CNC® X1 Maxon Motor KitCNC® X1 Maxon Motor Kit
CNC® X1 Maxon Motor KitCNC® X1 Maxon Motor Kit
cnc rotary pen x1 swiss motor maxon tattoo machinecnc rotary pen x1 swiss motor maxon tattoo machine
rotary tattoo machine cnc x1 packagerotary tattoo machine cnc x1 package

Rotary Tattoo Machine CNC® X1 Maxon Motor Kit


X1 Tattoo Machine Pen is our first-generation machine using Maxon Swiss Motors,  the stability is the best in the whole tattoo industry. The motor’s service life is also longer than the others.

X1 Tattoo Pen Kit

  • CNC rotary tattoo machine * 1 box
  • 4.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for X1* 1 pcs
  • 3.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for X1* 1 pcs
  • Rhein tattoo needles cartridge * 3 boxes (20pcs/box)
  • Single-use machine bags *1 box (100pcs/box)

Swiss Maxon Motor Tattoo Pen CNC X1 Best Tattoo Machine 2021

The rigorous production process with stable motor output allows you to take your creativity a step further.

48 in stock

Stroke Cam 3.0mm for CNC X1 & WE


Stroke Cam 4.0mm for CNC X1 & WE


Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Round Liner / RL

Pick One You Need.

Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Round Shader / RS

Pick One You Need.

Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Waved Magnum / M1

Pick One You Need.

CNC Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS

100pcs/each box

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Availability: 48 in stock

Rotary Tattoo Pen Makes Tattoos Available Anywhere

With the favor of worldwide famous tattoo artists, we received our clients’ feedback. So we put cartridge needles and tattoo machine bags, and more importantly, with extra 2 stroke cam(3mm & 4mm) inside X1 rotary tattoo machine Kit. This gives you more freedom to control your machine, whether it’s used for lining or shading.

For the rotary tattoo pen wheel, there is a 3.2mm stroke wheel installed in the machine. And, for tattoo artists’ better use of this X1 Maxon tattoo machine, we provide 2 extra cams- 3mm & 4mm in this tattoo kit.

Soft mechanical conduction that meets the demanding requirements of black tattoo machine artists. The shape of the tattoo gun in this tattoo kit is easier to hold in the hand with a comfortable feel.

For more detail about X1 rotary tattoo machine, you can check here.

x1 Rotary Tattoo Pen


Machine Name: X1
Start Voltage: 9V Operating
Voltage: 9V-13V
Stroke: 3.2mm
Drive: Maxon Motor
Needle Protrusion : 0-4mm
Length : 120mm
Weight: 182gGrip
Diameter: 30mm

Motors of Rotary Tattoo Machine X1

Maxon A-max Motors using hand-built nanotechnology electric motor. Deadlocks all tubes, and new steel inlaid rear yoke provides superior connectivity with multiple position options. The grip’s indented profile makes this a very comfortable machine to work with. It comes with a high quality motor and a protected RCA connection, so durability and reliability are a given.

Motors of Rotary Tattoo Machine X1

Integrated Grips Part

The integrated grip can achieve 360 degrees without dead angle rotation, turning at the same time can fully control the length of the needle, the screw on the grip can completely lock the grip, so as to ensure the stability of the movement.

Integrated Grips Part

DC Motor Part

The drive part consists of a Maxon, 3.2mm Excenter and 10at reducer, hexagonal rotation mechanism to achieve low vibration and maximize the effect of reducing heat, the power supply is transmitted through the international common RCA line.

DC Motor Part


cnc x1 tattoo machine display 3
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 4
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 1
cnc x1 tattoo machine display 2

Art-Something Review

Weight 1.5 kg

Swiss Maxon Motor Tattoo Pen CNC X1 Best Tattoo Machine 2021

Weight 0.468 kg

Stroke Cam 3.0mm for CNC X1 & WE

Weight 0.40 kg


Stroke Cam 4.0mm for CNC X1 & WE

Weight 0.40 kg


Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Round Liner / RL

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions N/A

Bugpin 1003 Round liner, Bugpin 1005 Round liner, Bugpin 1007 Round liner, Bugpin 1009 Round liner, Bugpin 1011 Round liner, Bugpin 1014 Round liner, Standard 1201 Round liner, Standard 1203 Round liner, Standard 1205 Round liner, Standard 1207 Round liner, Standard 1209 Round liner, Standard 1211 Round liner, Standard 1214 Round liner

Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Round Shader / RS

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 8 × 3.5 cm

Standard 1205 Round shader, Standard 1207 Round shader, Standard 1209 Round shader, Standard 1211 Round shader, Standard 1214 Round shader

Rhein Premium Tattoo Needle Waved Magnum / M1

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions N/A

CNC Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS

Weight 0.3 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Awesome tattoo kit for beginners

I have never tattooed in my life before and quarantine made me buy a tattoo gun and tattoo myself! It is so easy to get used to and very comfortable. Set up is so easy and quick. Lots of fun to do! I did these 2 and think they turned out pretty good for the first time tattooing ever. Recommend for new artists for sure!! Great machine!Recommand it!!!

I think it's better than others

I received it very quickly and it's fantastic, better than any machine I've ever purchased. I also purchased the WE and I think the x1 might be better for me.

Ajjl Aj
LIke, just need a little improvement

Love it. So quiet but powerful. I love the Maxon motor, smooth and stable. A little unhappy with the shipment, cost 7 days to NY

Katana Robinson

Amazing super easy to use and assemble, has awesome needles for line work and shading

G Mane

I got this after trying out one the real cheap pen machines off of Amazon. I used it for a 3 hour session the day it came...I cant thing of anything but good things to say.

The machine itself...just feels good in your hand. Not heavy but enough weight you know its there...nice and smooth all around. So far I'm really happy I made this choice over any other.

Diana Calderon

It is such a lightweight, durable, easy to use pen. While Tattooing you don't have all that horrible "zzzz" sound that you normally will hear when getting tattoos. It's such a precise tool when drawing, all the letters are smooth with no streaks. This is definitely worth the price

John Nguyen

Awesome machine! Does the work and makes the job easy! I can line and shade with this machine once you adjust the Voltage for what you want it to do! Honestly I’m blown away on how this underrated machine can do as much as those high end tattoo names. Will continue ordering. Truly a bang for your buck, thank you, CNC and Hawink!

Jeremy Lowry

I am blown away by the quality of this machine. I have been tattooing for over 20 years and needed a quick back up in the event one of my daily machines went down. After trying this one on a couple of tattoos I will be using this one for awhile.

Scott Roger

This machine is just amazing, powerful, it's very light, and place the ink in the right spot, and the fact that the motor is a maxon is just perfect, I highly recommend it.

Ricardo Aguilar

I went from regular tattoo guns to this Rotary pen and I have to say it is a real good investment ... I did this Tattoo with this pen... Took me a second to get used to it because I was so use to the regular guns ... but once I got the hang of it I loved it !!

Great product!!

Make sure to buy some good ink when purchasing this gun!!

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