A Comparison of CNC Tattoo Needles and Wormhole Tattoo Needles
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A Comparison of CNC Tattoo Needles and Wormhole Tattoo Needles

Tattooing is an art form that relies heavily on precision and technique. Among the myriad of tools and equipment used by tattoo artists, one of the most critical components is the tattoo needle.

The Importance of Tattoo Needles in the Tattooing Process

Tattoo needles are the primary tool used by artists to deliver ink into the skin, creating intricate designs and lasting impressions. The quality and configuration of these needles directly impact the outcome of a tattoo, influencing factors such as line work, shading, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Precision is paramount when it comes to tattooing, and the right needles ensure clean lines, smooth gradients, and consistent color saturation. Poor-quality needles can result in blurred lines, uneven shading, and increased risk of skin trauma, jeopardizing the integrity of the tattoo and the reputation of the artist.

The Significance of Choosing the Right Needles for Tattoo Artists:

For tattoo artists, selecting the appropriate needles is not merely a matter of preference but a crucial decision that can make or break their work. Different tattooing techniques and styles require specific needle configurations, sizes, and groupings to achieve the desired results.
Factors such as needle diameter, taper, and configuration (e.g., round, flat, magnum) play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a tattoo. Additionally, considerations such as needle material, sterilization methods, and compatibility with different tattoo machines are essential for ensuring safety, hygiene, and optimal performance.

The Different Types and Configurations of Tattoo Needles Available in the Market:

Tattoo needles come in a variety of types and configurations to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of tattoo artists. Common types include:

Round needles: Ideal for lining and creating fine details.
Magnum needles: Suitable for shading and coloring larger areas.
Flat needles: Used for precise lining and filling.
Curved magnum needles: Designed for smooth shading and blending.
Stacked magnum needles: Provide enhanced ink flow and saturation.
Additionally, tattoo needles are available in various groupings, ranging from single needle configurations to multiple needles grouped together for broader coverage and faster tattooing.

The two brands: CNC Tattoo Needles and Wormhole Tattoo Needles

CNC Tattoo Needles:

1.Brief introduction of CNC Tattoo

The CNC brand was established in 2018, and it has obtained trademark licenses and product patents in the United States and Europe. They established the CNC official website and achieved great success and recognition in the market. The brand is aimed at high-end users, providing consumers with sophisticated and useful tattoo products.

2.Varieties of CNC Tattoo Needles

Series: Dimension Cartridge, Police Cartridges, Stigma Cartridges, Quelle Cartridges Rhein Cartridges, Pfarrer Cartridges

M1 Series: Double row cross stitch
RL series: Round tightening needle
RS series: Round loose needle
RM series: Curved fork stitch


FREE Shipping Over $99
At CNC®, they have distribution centers around the world to ensure that customers receive their shipment as soon as possible. Their biggest warehouses are in the US and Europe and are normally fully stocked, so no need to worry shipping problems.
Manual online service
365-Day Warranty

Wormhole Tattoo Needles:

1.Brief introduction of Wormhole Tattoo

Wormhole Tattoo is a professional design and manufacture of tattoo supplies company. Founded by Jian Wu, a professional tattoo product designer, Wormhole Tattoo provides all kinds of tattoo products to customers, such as starter and professional tattoo kits, tattoo pens, tattoo machines, and tattoo needles. They strive to help more and more tattoo artists to create more amazing tattoo works.

2.Varieties of Wormhole Tattoo Needles

Brands like Cheyenne, Prime+, Envy, and Kingpin's own line cover all the bases of tattoo cartridges. Liners, magnums, and shaders are all available.

M1 Series: Double row cross stitch
RL series: Round tightening needle
RS series: Round loose needle
RM series: Curved fork stitch


FREE SHIPPING on orders over $199
Most international orders will be shipped from their warehouse in China. For those who reside in a territory of the United States that they ship to, the items will be shipped from New York.

Specific Comparison of the two brands: CNC Tattoo Needles and Wormhole Tattoo Needles

Both CNC and Wormhole offer a comprehensive range of tattoo needles. A specific comparison is outlined below:

CNC Police
Wormhole Pro
Product image
Price $16.95 $19.99
Specification 20PCS 20PCS
Diameter  0.30 mm, 0.35mm 0.35mm
Material 316L surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic  Medical-grade materials
Packaging process 100% EO Gas sterilized and individually packed Individually packed
Warranty period 12-month warranty period 12-month warranty period
Logistic Arrangement Orders before 5:00pm(UTC+8), they will arrange the shipping the same day Customers will receive a verification email after confirming the order, they arrange immediately after it is verified
Processing  24 – 72 hours  1-2 business days
Shipping time About 4-8 business days 7-20 business days
Logistic tracking   Receive the courier tracking number in about 72 hours Customer service group/website order enquiry entrance


CNC takes a high-end route, the brand's product line is quite mature, therefore, they have professional tattoo products and services, the official website is also quite complete. Compared with Wormhole’s high-end product lines, CNC takes good position in price, alternative diameter, safe material and reassuring packing process.

Some reviews from Amazon for CNC Tattoo needles:


CNC Police Tattoo Needle Review

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