Quelle Premium Cartridges

Using Quelle Cartridge Needles can help eliminate the additional risks of scrubbing dirty needles, which has many cross-contamination points and is a risky process in general, exposing artists to unwanted additional sanitary risks. Quelle Premium Cartridge disposable tattoo needles also eliminate the need for expensive autoclaves, ultrasonic machines, harmful chemicals used to sterilize, tube bags, spore tests, and saves the tattoo artist many hours of sterilization time, allowing the tattoo artist to have more time to focus on tattooing with a brand new needle every time. Quelle Premium Cartridge Needles disposable tattoo needles are work-ready, sterilized. Quelle Cartridge Needles is the best possible way to ensure a brand new, sterile tattoo needle that performs like new every time!

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