4 Tips of Choosing the Right Tattoo Machine for Beginners
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4 Tips of Choosing the Right Tattoo Machine for Beginners

The tattoo machine is the important tool for the tattoo artist. Its quality and performance directly affect the success or failure of the tattoo. But as a novice, if you are interested in tattooing but a little confused when choosing a tattoo machine, this article will introduce some aspects that novices should pay attention to when choosing a tattoo machine.

Types and functions of tattoo machines

When choosing a tattoo machine, the first thing to consider is the type and function of the tattoo machine. Generally, tattoo machines include electric, rotor and manual, among which electric tattoo machines are the most popular. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the power and voltage of the tattoo machine. Generally speaking, the power of each tattoo machine should be more than 6 watts.

Materials and Processes

The material and process of the tattoo machine are also key factors affecting the quality and service life of the tattoo. There are two types of tattoo machines currently on the market: aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy tattoo machines are usually cheaper, but they are prone to rust and difficult to maintain. Stainless steel tattoo machines are generally produced by factory customization due to their reliable materials, so they are more cost-effective and have a longer service life.

Brand and Word of Mouth

The brand and reputation of the tattoo machine are also key factors in the selection. International brands always has good reputation for their long development. However, sometime new brands will give you a different but excellent experience when tattooing. In terms of tattoo machines, CNC tattoo is a good choice. A lot of tattoo artists choose CNC tattoo machine and the same brands needles for their first tattooing.


Finally, the price is also a factor that novices need to consider when choosing a tattoo machine. But it should not be the important factor. When choosing a tattoo machine, don’t just focus on the low price, but choose the machine that suits you according to your budget and actual needs.

Based on the above four points, we recommend the following tattoo machines for beginners:

P6 tattoo pen

CNC P6 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen

The P6 unique and the most flexible pen-style tattoo machine around is that you can adjust the stroke length from 3.0mm to 4.0mm, even when the machine is running. The P6 uses the CNC X-I motor – stable, powerful, and low vibration. Many artists make the possitive comments on CNC P6 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen. Its price is also friendly for beginners.

P6 tattoo pen kit

CNC P6 Affordable Tattoo Pen Kit

If you don’t know how to choose proper needles for your first tatoo machine. CNC P6 Adjustable Tattoo Pen contains the P6 tattoo machine and accessories which contains three boxes of CNC POLICE cartridge needles needles, ink set with different colors, and RCA connector battery. You can take it easy and don’t need to worry about how to make a choice among plenties of brands. CNC P6 Affordable Tattoo Pen Kit helps you with your first tattooing.

Q2 tattoo pen

CNC® Tattoo Pen Machine New Program Faulhaber Q2

The Q2 is the perfect machine for modern tattooing because it’s lighter and it has minimal vibration, allowing you to focus on the needle tip. It is better for beginners to start their practicing and get better skills for tattooing.

No matter which tattoo machine you choose, you must pay attention to your own experience and skill level, and choose a machine that suits you and is not prone to problems. By choosing a tattoo machine properly, you can more easily realize your dream of tattoo creation.

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