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33 Best Joker Tattoos ideas & meaing(2023)

joker tattoo

Do you like joker tattoos?What does the Joker tattoo meaning? With this question in mind, we will study together the next joker tattoos, joker tattoos hand, the joker tattoo meaning, joker face tattoos, joker tattoos ideas, joker smile tattoos, more ideas about joker tattoo.

Those who like the DC universe must be familiar with the movie Batman. Inside, the other guy that rivals Batman, or even to some extent, completely overrides Batman, must be the Joker. Heath Ledger’s joker is recognized as the peak, no one can surpass! In tattoos, the joker is also one of the most popular materials of tattoo lovers. The world of the joker is always divided into two, half sunshine, half shadow, half happy, and half desolate. So what is the meaning of the joker tattoo? This article is a detailed introduction and includes 33 Best Joker Tattoos ideas.


This Article Includes:

  • The joker introduction
  • The origin of the joker tattoo
  • Why so many people are afraid of jokers and never afraid of joker tattoos
  • The Joker tattoo meaning
  • 33 Joker tattoo ideas
  • Taboo for joker tattoos

The Joker Introduction

The joker is one of the comedians, often seen on stages, circuses, variety shows, carnivals, children’s shows, and birthday parties. When they performed, they wore large shoes and strange clothes, and their faces were also painted, especially the nose was more prominent. These weird, funny costumes bring laughter to the audience. Usually, jokers entertain viewers with their own mistakes.

1. White-Faced Joker
Typical white joker, the background color of the face is white, the eyes, nose, and mouth will be red or black, other decorations will be decorated with different colors, and the size of the white joker’s eyes and nose will be the same as ordinary people.
2. Joker
Typical fool, the background color is red and white, the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth is a huge mouth and the eyes have a wide white edge.
3.The Beggar Sex Joker
This kind of joker, mainly when the American coal train was eliminated, the driver of the train turned to be a joker began. These jokers have beards, beards, freckles, vicissitudes, bald, but love to dress up. The most common role is homeless or the unemployed.

The Origin Of The Joker Tattoo

The history of tattoos has had a long history of jokers and tattoos. The first joker tattoo was in Hawaii, originally to express social status. Ancient islanders believed that tattoos could bring good luck and help them defend their homeland and protect their homes from foreign enemies. In the early days, only noble people were qualified to get tattoos, but later, with the development of joker types, more and more people had tattoos, and many people also worshiped jokers. In European and American tattoo works, we can see the shadow of jokers, especially the trend design of joker tattoo images in movie characters, which drives those young people to join the tide. Later, tattoo artists simply constantly designed the pictures of this feature, to meet the people with this idea.

Why So Many People Are Afraid Of Jokers, Never Afraid Of Joker Tattoos?

In real life, many people may be afraid of jokers. In tattoos, however, the joker material is popular with tattoo lovers. What is the reason for this? Three reasons.
1. The contradiction of the joker
The life of the joker is helpless, in order to live, in order to make others laugh, can only work hard performance, and even deliberately practice themselves. Even more, jokers are also a symbol of real life.
2. Movies and TV series for their reasons
With the development of movies and TV series, especially the emergence of the joker, the first villain in the DC universe, it quickly captured the hearts of countless audiences. So more and more people receive joker tattoos.
3.Exaggerated image
The joker’s composition is actually full of visual impact. This for the pursuit of personality publicity of tattoos is undoubtedly extremely fit.

The Joker Tattoo Meaning

the joker tattoo meaning

In the tattoo, the joker tattoo, also has its own unique meaning, what is it? The moral of the joker is the responsibility of life, no matter what the scene is in our hearts, in the face of life, and work, we should have the attitude of respect, we see the joker are happy and smile, but their hearts only they know the sorrow.
There are three of the following types:
1. No scruples
We accidentally look like a joker reduced several times smaller, but we are not as crazy as the joker, we will be afraid, will inferiority… but why not be like a joker? No fear of others’ eyes, not afraid of gossip!
2. Dedication
The joker ases the audience with exaggerated makeup and body movements on stage, but he is alone. So the joker represents giving happiness to others, leaving sadness to himself.
3. Counterlife
The joker has two famous quotes, one is the famous ” Why so serious?”A sentence is” HA HA HA HAHA ” so widely spread or reasonable, deep a lot of people. Why should you be so serious? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, come to see is the fate is more severe, or I am more tenacious!

Come back to the theme and enjoy the exciting and memorable joker tattoo ideas.

33 Best Joker Tattoo Ideas

1. Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo

Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoos could indicate obsession, dedication, and undying love, or they could serve as a warning, reminding you to stay clear of unhealthy relationships and people who are bad for you.


2.Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos

You can ink Jared Leto’s Joker, making this could be madness, perseverance, or darkness.


3.Joker Smile Tattoo

The Joker’s smile is one of the most iconic things about the character. The part uses it to hide harm and pain, and sometimes it does do with the potential to go crazy or do bad things.


4.Joker Card Tattoo

A Joker card often represents good luck and the unexpected. It can also have a negative meaning associated with it, including deceit and bad luck, so it depends on how you interpret the card for yourself. If you think of it as a symbol of fortune, then you may feel that your inking will bring positivity and luck to your life.


5. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

The tattoo goes unnecessary, but the character remembers too many people. Heath Ledger’s Joker Tattoo Brings people emotional release, full of artistic quality.


6.Joker Face Tattoo

It usually represents the dark side or the coexistence of darkness and light.


7.Joker Hahaha Tattoo

Joker Hahaha Tattoo An interesting tattoo indicates the beginning of the conversation, but now many people use it as a funny way or express their feelings.


8.Joker Smile Hand Tattoo

The tattoo of the clown’s hand became popular after the release of the movie Suicide Squad, often used to hide inner insecurity.


9.Batman joker tattoo

Batman joker tattoo, Based on the famous movie characters, great influence.


11.Simple Joker Tattoo

Easy, you like minimalism, so Simple Joker Tattoo is the best for you, this tattoo is usually simple and smooth lines, without too much shadow.


12.Black Joker Tattoo

Black Joker Tattoo Can give you a dark and melancholy feeling, black matches perfectly with all skin tones, because the color limits the darker skin.


13.Joker Tattoo Why So Serious

One of the most famous phrases associated with Joker is “Why So Serious?” It often is related to the HAHAHA and can represent how the Joker doesn’t take anything seriously in life. He does evil things and laughs about them. His laughter is also a way to disguise his pain, and his storyline often involves a dark past and a troubled childhood. Perhaps your design is a way to show what you have overcome in life. Maybe it reminds you to keep going even after a particularly challenging time. There are many interpretations, making this inking simple yet meaningful.


14.Jared Leto Joker Tattoos

Jared Leto Joker Tattoos Famous movie character tattoos, representing bitter, and dark.


15. Joker Sleeve Tattoo


16. Joker Hand Tattoo


17.Joker Forearm Tattoo


18.Joker Arm Tattoo


19.Joker Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are generally cool, but they are painful, because of special parts. The chest tattoo is suitable for covering up and showing it off when you want it, it looks special.


20.Joker Back Tattoo


21.Joker Neck Tattoo

The neck tattoo is very visible and often represents challenging, and criminals and gang members have long liked it. Now that attitudes toward neck tattoos are changing, it has become a hit for those with avant-garde or alternative looks.


Taboo For Joker Tattoos

Taboo for joker tattoos represent loneliness, and if you like it, there are no taboos, all in your own heart. If you are resistant and afraid of the joker, you don’t want to tattoo it. If you like this image, then tattoo it, people always have to have something they like.

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