CNC Police Cartridges

CNC Police Cartridge Needles are the Highest Quality Cartridge Needles at the Best Prices! CNC Cartridge Needles feature the highest quality, durable, smoked clear Lexan plastic tip, press-fit into a medical-grade smoked, clear casing. CNC Cartridge Needles are a more efficient needle cartridge by design, featuring less tension than other needle cartridges on the market today. CNC Police Cartridge Needles have an incredibly smooth linear action which gives a smoother needle flow with less tension and faster retraction, which allows the tattoo machine and needles to run smoother overall. This allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less voltage.

CNC Cartridge Needles are essential in everyday tattooing, the benefits of using CNC Cartridge Needles are countless! CNC Cartridge Needles are quickly becoming the tattoo industry favorite!

CNC Police Cartridges use the safety membrane drive and have an incredibly smooth linear action which doesn’t allow any backflow into the tube and machine.

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