Best Tattoo Machine Kit Review 2021

CNC Tattoo Supply Provide a wide selection of tattoo machine kit. We’ve been always seeking feedback on how our clients like the kit. So we sent emails to those who bought one or more tattoo machine kits and appreciate the kind response. So we sort them out and find what’s the favorite tattoo machine or tattoo pen kit by tattoo artists.

why tattoo machine kit?

The tattoo machine kit from CNC Tattoo Supply comes with essential items that every tattoo artist need, but at a lower price compared with the items purchase alone. For example, the most popular tattoo kit is CNC WE wireless tattoo machine kit with 3 Police cartridges. This tattoo machine kit not only includes 3 most commonly used cartridge needles but also includes 2 stroke cams which allow tattoo artists to replace the stroke length by their need.

For the sterilization requirements, a bag of Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags is also necessary for daily use.

Buy the machine kit can save you more than $30.

Search Popularity Ranking of CNC Tattoo Machine Kit

Tattoo Pen Kit Ranking

CNC X WE is the most popular wireless tattoo pen in 2021 and so many tattoo artists love it. It also is used in some big tattoo events like Tattooed City Poconos, Ink Master Show, Mayhem The Main Event, etc. And POLICE Series Cartridge is the new laughed precise control and finger ledge type needle. The combination gives tattoo artists the max possibility to show their skills and tattoo technicals. 

Mr. edkilin.goodjob is good at fluid and realism tattoo, he thought the pen is functional than some big brands’ machines or pens, and he is not stingy in my praise of the CNC Police needle cartridge. 

"Nice cartridges . Very convenient to use. At work, I prefer - 3rl, 8rs, 9mg, 15mg. In my works, I paint the skin tightly. check out my Instagram @edkilin.goodjob, check my work done by a СNC WE machine and the Police Cartridge"



The Q2 tattoo pen is one of Art-Something most favorite machines. Watch the video below to see his full review of the machine.


Besides that, there’s a foot switch and wired tattoo power supply in the bundle.  Because we recognize that not all tattoo artists have tattoo power in their workspace. Therefore we prepared a tattoo power supply with an electronic display and a cord to match it. This tattoo power supply is one of CNC R&D’s latest development and launched in May 2021 with very good feedback from the market.
We have also paired it with the best tattoo needle CNC police series needle cartridge. Take a look at what professional tattoo artists have to say about this pen.

If I could rate this machine a 10 I would!!!

I recently bought the cnc q2 machine directly from the companies website after trying another cheaper pen style kit just to give the pen style the ol college try after hearing such good things about them, and the difference between the 2 machines was unfathomable!!!! First of the freedom of not being chained down to a clip cord, and pedal(if you use one) was amazing and felt very much more freeing, and easier to handle. The q2 pulls amazing lines, and shades like a pro!! The machine is very quiet which is good because it seems to make clients less on edge due to the loud noise of a coil gun. It is very small, lightweight and has a very low vibration feeling to it which also makes handling and using it easier. I would recommend this machine to anyone from a novice just starting out, all the way to a pro in a shop setting. I plan to purchase the q5 grenade next to use as my all time shader. These machines will be my everyday workhorses from now on, which in my opinion work just as good as any name brand product (i.e. Cheyenne, Fk Irons etc.) Thank you @CNC for making such a quality product at such an affordable price!!


q1 tattoo kit

Q1 tattoo pen adopts the same Faulhaber Motor just like CNC Q2 but at a more cheaper price. It’s also a great machine no matter for lining or shading work.

Q1 Short Pen is a standard size suit for all sorts of cartridges and power supply in the general market. Many professional tattoo artists like to use it. It can be used with a wireless battery or RCA cord. Let CNC Q1 tattoo pen promote your work to a new level. Read this blog for the complete review of the CNC Q1 tattoo machine review by Daniel Yuck.

 Ok let me just say this is a very early review, first day out of the box this machine felt like quality. Used it for one full tattoo and I absolutely love it. The quality of the build and the strength of the motor is comparable to the Cheyenne sol. I am a professional and I dabble in cheap machines but this is the best cheap machine I’ve ever used. I will do a later review but the tattoo I posted is the one I did with this machine. scouts honor

After a few days and several large full day sessions I am in love with this machine, it actually reminds me of the professional pen rotary brand STYLUS more than the hawk pen but for the price you can’t beat it. I bought 2. Comes with rca and a cheapo tester cartridge. The only thing I would say is watch where the motor twists into the pen. It can vibrate loose. Also I would immediately buy super lube to keep the motor running smooth. They do not come very lubricated.. the king tut is my most recent tattoo done with this machine


If you’re looking for a complete tattoo kit in one purchase, the EM133 kit from Rhein Tattoo Supply definitely is the best choice for you considering the price and the quality.

The EM133 pen is designed by Rhein Tattoo and they add more tattoo essential items for every tattoo artist. The tattoo kit includes inks, foot pedal, power supply, RCA cord, tattoo bandage cover, 2 gloves, practice fake skin, etc. Everything you need rhein tattoo supply has though it for you and add into the package. Getting this Rhein EM133 kit can save you money and time to find other accessories. This all-in-one tattoo kit includes everything you need to start tattoo working. And as the tattoo pen in the kit, they also provide a 6-month quality warranty.

Extremely well made, with flawless cnc machine work as good if not better then
expensive name brands. Powerful coreless motor, great full anodized finish and well-made serviceable drive system. Fully adjustable click grip that feels very comfortable. Has the ideal weight to absorb vibrations and is very quiet. This is a beast that will run on a large powerband from slow to fast while still staying smooth.


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