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All Things About Barcode Tattoo: meaning & design

Barcodes have become a popular choice for tattoo designs. If you want to remember certain numbers, a barcode tattoo on your neck is a great way to do it. Such as important dates of romantic partners, ID numbers, and so on.


This article contains

  1. What is a barcode?
  2. What are the meanings of barcode tattoos?
  3. Can barcode tattoos be scanned?
  4. Barcode tattoosĀ note some key points!
  5. 3 types of Barcode Tattoo designs

What is a barcode?


A barcode is a number of black bars and white spaces of different widths arranged according to certain coding rules to express a group of information graphic identifiers. In the 1940s, George Laurel of the United States invented the barcode, which has changed almost every industry in the world.
Barcode tattoo is one of the forms of artistic expression, and this unique way of tattooing is intrinsically similar to the development of the barcode-driven industry.

What are the meanings of barcode tattoos?


At first, some people used this expression to express ā€œironyā€, a kind of dissatisfaction with capitalists, which is rooted in the commodity nature of the barcode.
With the development of time, bar code choice is more to reflect social progress, and express personalized.
Barcodes are not only the price codes of certain goods but also the tattoos of bar codes to commemorate love. They can also be interpreted as unique and special symbols representing numbers. For example, the loverā€™s birthday, ID number, wedding anniversary, and a series of numbers with special significance.
I have to say that barcode tattooing is a very good way to remember some special numbers.
As simple as a few black lines can be elusive, special dates, and special numbers can be made into your own barcode tattoo pattern.
However, you should not underestimate this simple-looking black line, it is a test of the artistā€™s skills.
The barcode tattoo pattern production process is quite tedious, can not appear a little deviation, and must strive to do similar to print out the real effect. So it is very necessary and important to choose a professionalĀ tattoo artist.
Imagine when you have a personalized barcode tattoo, you are unique, and then sweep it up with software. You never know what you might find!

Can barcode tattoos be scanned?


Sure! If your bar tattoo is precise enough, it can be recognized by the scanner. However, by not suggesting some important information as a barcode tattoo design, after all, it is just a decoration.

Barcode tattoosĀ note some key points!

First, find a tattoo artist with industry experience who is skilled in precise line work.
A professional barcode tattoo artist recommends that barcode tattoos be designed with about 42 vertical lines per inch of space combined with black and white bars, ideally 2.26 ā€œto 2.5ā€ to allow room for the necessary line running.
Just imagine, even if the line is not smooth tattoo artists, can give you a fine bar code. Donā€™t risk getting a crooked ā€œnoodleā€ tattoo.
There is also a point to note, before tattooing, must check the content of the bar code, do not do a symbol, and maybe scan out the price of a pack of tampons, how embarrassing!

Secondly, the barcode is composed of lines, which has become the most critical point, if there is a little mistake, it will make the whole pattern lose meaning, which is the consequence of the out-of-shape barcode.
Another pointĀ is related to the tattoo when the tattoo as much as possible to relax yourself and the skin, in a natural state, so that when the identification is relatively easy, if the skin is taut when tattooed, then want to identify the same taut, so when the tattoo is taut easy to identify it is difficult.

3 types of Barcode Tattoo Designs:

Some of the most popular and best barcode tattoo design ideas and their meanings for both men and women have been given in the following lines.

1. Barcode Tattoo on Neck:

Neck Barcode Tattoo

Neck Barcode Tattoos

Neck barcode tattoos are some of the most common areas of barcode tattoos. They can be basic without any wording, just like any other original barcode tattoo and can be the word at the back of the neck. These tattoos are in high demand these days and are worn by many. This is done in a cute, smaller-sized design that marks peopleā€™s itemisation. This particular design marks the speciality of the item purchases, which can be made eternal using the tattoo.

Best For: This tattoo is a souvenir of an object close to their heart. Whether a book or a gift from your loved one, this barcode eternalises the moment.
Preferable Ink: Jet black ink.
Where: Preferred places are the neckā€™s back, shoulder and even sides.
Size: Small and medium-sized barcode tattoos work well.
Skin Tone: Medium skin tone to a fair tone.

2. Birth Date Tattoo Designs:
Birth Date Tattoo


Barcodes have different innovative styles and designs. Some of the best ones are the Birth Date Barcode Tattoos. This includes the birth dates of individuals, their lovers, parents or someone who plays a significant role in their lives. For example, one could do 1-08-1991 or 2-05-1988. Any combination can be used as this could signify the importance of a person and their role in anotherā€™s life.

Best For: For someone who likes to mark the birthdate of either themselves or their loved ones.
Preferable Ink: Black ink with light and dark lines.
Where: This is usually done on the back of the neck and shoulder.
Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
Skin Tone: Dusky to fair skin tone.

3. Rainbow Barcode Tattoo Design:
Rainbow Barcode Tattoo Design


Rainbow Barcode Tattoos are indeed a unique tattoo design. They consist of several colours, especially the ones of the rainbow. Generally, barcode tattoos are black lines, but now you can go ahead and flaunt rainbow-coloured tattoos. You can also write a special word under that which describes you. It consists of several colours, especially the ones of the rainbow. They look colourful, trendy, innovative and stylish. However, the colours can get blurred over a few years and may look like a dark patch.

Best For: This is designed especially for people who love colours and wish to celebrate them on their bodies. The combination of a barcode and rainbow colour theme is a unique idea.
Preferable Ink: Multi-colours.
Where: You can get this tattoo on the arms, biceps and neck.
Size: Medium to large-sized tattoos are preferable.
Skin Tone: Definitely for fair-skinned people.

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