CNC® Q2 Tattoo Pen Machine Terminator



The crowd’s favorite gave birth to another new version of the Q2 short tattoo pen machine – Terminator. The CNC Q2 tattoo pen Terminator is also available as the Q2 another Exclusive Edition – Lorna. Click здесь to get Q2 Lorna tattoo pen.

A small, portable, ergonomic Q2 tattoo pen machine with all its working parts integrated into the grip. The Q2 is the perfect machine for a modern tattoo as it is relatively light and has minimal vibration, allowing you to focus on the tip of the needle. It can draw delicate lines and create perfect shadows.

The stroke on the CNC Q2 can be adjusted by quickly and easily changing the internal cams and needles. This gives you the flexibility and “HIT” to use the same machine for bold lines, shader, solid colors, or smooth black and gray.

Our blog “How to Choose the Right Stroke Length” will give you an idea of how to choose the right cam wheel for your work.

Основные характеристики

  • Professional Faulhaber power direct drive machine.
  • Lightweight design, only 108g
  • Faulhaber номинальное напряжение 7,5 В усовершенствованный DC-двигатель.
  • Рекомендуемое рабочее напряжение составляет 6В-8В. Мы настоятельно рекомендуем, чтобы рабочее напряжение не превышало 10 В. Использование более высокого напряжения не рекомендуется.
  • Соединение RCA поддерживает как проводное, так и беспроводное питание.
  • Compatible with all popular tattoo cartridges on the market. (We do not recommend using hard silicone cartridges).
  • Диаметр рукоятки 30 мм.
  • Длина: 95 мм.
  • Подключение RCA.
  • Замените эксцентриковый кулачок и штифт.

Список продуктов 

  •  1 Машина
  • Шнур RCA * 1
  •  несколько уплотнительных колец.

Доступность: 15 в наличии

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110G Only

1 year


Disruptive Design

Q2 tattoo pen with its short, lightweight and ergonomic design, perform excellent at lining and color packing.


High level of precision and power in the Faulhaber Micromotor makes CNC Q2 perform excellent at lining, shading, black and grey.


Made in German

Interchangeable Cam Wheels

The Q2 stroke can be adjusted by quickly and easily changing the internal cam wheel. Different “hit” to achieve the different needs of lining, shading, and colorpacking.


Choose from three cam wheel options, including a new 3.5mm stroke.

cnc q series tattoo pen 3.0mm stroke
cnc q series tattoo pen 3.5mm stroke
cnc q series tattoo pen 4.0mm stroke


cnc q2 tattoo machine rotary Lorna

CNC® Q2 Tattoo Pen Machine Lorna

q2 tattoo machine rotary black

CNC® Tattoo Pen Faulhaber Q2

Вес 0.9 kg