Comparing CNC and KWADRON Tattoo Needles: Which Brand Reigns Supreme?
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Comparing CNC and KWADRON Tattoo Needles: Which Brand Reigns Supreme?

Tattooing is not just an art form but a craft that demands precision, skill, and the right tools. Among the most critical tools are tattoo needles, which can significantly impact the outcome of a tattoo. In this article, we delve into the comparison between two renowned brands in the tattooing industry: CNC and KWADRON.

Founded in 2018, the CNC brand quickly gained recognition, securing trademarks and patents in the US and Europe. Through their dedicated official website, CNC has achieved remarkable success and garnered widespread acclaim in the market. CNC specializes in upscale tattoo products, meeting the needs of discerning customers worldwide.

KWADRON: Leading European manufacturer of tattoo supplies, including cartridges, needles, paints, and equipment. It's a dynamically developing company with extensive experience in modern production and storage technologies. Years of client collaboration have led to optimal supply solutions for distributors and tattoo parlors, focusing on quality, reliability, and customer service.

Both brands have their loyal followings and unique selling points, but which one stands out as the superior choice for tattoo artists? Let's explore.

Quality and Durability:

One of the primary considerations for tattoo artists when choosing needles is their quality and durability.

KWADRON and CNC prioritize needle quality and durability. KWADRON is renowned for craftsmanship and precision, while CNC ensures high standards through rigorous testing, promising lasting sharpness.

Variety and Specialization:

Tattoo artists often require a variety of needle configurations to accommodate different tattooing styles and techniques. KWADRON offers a wide range of needle configurations, from traditional liners and shaders to specialized cartridges designed for intricate details and fine lines. Their diverse selection caters to the diverse needs of tattoo artists, allowing them to choose the perfect needle for each project. Similarly, CNC boasts a comprehensive range of needle configurations, with options tailored to various tattooing styles and preferences. Whether artists prefer traditional needles or advanced cartridge systems, CNC offers a solution to meet their requirements.

Price and Accessibility:

While quality and variety are essential factors, price and accessibility also play a significant role in the decision-making process for tattoo artists. KWADRON needles are often regarded as premium products, reflecting their superior craftsmanship and performance. While they may come with a higher price tag, many artists consider them a worthwhile investment due to their reliability and consistency. Conversely, CNC needles offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Their needles provide excellent performance at a more affordable price point, making them accessible to a broader range of artists.

CNC Dimension Cartridge - Round Liner RL 20PCS

Specification\Price #10/0.30 MM #12/0.35 MM
$14.95 1001RL-X 1201RL-X
1003RL-X 1203RL-X
1005RL-X 1205RL-X
$15.95 1007RL-X 1207RL-X
1009RL-X 1209RL-X
$16.95 1011RL-X 1211RL-X
1014RL-X 1214RL-X


KWADRON Cartridge - Round Liner RL 1PC

One box contains 20 cartridges, price on a page for a single cartridge.  

Specification\Price Price for 1 pc Price incl. Tax for 1 pc Price for 20 pcs
25/11RLLT $ 2.03 $ 0.38 $40.6
25/12RLLT PROMO $ 1.42 $ 0.27 $28.4
25/13RLLT $ 2.23 $ 0.41 $44.6
25/3RLLT $ 1.69 $ 0.32 $33.8
25/5RLLT $ 1.83 $ 0.35 $36.6
25/9RLLT $ 2.03 $ 0.38 $40.6


Customer Feedback and Reputation:

The reputation of a brand can speak volumes about the quality of its products and the level of satisfaction among customers. KWADRON has garnered a strong reputation within the tattooing community, with many artists praising the performance and reliability of their needles. Positive reviews abound, highlighting KWADRON's commitment to quality and innovation. Similarly, CNC has earned the trust and loyalty of tattoo artists worldwide, thanks to its consistent delivery of high-quality needles at competitive prices. Customer feedback for CNC needles is overwhelmingly positive, with many artists endorsing their performance and durability.

Reviews on Amazon for CNC Cartridge

Product Name: Tattoo Cartridge Needles 20Pcs #12(7RL) Standard 0.35mm Round Liner X-Taper Disposable Cartridges with Membrane EN04C-20-1207RL-X

(1) Great buy and quality needles

Tried these in a few different sizes and they work great, good quality needles and some of the best I've used!

(2) Works great!

Great needles, holds ink very well!

(3) Pretty

I'm not a professional tattoo-er, so I don't have the experience yet to understand if these are good quality, but they do work. I love the colors, much more appealing than the plain colors. The tip also is different shape than other cartridges; it feels more like the tattoo cartridges with grips. While this one does not have a grip, it is more comfortable because of its shape.

(4) Works well

Great quality tattoo needle cartridges. Works well with my tattoo gun. Helping for upcoming people learning to tattoo. Love they are disposable.

(5) Tattoo cartridge needles, 20 pcs

Great quality tattoo needle cartridges. Works well with my tattoo gun. Helping for upcoming people learning to tattoo. Love they are disposable.

(6) Impressive!!!

I recommend them for their quality, beauty and comfort. really the best for our clients. a professional product and the best service!

(7) Quality materials, easy to use. Nice addition to my tattoo kit.

The Tattoo Cartridge Needles 20Pcs #12(9RM) Standard 0.35mm Round Magnum M-Taper set is a must-have for professional tattoo artists seeking precision and efficiency. Crafted with quality materials and featuring a standard #12 gauge, these needles provide excellent ink flow and consistent performance. The 0.35mm diameter and 9-round magnum configuration ensure smooth and accurate lines, making them suitable for shading and filling large areas with ease. With 20 cartridges included in the set, artists have an ample supply to tackle various tattoo projects without interruption. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo artist or just starting out, these cartridge needles deliver reliable results and contribute to a seamless tattooing experience.

(8) Great ink cartridges

These cartridges are individually packaged, sterilized, and fit perfectly in my battery-operated tattoo gun. They lay down a solid layer of ink and clean lines no matter what mode the tattoo gun is set to. I'm pleased with these, and they have worked well both on practice skins and real human skins. I haven't had any problems with these so far and I definitely recommend them as good-quality tattoo machine ink cartridges.

(9) Love these Needles!

Great set of cartridge needles! This is probably the best brand I've tried so far, and I've tried quite a few. I'm just learning, but I'm discovering that the needles do make a difference. They fit all of my Tattoo Pens and hold quite a bit of ink well without any leaking. They even come with clear instructions, which is amazing these days. Much of the time, instructions are not included. Even as a beginning, I can tell a difference in the tattooing on practice skins from one brand to another.  These work much more smoothly than others, and they don't rattle or jiggle when you snap them in. They are individually wrapped after being sterilized, and they are good for four years!

(10) It's sooooo BIG!!

"Let me start this review by stating that I am just entering the tattoo world and I know next to nothing. Seriously - still on practice skin and haven't done many of those yet.

So, the first thing I could tell is that these suckers are BIG. I included a photo - on the right is this product (which I ordered in a 1201RL) and on the left are the needles that came with my pen (1203RL). As you can see, even though the kit set has 2 more needles the dimension cartridge (that's what it says on the side of the box) is larger. I can't say for sure if it holds more ink in the well, but it would appear to be based on size.

I like the way it feels in my hand - I still am working on how to hold, position, and move. I mean really, I am still working out what needle does what, but you got to start somewhere. The point of that is that right now nothing feels natural because I am not used to doing it this way. This needle feels better than most. I am looking forward to trying other needles from this brand."

Reviews on Amazon for KWADRON Cartridge

Product Name: KWADRON Cartridge Tattoo Needles Cartridges, Box of 20, Round Liners Long Taper - 7 Round Liner Long Taper - 35/7RLLT

(1) Amazing

"Great cartridges. Superb quality."

(2) Probably my favorite cartridge

"It's hard to find what cartridge to go with because they vary so wildly in price and quality, occasionally all boxes of cartridges will contain a dud so it's hard not to read too much into a bad review. I got a box of the .25 3rl and they were perfect for me."

(3) Love these needles

Tried a lot of different brands of needles and these have quickly become my go to cartridges.

(4) High price for poor quality

These needles are garbage. They have more wobble than a lot of the cheap knock of brands sold on here. Don't waste your money.

(5) My go to needles

I love this brand super good quality and nice lines!

(6) Not worth the price

Most definitely want to buy again, it's no different from any other needles.

(7) Always great needles

"I love KWADRON needles I only use a few brands now days and KWADRON are my number one go to. Never had any problems with performance! Thanks, KWADRON"

(8) Best Tattoo Cartridges

These are absolutely the best cartridge needles on the market.


These cartridges are by far the best quality for Line work and amazing shading. Hands down the best on the market. Thank you, Brent LeGrand

(10) They will send you the wrong size!

I ordered tight 5 liners and they sent me the incorrect size so i reported it as wrong items sent to get the correct size and they sent me another box of the wrong size. Needles are amazing just wouldn’t recommend ordering them off amazon.




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Both CNC and KWADRON are renowned for their high-quality tattoo needles, each boasting unique strengths. KWADRON is celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and reliability, setting an industry benchmark. However, it's important to note that KWADRON's pricing tends to be higher. In contrast, CNC offers an enticing alternative with its budget-friendly approach, catering to a broader audience of artists.

Moreover, CNC distinguishes itself with extensive after-sales services, ensuring customer satisfaction and earning acclaim worldwide. In summary, while both brands offer superior tattoo needles, CNC emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking quality at an affordable price. With its diverse range of refined options and unparalleled after-sales support, CNC guarantees a seamless experience for tattoo artists globally. Opt for CNC for exceptional needles and unbeatable value, delivering flawless tattooing results every time.



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