CNC® Tattoo Coil Machine Shader M310 Green Pigeon



  • CNC M310 Coil Tattoo Machine is made of high-quality brass,wire-electrode cutting, and CNC carved.
  • High-Performance shader coil machine. It’s used of 12 wrap handmade coils which is optimal for shading.
  • Runs optimally at 5.5 to 8 volts.
  • Tattoo Machine Working Stable,Uniform Speed,Smooth Lines,Being Easy to Color,Reducing Damage of Skin.Fit for all kinds of tattoo grips and tattoo needles.
  • Every tattoo machine be adjusted by us before delivery, for best performance !
  • Engineered and manufactured by CNC Tattoo Supply.


1 Machine 1 & Spare shrapnel for shader & Tools

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CNC Coil Machine Green Pigeon

CNC M310 Green Pigeon Coil Tattoo Machine

M310 Coil Tattoo Machine

CNC has decades years of coil machine manufacturing experience, handmade by the master. We accept OEM. Please leave a message to us for details quote.

Structure of Coil Tattoo Machine CNC M310

CNC M310 Parameters

Capacitor:47uf maximum 50v

Connection: Hook Line

No Positive and Negative Poles for Hook Line

Frequency : 6000switch/min

Start Voltage: 5.0V

Operating Voltage: 5.5V-8V

Front Shrapnel: 20G

Coils: 12 Warp

Coils Material: Pure Copper

High Quality Coils
12 Wrap Machine Winding

High Quality Copper of CNC Coil Machine M310 Green Pigeon

High purity copper wire to reduce heat generation

12 Warp Coils, ideal for shading

One-year quality assurance, buy with confidence.

High quality conductive material, good conductivity, not easy to heat up

12 Coil machine for shader CNC M310

Details and Angles
Coil Machine Display

coil machine CNC M310 Green Pigeon Gallery
coil tattoo machine CNC Green pigeon M310
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Customer Reviews

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This is very nice coil 12wrap 😲😲😲wow

Is this still available sir ?

Green pigeon shader

So just purchased this machine for its great price for great quality machine. I received it and it didn't come dialed in right starting with when I put my tool in to check out the alignment of the armature bar it was off and I found out that the rear spring was an bit to long but since I have extra springs I fixed it right up. Aside of that no other issues with machine. Now for some helpful advice to begainers buy tattoo machines first if the rear spring deck is thick you need to take your clip cord and rebend the tips to be longer so it can actually get through the spring deck and make contact with the spring for good connection. I made this correction and this machine first ran at 7.6v, 64% duty and 80htz speed. Once corrected the connection on clipcord it ran the same but I got the voltage down to an premium 6.5 volts with and gap about an dime over an nickel cause im going to pack colors and as shader if you shorten the gap you might get it down to 5.5 to 6 volts. As an experienced tattoo artist i know from rebuilding machines and working with them that this machine exhibits all the qualities you want in an machine. Low voltage when running for longer run times without heating ,clamps in your barels snug , thick frame and rear spring deck to absorb vibration , 12 wrap coils that alow this machine to hit hard and run smooth. Highly recommended and im actually getting ready to teach my wife so will be buying the liner shader set for her as well!!!

julie pelo

Tres bonne machine pour le prix je suis tres surpris de la qualiter de cette machine

jose rivera

I'm an apprenticing tattoo artist and of used a lot of different brands of tattoo guns in this has been my favorite for a long time I've even bought other guns and went back to this one it's powerful it's smooth it's easily adjusted and I've done some of my best work with it the price is fantastic for what it is and I highly recommend it 10/10.

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