“This is the tattoo machine and needles I have been using recently, and I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

First of all, thank CNC TATTOO for the support. If you have any need of any tattoo machine or needles, feel free to contact the official IG of CNC TATTOO or find other contact methods at www.cnctattoo.com. CNC tattoo supply is a very good equipment dealer and manufacture.

There are two machines, a wireless tattoo pen X-WE and an RCA cable Q3.

Wireless tattoo pen CNC WE Review

Let’s talk about CNC WE first.

wireless tatoo machine cnc we review

Overall Review

The X-WE provides three interchangeable plum discs with 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 mm strokes, which can be replaced at your own will, using the offset axis to change direction to push the needles to achieve a rhythm similar to traditional hand engraving. Inertia force and acceleration of the wireless tattoo pen is gentle, you don’t have to overly break the skin in the case of deep dermal thrust. So it’s super suitable for tattoo artists who pursue the deep color with lots of ink. CNC WE’s work is apparently solid in color.

The 2 wireless batteries for CNC WE

wireless tattoo pen cnc we with 2 battery2 original rechargeable batteries are provided, with a single Type-C battery that charges very quickly, from my experiment, it takes about 1.5 hours from zero to full charge, and the fully charged battery can last for 3-4 hours.

The installation of the battery is innovative, it uses the magnetic clasp design. 

That means you can easily disassemble the tattoo battery, and can freely rotate the direction of the battery control panel. And the battery flat tail design can prevent the body from rolling off the table accidentally. Very thoughtful and useful design.

Convenient for work

Tattoo Machine Review 

The panel uses colored lights to display the voltage strength. In fact, the tattoo artists who have bought many batteries know that the numbers are just a reference value. The advantage of colored lights is that you can intuitively see the warm and cold colors to know how strong or weak the voltage is. That makes you know the voltage range and tattoo needle strength intuitively.

Gravity fitness

The wireless CNC WE gravity is in the center. The central gray line of the tattoo pen is where the center of gravity of the machine is located. You will not feel tired even after a long time holding. The grip is adjustable in length, so you don’t have to guess the index.

Rotary Tattoo Machine short gun Q3 Review

Overall Review

q3 tattoo machine

The CNC Q3 short gun has an ultra-light and short body design and the gravity is the same as CNC WE in the middle center of the body. This means that there is almost no extra weight outside the palm of your hand, making it much more flexible for cutting corners and drawing lines at various angles.

My working experience 

The brushless motor is designed with a horizontal swing and a straight stroke, so that it penetrates the skin with direct in-and-out and does not have too much inertia in the skin, and stays deep in the skin for a very short time. That’s what we call the rebound effect.

This is ideal for clean, crisp cuts and grey-scale sketches, where the coloring is judged to be high, the body is responsive, and not too much ink is injected. It is great for small drawings, line geometry, and realism.

If you have small hands and don’t have a lot of space to work with, this machine is really easy to use and I give it 5 stars for laziness.

The Rhein Needle

I have received two types of needles, white and red. The white needle is 0.30 in diameter and the red needle is 0.35 in diameter.

The new rhein needle you can buy from the CNC official store or at Rhein Needle Store.

The red needles have grooves on the 4 sides to allow your fingers to rest comfortably, making them more stable and comfortable for players who are used to holding the machine in front of them. This will give you the stability and comfort you need for a long, super-detailed needle technique.

Many tattoo artists are concerned about the price of one needle, but these two needles are also very affordable and affordable.

(All needles in the world are blunt, as any tattoo artist with a little experience will know). Please judge for yourself if the price of the needles is in line with your economic principles.

Final words

Last but not least, I would like to thank CNC TATTOO for allowing me to discover more possibilities for the harmonization of my technical direction with new equipment.

I wish you all the best for the new year : )

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