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20 Best american traditional Halloween tattoos in 2022

“Tick, Tick, Tick” as the clock strikes, 2022 Halloween is creeping up! Dear friends! The day of all pumpkins, bats and the candy is on its way. For those avid fans of Halloween, it’s time to decorate your bodies with some of the scariest things ever!

CNC has compiled this list of some of the best, most creative, most interesting, and even downright scary tattoos. Almost any hardcore Halloween fan will be happy to show off their difficult tattoos to the world. As you read this blog, remember to pick which tattoo you think is the coolest, and inform us via email which of these designs you can’t resist. If you want more creepy goodness, check out our previous blog on holiday tattoos later.

2022 Halloween Tattoo summary

Getting a new tattoo is a big decision, but not an intimidating choice. Either way, we’ve gathered some of the best Halloween tattoo ideas to inspire you when the time comes.

CNC wanted to learn more about scary Halloween tattoos, so we contacted the owner of one of the many American tattoo studios. Read on for our full interview with them.


#1 Scream

Classic horror movie characters have always proven to be the best choice for horror tattoos. Over the years, the most popular Halloween designs have usually been some of the classic villains. In particular, Michael Myers from Scream. This classic image always brings back a variety of memories.

Michael Myers Halloween Tattoo

#2 Michael Myers-The Killer

Who is the real villain? Who else but Michael Myers? — Even in the movies he is one of the most vicious killers. If you want to “scare” everyone, there’s nothing better than that. Yes, I guarantee he will kill everyone.
Halloween Black Cat Tattoo

#3 The “Scary” Black Cat

“Meow, trick-or-treating! Meow”.Who can refuse a kitten that wants candy? Cute and playful is a synonym; they will also bring you good luck for the rest of the year.

The glowing ghost Halloween Tattoo

#4 Glowing Ghost Coming!

“Hey, what’s flying around?”, imagine your drunken friend’s embarrassment at being startled by your glowing apparition, it makes you laugh. You do not need to worry about the safety of bright tattoos at all, because the ghosts will take away all the unease.

Skull, Snake, and Bat Halloween Tattoo

#5 Skull, Snake, and Bat!

The classic evil trio! Every villain’s lair is never without these three evil partners. All three combine to create extra fun, spooky body art. This particular black and gray ink have a mouth-watering size thanks to super accurate detail and shading.

Wicked Witch Club Halloween Tattoo

#6 Wicked Witch Club

Never underestimate the power of women at any time, especially in the face of these female villains! These classic images in Disney can certainly produce magical chemistry with the special you.
Stephen King's Clown Tattoo

# 7 Stephen King’s Clown

What is the thing you are most afraid of? Skeletons? Cockroaches? Or the eerie cemetery? But all this will no longer exist after this. The scariest thing in the future is staring at your arm with this clown tattoo!
spooky spider halloween tattoo

#8 Spooky Spider

Not everyone has the good fortune of Peter Parker. Each spider has different characteristics. If a spider from a chemical experiment will turn you into Spider-Man, then this scary Halloween spider will make you a Dead-Man!

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween tattoo

#9 Bride of Frankenstein

Are you alone on Halloween? Being alone is always scary, especially on a night filled with ghosts and spooks. It’s time to create an exclusive lady companion!

Dancing Skeletons Halloween tattoo

#10 Dancing Skeletons

Forget all the previous entanglements and pain. Just dance, it’s a holiday that belongs to the dead. When our creepy tattoos are healed, we’re in the mood to show off for Halloween.

owl Halloween tattoo

#11 Owl Tattoo

The witch’s companions are cats and owls, which are ubiquitous on Halloween. The owl’s cry is thought to sound like a witch’s cry. In ancient Rome, owls were considered evil, or at least harbingers of evil. Bring your owls to play pranks!


#12 Jack O Lantern Tattoo

That’s why getting a lantern tattoo – traditional/old school or neo-traditional style – represents the eternal spiritual flame that burns in the temple of our hearts and soul. Pumpkin tattoo designs are associated with evil spirits such as Halloween, giving a spooky feel and keeping all bad feelings away from you

 Scarecrow Halloween tattoo

#13 Scare Scarecrow

The scarecrow is bait, whether it’s a witch’s crow or a “ghost” wandering around on Halloween. The scarecrow is there to warn others. If you want people to stay away then you can easily show it through the image of the scarecrow.

Mummy halloween tattoo

#14 Bandage Mummy

“Hey, do you think there will be candy inside this pyramid?” The hungry mummy will quietly wake up on Halloween night and catch every lousy boy who tries to pull a prank!

Werewolf halloween tattoo

#15 Werewolf Halloween Tattoo

To get the magic of the moon, clever style people decorate themselves with werewolf tattoos for Halloween. These amazing tattoos create a connection between the best of mankind and the most magical of animals while unlocking the darkness within mankind. Werewolves are romantic creatures, but don’t let that make you underestimate them.Ancient House of Horror halloween tattoo

#16 Ancient House of Horror

The ultimate symbol of Halloween may be the haunted house. Haunting is a part of our Halloween experience. As the “happiest” holiday on earth, haunted houses also represent our joy. The decision to choose a haunted house can fulfill a range of symbolism and imagery.

dragon halloween tattoo

#17 The Gazing Dragon

The history of dragons has been popular in modern times, but goes back a long way! For thousands of years, cultures have both revered and feared dragons. For thousands of years, various cultures have both revered and feared dragons. They were a mainstay of East Asian culture and prominent in European mythology. Let the dragon descend on your Halloween night.

halloween Joker tattoo

#18 The Joker

Clown tattoos mean a lack of love and mean abandonment/neglect withdrawal into themselves. On Halloween night, clown tattoos are also a way to cope with loneliness. The thought of all the challenges they will be able to overcome will eventually bring a smile to their face. The clown has become a powerful symbol in the tattoo world for people who feel isolated from society.

halloween zombie tattoo

#19 Zombie Tattoo

Zombies are mostly found in science fiction and horror movies. In most ancient tales, these creatures are usually resurrected through magic. Over the years, The Walking Dead has featured some memorable zombies. Even on All Hallows’ Eve, zombie tattoos are a must for tattoo lovers and horror movie fans

Chucky halloween tattoo

#20 Chucky Halloween Tattoo

The allure of horror is what draws many horror movie fans to permanent and temporary tattoos based on the Chucky series. Chucky’s popularity in pop culture has received various accolades from critics and fans alike, making it a classic horror movie. The “Bride of Chucky” couple can often be found among Halloween costumes, fan-made art paintings, and other creepy toy-related accessories.

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