CNC Q6 Ergonomic Grip Short Tattoo Pen

$99.99 - $129.95

Designed and Created by CNC® Power Channel Team. The Best Gift for 2022.

CNC has been developing and designing machines to be even more of a quality experience – more comfortable grip, better weight distribution, and even more consistent machine output. CNC Q6 short tattoo pen meets and exceeds all of our expectations and your needs. The Q6 stroke can be adjusted by quickly and easily changing the internal cam wheel. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid colour, or smooth shading, our blog “How to pick the right stroke length” will give you an idea of how to grab the right stroke for the piece.


  • Suitable grip diameter, fitted with 2 soft interchangeable silicone pads giving the fingers an extra comfortable point of contact.
  • Equipped with a high-speed coreless motor. Lower noise and less heat.
  • The stroke wheel can be replaced with other lengths (CNC Provide 3.0mm, 4.0mm for the Q series tattoo pen as extras 3.5mm is provided as standard)
  • Short and Lightweight. Easier on your hands even for long tattoo sessions.
  • Adopt a new method to fix the motor. Improved motor fixings to make the motor more stable, consistent and improve its durability.
  • Direct mechanical drive. No swing up and down of the needle when running. Perfect machine for delicate tattooing.
  • Replacable silicone pads. We provide 3 color options in the package.


Name Parameter
Motor Coreless Micro Motor
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Power 10W
Material Aircraft Aluminum
Starting Voltage 5.5V
Needle depth 0 ~ 4.0mm
Stroke Length 3.5mm
Net Weight 153g
Rotate Speed 8V 7012Rpm
Rotate Speed 10V 8766Rpm
Rotate Speed 12V 10000Rpm

Package List

  • RCA cord * 1 (1.8m)
  • Wrenches
  • Several Replacement O-Rings for Q6
  • Silicone Pads(Red * 2, Brown * 2)


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Quantity Price
1 $129.95
2 - 9 $110.09
10+ $99.99

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Interchangeable Silicone Pads

Short & Light-Weight


Q Series Direct Dirve System

direct drive tattoo machine from cnc

CNC Power Channel System

This new energy transfer system harnesses the benefits of the coreless motor using the energy efficiently and quietly. And it generates very little noise when in motion.

Motor Housing Gear

Through rigorous development, the new motor fixing system can reduce the noise generated by the motor by 30% and the vibration by 43%.

Weight 0.5 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The Q6 is vibrating so little that you almost don't feel it's on: I use it for very smooth shading!

As I already own the P6 and am very pleased with the overall quality of CNC, I decided to also get one of their short pens.

Naturally I also included the 3mm and the 4mm cam wheel in my order so that I can also enjoy versatile tattooing with this pen. I plan on primarily use the Q6 for shading and hence installed the 3mm cam wheel straight out of the box.

I could hardly believe how little vibration the Q6 delivers to your hands and was very impressed with the smooth building up of soft shadings: It does exactly what I want it to do and compared to the P6 it is easier and quicker to handle - when it comes to shading this is just perfect as you can lightly go over the parts to shade and go about tattoing very light handed. The machine almost feels like it would have some give in its "power delivery line": It is very soft with the 3mm cam wheel installed and is very gentle to the skin - I love it and am very glad to have gotten it!

I know hope that the machine will hold up well over time and can well imagine that I have the "perfect couple" together with the P6: The sturdiness/hardness of the P6 will be used for lining and the Q6 will come in for the soft shading - I just love them both and am very curious what future products CNC will release!

I generally congratulate CNC for their great lineup of tattoo machines at affordable prices!

@CNC: I would love to do a review of the next generation ;-)

Ron Leslie
Q6 w/4mm

This thing just whips shades like a dream. Lines good up until a 9 then you gotta slow things down, to be expected since it's not the strongest motor out there. The grip doesn't have that CLICK CLACK like the Q2 does either..
CNC it would be cool if you included all the stroke options in box. It's good to see that your customer service is improving as well

First thoughts

I haven’t had a chance to use it it as I’m waiting on inks. The start up process isn’t easy haha
But I love the weight and feel of the machine.
I set it up with a cartridge that I strictly use for fake skin and I was very impressed with how it ran and sounded.
Stoked to give it a go.

Nice Pen

Rrrrreally good for lining, better than I expected!

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