Common Mistakes Tattoo Beginners Make in Works
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Common Mistakes Tattoo Beginners Make in Works

When new tattoo artists first start out, they face many challenges. If you don’t want your client to get angry and slam the door in your face just as you start your tattoo business, you’d better know what you’re doing. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most common mistakes new tattoo artists make, and you’ve probably been in these situations before. If you don’t want to make the same mistakes again, you should read this article.

1. Incorrect Machine Settings

Many untrained tattoo artists make the same mistake: they don’t know how to set up their machines. You must understand that a tattoo pen is similar to a soldier’s gun, and if you don’t know how to fire, you’re dead. Here are a few common mistakes in setting it up, check out.

  • Needle Speed Too Fast.

Needle Speed Too Fast
First of all, it’s important to realize that tattooing at higher voltages and faster rates won’t demonstrate your tattooing skill; rather, it will cause the client’s skin to be overworked quickly. You will discover that you have more flexibility to modify your lines when working with 3–4 volts as opposed to 7 volts. Ink will be injected where it is not needed if you stab too quickly while moving your wrist.
To put it simply, if you want to draw flat lines you must control the speed of the needle stabbing down, delicate lines come from a steady speed and technique.
  • Skin High Intensity

Skin High Intensity

Many people would compare tattooing to drawing on human skin, which I think is a very understandable analogy, but it is not accurate. When the needle is inserted into the skin, it will be sunken rather than flat as assumed.
This means that you should change the needle’s length rather than push the needle in with your arm if you want to go deeper into the skin. For a beginner, understanding how to adjust the machine’s stroke is also crucial. I went into more detail about this in my blog “How to Set Up the CORRECT Needle Depth for Tattoos? “ which you can learn here.

2. Immature Techniques

The tattoo artist is a job with a long history, electric tattoo machines were invented in the early nineties. First, there were breakthroughs from coil machines to rotary tattoo machines, as well as from traditional tattoo needles to tattoo cartridges, which included tattoo ink and accessories. Along with the upgrades to the machines, the tattooing technique has also changed.
Most tattoo artists now prefer using wireless tattoo pens because they are lighter, more practical, and have more features. However, it does not mean that the tattoo artist’s skill and technique are not already essential. Even though the machine is evolving, human skin isn’t changing.

  • Lack Of Rhythm

Lack Of Rhythm

The tattoo artist should have a plan for the entire procedure. Many Tattoo beginners frequently change the painting’s angle and position because they don’t spend time to clear their minds. As I previously mentioned, the needle will extend and depress the skin while tattooing. Therefore, maintaining a sense of rhythm is crucial if you don’t want skewed colors or disorganized lines.

There are two typical methods for assisting a new tattoo artist. When drawing lines, use your wrist to control the machine so that the lines are smoother; when coloring or fogging, use more of your arm to move around so that the color transition is more seamless. Always keep in mind that when tattooing, you should swing with rhythm.

  • Moving Too Slow

This means that once your tattoo pen is turned on, the motor will push the needle into the skin at a set frequency. As we previously mentioned, uneven coloring and overworking of the skin can result from the tattoo pen moving too quickly.
However, you’ll run into a new issue if you move the pen slowly. The previously punctured pores will continue to be punctured by the tattoo needle. For example, if you tattoo with 8 volts, move slowly, and use a #12 or larger cartridge, your skin will become red and swollen quickly.

3. Useful Tips

  • Skin Stretching Before Tattooing

I’m sure you’ve practiced countless times on paper or fake skin before you tattoo someone. When you tattoo a real person you will find that there are muscles and bones of different shapes and thicknesses underneath the skin, which can make it very difficult to depict.
So we need to change our minds and make the natural skin as flat as possible. Stretching the skin before drawing each line will make your pattern clear and smooth. If you need to draw a 5cm line, stretch the skin first and then draw a 7-8cm line, as shown in the picture. When he recovers, it will be shortened to the size you require.
Skin Stretching Before Tattooing

Conclusion & Suggestions

To do a good job, one must first make good use of the right tools. A tattoo beginner must learn the techniques and practice regularly, but having a great machine is also the start of a great tattoo career. So I’d like to recommend this machine, which has received high praise from many tattoo artists——CNC-X-WE-PRO

cnc we pro wireless tattoo machine

Key Features

  • Quick Adjustment:Rotation adjustment stroke

The Pro stroke can be adjusted by quickly and easily changing the internal cam wheel. This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth shading.

  • Strokes Package:3.00mm & 4.00mm & 3.5mm available.

Three different strokes allow you to freely switch between different creative styles. Just a tattoo pen is all you need. The better the overall performance, the better it is for a tattoo machine.

  • Voltage Display: Digital Screen.

The precise magnitude of the current-voltage is displayed on the high-definition LCD screen. Each tattoo artist can control the pen more precisely as a result, producing artwork that is more smart and elegant. This is difficult to see on other machines.

  • Motor: Customized Germany Motor X-II.

Made by the world’s leading manufacturer of micro motors.” Quiet” “stable” is its best feature. It can effectively improve your work efficiency and the brightness of the ink color.

  • Battery Capacity: Upgrade to 1000mah.

When you make a purchase, CNC will give you a free backup magnetic battery. This battery can be switched in a couple of moments to enable continuous operation for an extended time. The magnetic battery can be changed out much more quickly than other batteries. A power source of 1000mAh can ensure continuous operation for 3.5–4 hours. Additionally, it works with Type-C charging cables, allowing you to charge it in your car.

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