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Tattoo Machine Q2 Professional Shader with 3 boxes Cartridge Kit


The most cost-effective bundle of Q2 tattoo machine kits. Save more than $40+. This Q2 tattoo machine is adopted the German Faulhaber flat motor. It is suited for most sorts of cartridges and power supplies in the general market. Original Stroke equipped of Q2 is 3.5mm.

  • CNC Q2 Tattoo Machine Faulhaber Motor Pen

    The most popular machine. Bundle Sell & save more!

  • Quelle Premium Tattoo Needle Cartridges

    Quelle Hot Sale Needle Waved Magnum M1 for shading work.

  • Quelle Premium Cartridges Round Shader RS

    Quelle Premium Cartridges Round Shader RS for professional shading work.

  • Quelle Premium Cartridge Round Liner RL

    Professional Sterilization Cartridge Quelle Round Liner

  • 3.0 Stroke for CNC Q series short tattoo gun.

    Suitable for Q1 、Q2、Q3、Q5. For wider tattoo styles. Only sell in the bundle or with other products.

  • CNC Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS

    100pcs/each box

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Availability: 39 in stock

Tattoo Machine Model: Q2

Needle Type: Remark the needle item you need in the order, or we will package these three type:1207M1,1215M1,1223M1. Take a glance at the needle category. Not sure what you should pick? We have a Quick Guide To Tattoo Needles.

Maybe you want to know more about the Q2 Tattoo machine, view the Q2 detail below.

Q2 tattoomachine details

of CNC Q2 Short Tattoo Machine

Operating Mode : continuous operation

Dimensions: 95mm φ30mm

Weight: 108g

Connection : 3.5mm jack

Drive: Precision motor-DC

Piercing Frequency: 40Hz-160Hz

Rated Voltage : 7.5V (new program)

Power Intake: 2w

Stroke : 3.5mm

Needle Protrusion : 0-4mm

Vibration Total Value: ≤2.5m2/s

Emission Sound Pressure Level: ≤65Db(A)

Q2 tattoomachine details

Faulhaber Motor Display

DC Faulhaber Motor has excellent speed regulation performance, smooth speed regulation under heavy load, a wide range of speed regulation, and low noise. Excellent starting characteristics.

Q2 Faulhaber Motor Display
Q2 Faulhaber Motor Display

Details and Angles

cnc q2 short tattoo machine display 1
Q2 Faulhaber Motor Display
cnc q2 short tattoo machine display 3
Q2 Faulhaber Motor Display



Tattoo Artist's high Professional Review

Weight 1.5 kg

CNC Q2 Tattoo Machine Faulhaber Motor Pen

Weight 0.468 kg

Quelle Premium Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions N/A

Quelle Premium Cartridges Round Shader RS

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions N/A


Quelle Premium Cartridge Round Liner RL

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions N/A

3.0 Stroke for CNC Q series short tattoo gun.

Weight 0.35 kg


CNC Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS

Weight 0.3 kg

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Excellent service

We placed a first order which turned out not be deliverable and we immediately got our money back. A month later we placed a second order and received all items. CNC-TATTOO did an excellent job! Many thanks!

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