Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
If you have other questions, please just send it to sales@cnctattoo.com.

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After payment of orders, under normal circumstances, we will ship your order by expedited shipping within 72 hours. If there are irresistible factors, or we have holidays, we will inform customers of the shipment in advance.

Estimated delivery time is 4-8 business days.
1 The address, zip code, phone number, room number and other information filled in by customers will be contacted by the courier to refill the information ,because the courier cannot identify the information.

2 If the product is out of stock, we will delay the delivery and inform customers in advance.

3 There are irresistible external factors around the world, we will delay delivery and inform customers in advance.

All products are shipped from our overseas local warehouse.

Orders totalling $99 or more qualify for free shipping.

You will receive shipping information after shipment.

For orders below $99, a standard shipping fee of $14.99 applies.


Please feel free to contact us through the website’s mailbox and the Contact. We will help you to deal with it together.

If there is a problem with your paypal account, please contact the paypal.

If there is a problem with the bank transfer, please contact the local bank.


Bank Location: China

Beneficiary Name: Wang Quanyu

A/C NO: 372759307743


Bank Name: Bank Of China Yiwu Sub-branch

Bank Address: 503 Jiangdong Road Yiwu Zhejing China

Western Union

*Beneficiary First Name: Quanyu

*Beneficiary Family Name: Wang

Benefcaiary Address: No. 719 South Chengdian Road, Yiwu, China.

Post Code: 322000

Tel: +86-579-85556372

Email: sales@solongtattoo.com


We provide free machine repair and maintenance for our products within the warranty period.

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The warranty period is 12 months when you are paying from your order, the warranty period will come into effect.

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Notes: We provide repair services to customers worldwide, regardless of whether they are within the warranty period. During the warranty period, we will take more responsibilities. After the warranty period, we will also provide services and charge fees appropriately.

For products beyond the warranty period, we charge a small price of manual fee. If we need to replace the parts, we will charge the cost of the parts. Of course, we will notify the customers of the cost in advance. We will evaluate whether the parts need to be replaced and repaired together. For products beyond the warranty period, customers need to pay the cost of express delivery.

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