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Top 4 Secret Ways to Prevent Tattoo from Fading

Today we wanna tell you why your tattoos are fading and how to prevent future tattoos from fading before you move on.

There are many factors that can cause your tattoo to fade. We cannot control the fact that our body ages every day well,  we can’t slow down the process by taking care of ourselves. It’s the exact same thing with your tattoo from the day you getting it. You’re gonna have to take care of it to slow down the aging process and the fading process. Some styles of tattoos fade faster than others depending on how thick the ink is. Usually, the micro and the single needle tattoos tend to last the shortest, and your traditional thicker ink lasts the longest. Your skin tone also plays a role.

Let’s see the factors causing tattoo aging and find ways to slow down tattoos from fading.

4 Main Factors Cause Tattoo Fading

1.The Tattooist’s Technique & Ink Quality

contracts between tattoo unfading and tattoo faded

Specialization of the tattooists will directly affect the display of your tattoo effect and the duration, so we try to choose a tattoo artist with as much influence as possible. The quality of tattoo ink is also a direct factor. High-quality ink on the color packing is better, also more conducive to maintaining the tattoos. Additionally, in the choice of ink color, light colors are more likely to fade, especially red, yellow.

2.Healing Process

Secret ways to Prevent Tattoo from Fading

The most important step in preventing fading is your care for your tattoo immediately before it is fully healed. If You have a thin patch of skin above your tattoo, this skin is very fragile, especially on the side of the elbow, knee, or ankle. If the skin of the tattoo is badly worn, it’s hard to have a perfect tattoo. Reducing the chances of irritation or infection is an important guarantee for getting a complete tattoo.

3.Tattoo Placement

Secret ways to Prevent Tattoo from Fading

Some areas of our body where tattooing will generally fader than other skin. For instance, we tend to rub against the elbow, knee, or ankle, including places like in-between the fingers and lips. If you get a tattoo in the location mentioned above, then the tattoo there fades at a faster rate. Also, if your weight fluctuates a lot in a short time, then the tattoos around the areas that are more affected by weight loss or weight gain will show signs of fading.

Secret ways to Prevent Tattoo from Fading-2

Another main factor that is making your tattoo fade the fastest is direct sunlight. If you expose the skin near your tattoo to the sun, it doesn’t take long for those UV rays to seep into your skin and destroy the ink. Sunburn is also the biggest enemy of tattoos. Every time your skin gets sunburned, it dies and peels off at a much faster rate. If you don’t have tattoos and you don’t care about tattoos, you also have to respect the Sun. Because those UV rays are gonna make your skin aging faster and even worse too much strong UV leads you to catch skin cancer.

Secret ways to Prevent Tattoo from Fading-3

Tips to Prevent Tattoos from Fading

1.Find a Pro Tattooist

Before you get a tattoo, there are a few important factors that must be considered that will definitely help your tattoo fading lesser.

1)Do your research.

Talk to friends, and dig online to get recommendations of highly reputable tattoo stores. A reputable and trustworthy tattoo artist will use high-quality ink and has more professional art technology. Learn about the different ink options around, and then ask your artist what ink they intend to use. After that you can decide if its quality meets your requirements.

2)Your color choice.

Blacks and greys are usually the strongest colors. Because they are bolder and darker, and they tend to last longer than other brighter shades. Such as pink, yellow, green, or purple, all of which tend to fade more quickly than black and grey.

2.Adherence to Consistent Healing Process

After tattooing, that piece of your skin will go through a process of itch and sting. All of that has to be completely lived through. Don’t let your socks or sleeves scratch your tattoo. After that flake has dried, your skin will recover in the same way. In your daily care, it is important to keep your skin hydrated.
Timely moisturization of the skin around the tattoo with lotion.

3.Sun protection

The damage caused by UV rays to our skin is obvious. With a new tattoo, you should avoid strong sun exposure for the first 2-3 weeks. Most sunscreens contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the sensitive healing skin where your new tattoo on. So you should not use any sunscreen at this stage, physical sun protection should be used instead of chemical sun protection. Try to cover your tattoo with clothing when outdoors. When your tattoo is completely finished scabbing and peeling, a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 should be used.


That’s basically all I got for today’s post. Sincerely hope this sharing helps ensure that your tattoos stay looking good for years. Welcome to share your comments to prevent tattoo fading methods.

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