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cnc we plus wireless tattoo penmotor

X-II motor

X-WE Plus adopts the upgraded second generation customized Germany motor. Precise and powerful.

cnc we pro cam wheel

Replaceable Strokes

3.0mm and 4.0mm stroke cams complement the installed 3.5mm to give you 3 choices.

cnc we pro wireless tattoo pen battery

1 Battery Backup

Battery backup and increased battery capacity ensure that the tattooist can work for long session without being interrupted.

CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen vip service

VIP customer service

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we pro wire;ess tattoo machine pen


we pro wire;ess tattoo machine pen
cnc we plus wireless tattoo penmotor

X-II motor

cnc we pro cam wheel


cnc we pro wireless tattoo pen battery

1 Battery Backup

CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen vip service

VIP customer service

Inheritors of Q SERIES

Special Offer
2022 New Launched

Light weight

153 grams only, forward-weight, aiding the artist with downward needle pressure

Short pen design

Ergonomic tattoo pen to free up space for tattooing

cnc q6 short rotary tattoo pen machine

Silicone Pads

Replaceable silicone pads for reducing finger fatigue, absorb those damaging vibrations during tattooing

low vibration

Low vibration ensures efficient creation of tattoos in a quiet environment

CNC Tattoo Finger Ledge Needles

Reducing the difference in diameter between your device and neeles

Gift For 2022

Inheritors Of CNC Q Series
Ergonomic Grip Short Tattoo Pen

4 soft silicone pads with more stable machine output

Available Now!

enhance your
Tattoo Experience

5 Stroke Options

Choose different stroke that you need when lining, shading or color packing just a bit rotation.

Coreless Motor - Quiet

CNC P6 adopts the newest coreless micro motor which lead to less vibration and lower noise while tattooing.

Precise Control

Gauge number on the body surface. You always know where you are. Compatable with all CNC RCA type power supply.

All arounder Machine

The P6 Tattoo Pen is an all-purpose machine designed to give the artist a new level of safety and versatility.


enhance your
Tattoo Experience

Which Stroke do you need?
. enough?

We provide all!

cnc p6 stroke adjustable tattoo machine pen

5 Stroke



All arounder

CNC Tattoo Finger Ledge Needles

Reducing the difference in diameter between your device and needles

CNC Police Needle

New Released
CNC Cartridge POLICE


Wireless Tattoo Pen


Official Guarantee

CNC Golden standard for tattooists. 365-day full quality assurance.

100% Satisfaction

We will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Quality Control

We take 100% responsibility to all machines &we provide 1 Year Quality Warranty.

Fast Delivery

US and Euro warehouse. Make our best to make sure you get it as soon as possible.

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New Arrival

New Launched machines, needles and accessories that make your tattooing easier.

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machine by CNC – The highest industry standard and provides the best pre-sales & after-sales services.CNC has the world’s highest standard of coil and rotary tattoo machine, wired or wireless tattoo pens, and tattoo guns. We are proud of the quality so for all CNC tattoo machines and other tattoo accessories we offer a 12-months quality warranty.

Needle Cartridges

CNC Tattoo Supply offers a wide selection of High-Quality and pre-sterilization Tattoo Needles – RS, RL, Magnum, and other more advanced craftsmanship – Semi-Textured Needles, Super Tight RL, etc. Shop for CNC police Cartridges, RHEIN craft tattoo needles, and Quelle needles in a huge range of sizes and styles. All in CNC Tattoo Supply.

cnc cw2 wireless tattoo machine pen
cnc we tattoo machine wireless
cnc tattoo tattoo needles collection
cnc q2 tattoo pen rotary
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Although tattoo results are related to tattoo technique, length of practice and many other factors, having a machine with good performance, consistent output and high quality needles will definitely take your creations to the next level. From here, you can get these things at a better price than other brands can give you. We believe that you deserve it all.

CNC is one of the market leaders when it comes to high-end professional tattoo machines and cartridges. At CNC Tattoo Supply, you can always find the machines and cartridges that perfectly fits your technique and style. No matter you're looking for a liner or shader tattoo machine, we all get you covered.
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