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CNC Tattoo Supply provides the world-famous tattoo ink to the highest standard. Hawink Ink & Charmeprincesse pigment is the brand trusted by tattoo artists around the world. Use code INK15 to save 15% on Hawink Tattoo Ink Set. We lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for our tattoo inks. We take great satisfaction in knowing that artists believe and trust Hawink & CharmePrincesse.

CNC Ink has the widest range and the best selection of tattoo inks and artistic colors for sale within the industry. With tattoo ink sets from leading brands, there’s no need to shop around as we have everything you will ever need for your tattoo ink work right here!

We currently stock tattoo inks from Hawink Tattoo Ink, and Charme Princess Ink, we will find more trustable and reliable brands in the future.

Whatever color or shade of tattoo ink you’re looking for, CNC Tattoo Supply is able to provide you with the best tattoo ink supplies. With tattoo ink sets that include those essential grey washes/tones, opaques, portrait tones, flesh tones, and blood tones, you can create your incredible artwork in stunning detail and with the most realistic tattoo ink colors available. Browse our collection to find the most suitable tattoo ink set or colors from one of our specialist ranges.


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