品質とサービスは、私たちが常に従う最も重要な原則です。  

私たちは、CNC® タトゥーサプライが世界で最も革新的な製品を作っていると心から信じています。



CNC®は、優れた技術およびアフターサービスチームを擁しています。製品に関するご質問、ご不明点、推奨事項がある場合は、いつでもご連絡くださいこれは、Contact us Page form, Support email([email protected]), またはソーシャルメディア(Facebook、Twitter、IGなど)から行うことができます。




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Rhein Wireless Tattoo Machine EM145 Series

This Changes Everything!

WIreless Tattoo Machine EM145 red

Combination of Passion & Creativation

RHEIN WIRELESS tattoo machine em145 black knight

Spirit of  Calm & Precision

Combination of Passion & Creativation

Spirit of  Calm & Precision


Equipped with an advanced coreless DC motor and a 5W high-speed bearing, the EM145 wireless tattoo pen can keep the power of the tattoo needle stable, creating smooth tattoos. Suitable for all tattoo styles. To maintain the durability of the motor and power bolt, it will automatically adjust the voltage when working due to the advanced programing. The new wireless tattoo machine lets you cut the annoying cord off.

More Shorter

The motor part is housed in the grip, making it slimmer. The grip length is 73mm.

RHEIN ワイヤレスタトゥーマシン デジタル電圧表示

Digital LCD Screen Display

6v – 11v LCD Screen Display. “+” and “-”  UP/DOWN button. Press the button, the voltage will change a level.
Level range : 6.0V -6.5V-7.0V-7.5V-8.0V-8.5V-9.0V-9.5V-10V-11V-12V.

 Magnetic connection, a breakthrough in the traditional RCA/Audio connection limitations, avoiding the loss of the socket after frequent use.

wireless tatttoo machine rhein em145 grip and motor part

Digital LCD Screen Display

6v – 11v LCD Screen Display. “+” and “-” UP/DOWN button. Press the button, the voltage will change a level.
Level range : 6.0V -6.5V-7.0V-7.5V-8.0V-8.5V-9.0V-9.5V-10V-11V-12V.
Magnetic connection, a breakthrough in the traditional RCA/Audio connection limitations, preventing the damage of the socket through frequent use.

Design For Lightweight & Service

RHEIN® EM145 Red Diamond is designed by POWER CHANNEL GROUP

  • The outer shell is made of aviation aluminum.
  • The total weight of the machine is 198g.
  • 5 power dot indicators, each representing 20% charge. All 5 fully lit for 100% charge.
  • The power supply has overload and short-circuit protection.

 Modular construction. Replace the section as needed, not the whole machine.

rhein wireless tattoo machine light-weight and comfortable features

Grip & Needle Depth Adjustment

The innovative needle outlet adjustment method.

Adjust the needle length by rolling the pinion gear, making operation easier and more convenient.

Compatible with most membrane-style tattoo needles on the market, the EM145 wireless tattoo machine offers incredible versatility and control, no matter your tattooing style.

Wireless Tattoo Machine EM145 Parameters

Support Work Time
(Based on Test Results)
Nominal Voltage
Voltage Control
6.0V-12.0V Unit 0.5v
No Load Speed
Germany Motor
Max Efficiency
90 %
Vibration Value
Charging Time
1.5-2 hour Type-C Fast charge
重さ 1.0 kg
サイズ 20 × 10 × 7 cm



Based on 12 reviews
ライン ワイヤレスタトゥーマシン EM145

exelente equipo muy funcional cumple con las espectativas.

Westley Langdale
Poor performance

The power is very soft even at max level, also the cartridges are difficult to remove once they a inserted into the machine. I do like the weight and quietness though.

William Snavely
incapable of maintaining set depth

I used my machine for the first time tonight for line work, it was gripwrapped, and i held it to avoid the depth scroll wheel, but kept losing depth. the smooth/sensitive wheel action I think is too easy to slowly turn inadvertently, or it’s vibrating to resting depth on its own... otherwise the machine is fine. is there a way to adjust tension in the adjuster?

Ivan Grigorev
How to clean what rigth? disinfection and sterilization

I wrote about sterilization, and you answer me. I think, your instructions is not anouth, but i sware give you 5 stars.

Ivan Grigorev
How to clean what rigth? disinfection and sterilization

I bouth this tattoo machine and get it view days ago. Good power, strong line and cool painting.
I have no idea how to desinfection this machine.
Motor and grip - integrally.
Please, create instruction - how to clean, to wash and disinfection and sterilization this is machine.
Thank you

After this, i ill do 5 stars. But now, only 3, because sterilization is very important

1.Wipe the needle port and the handle with disinfectant alcohol
2.The conventional disinfection method can be ultrasonic cleaning (alcohol as the medium) + ozone disinfection

Fabian Harrison

Really good battery life, well balanced and very quiet

Ajjl Aj

Performed well during last few days. What makes it special is the shape and outline. Also like the pure color. Better lining , shading also ok. So, 5 stars it worth.

Chris clark
Better than fk and cheyenne

This is awesome machine for the money magnetic battery top and revisered needle depth. So far this line, pack, shades and I'm pleased for the money and awesome customer service and company I will buy again from them

Chris clark

Pretty good for the price. Depth adjustment is wonderful on my machine. Pretty Nice. I’d say it’s worth it.

Ajjl Aj

Can not complain at all. It's really nice look and light-weight. Ordered another one for my friends. Lining and shading perfect good.

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