Color Packing Tattoo Guide
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Color Packing Tattoo Guide

Color pack tattooing is also known as the paintbrush technique. It can be understood more clearly in the picture below and refers to the process of inserting pigments into the skin so that the ink is saturated in the surface area so that no negative space shows up.

It is mainly used for color packing and smooth blending. These techniques can be learned by professional tattoo artists.

What's the color packing in tattoo?

A color pack tattoo is a tattoo design in which colored pigments are placed into the skin. In most cases, the color wrap includes the color black.

The task of color packing is done with colored pencils. The design created with the colored pencils is then transferred to the tattoo machine.

While saturating the area with colored pencils and stroking it back and forth, there is a risk of some damage to the skin due to movement. Therefore, this technique must be done by a professional tattoo artist

Color packing simulation exercise


color packing simulation exercise

Why do tattooists use color packing?

Most tattoo artists use computer-generated lettering and take the support of transfer paper to transfer it. Such an approach is usually considered the least creative and challenging. Some artists specialize in various tattoo techniques (lining, shading, color packing) and design to obtain more accurate tattoo text.

Despite the challenges, they embraced the opportunity and executed letter designs, shading, and scripts with the help of various tools. With their experience in shading and scripting, they utilize color-wrapping tattoo techniques to fill in color in any area of the skin. Some described their experience with this area of skin ÔÇô┬áYou must always check the voltage you are using because you will be performing color packing on human skin.

4 tattoo color packing techniques you must know

Technique 1:concentric circle motion trajectory

Start with small concentric circle exercises and gradually expand into large concentric circle trajectories, avoiding packing in too much color as you would do on paper. In this technique, the purpose of color-filling is to cover circles and small groups of magnums.

Technique 2: pushes back and forth on the skin

When the tattoo machine is running, it should move back and forth regularly on the skin surface like a pendulum. Allows the pigment to flow evenly into the skin.

Technique 3: pushing on the skin

When the requirements for shading are high, the pushing technique is used. The tattoo machine is pulled away from the tip of the cartridges, preventing excess tattoo ink from running deep into the skin.

Technique 4: prevent needles stucking

Tattoo needles can snag due to wear or a cycle that is too low. In addition, any side-to-side movement can sometimes cause the needles to pierce the skin.

Keep moving linearly back and forth like a pendulum at a constant speed, and remember to slow down your hands if you find your skin is stuck with the tattoo cartridges.

4 Essential guides for color packing tattoo

  • Guide 1: tattoo machine

 The packing color tattoo is based on the tattoo machine. You need to adjust shading and voltages according to skin type and tone. CNC WE wireless tattoo pen is the direct hit ideal for packing solid colors, CNC P6 rotary tattoo pen machine is suitable for all-around operations.

cnc tattoo machine
CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine                  CNC P6 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen
  • Guide 2: running speed

Speed is another crucial aspect of color packaging tattoos. Depending on the body part, tattoo area, and type of design. Lining works at a constant speed, while for color packing or black and gray you need to slow down the tattoo equipment speed..

  • Guide 3: cleaning of the skin area

Before starting the coloring packing, we recommend doing it to clean the entire outline area. It helps to clean any unwanted ink from the lining process and also helps remove stencil marks and other sticky leftover ink stuck to the skin.

  • Guide 4: friendship with ink

Ink is an integral part of the coloring packing tattoo process, whether itÔÇÖs a solid color packing or a more complex blend.

hawink tattoo color set
Tattoo Ink 14 Colors Set

Finally about color packing

As a tattoo artist or a passionate tattoo beginner, you need to practice the art of color packing. Creativity always wins in the end!

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