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Best Wireless Tattoo Machines Reviews & Guide 2023

The history of wireless tattoo machines

The wireless tattoo machine pen has evolved from the old days of 1876 when Samual O’Reilly found that Edison’s machine could be modified to introduce ink into the skin. He later patented a tube and needle system with an ink reservoir. O’Reilly’s machine was based on the tattoo rotary technology of Edison’s original device, the modern tattoo machine uses electromagnets. Years later, in 1978, a German man called Manfred Kohrs introduced a new design for a rotary tattoo machine, the first in almost 100 years. This machine had an electric DC motor, rather than the original electrified magnets, and the motor drove the needles. It was lighter, quieter, and portable allowing tattooing to become an art form. Now, most modern tattoo artists can control depth, force, and speed of application, making the art of tattooing much more precise. Another form of tattooing allows for the removal of freckles, scars, and spots.

Back in the early 1900s, it was fashionable for society women to have a small tattoo, and now fashion has gone full cycle and everyone has a tattoo. In those days tattooing was not hygienic, and sometimes people got infections and often died of them, so tattooing was not as popular.

Training to be a Tattooist

When becoming a Tattoo Artist is highly professional work involving infection control and sterilization, and many people undertake special training to enable them to work independently. Consequently, you are paid accordingly and get to be self-employed, which is so important when you take great pride in your artistic work.

If you have decided to become a Tattoo Artist find yourself in an apprenticeship with a well-known Tattooist. If you have the natural ability you will shine. Early on you will be studying and not doing any hands-on work, and it will be a while before you get to practice drawing. “How to professionally perform tattoos for tattoo beginners? “ will guide you to become a professional tattoo artist.

If you are motivated to do well your apprenticeship will last for a minimum of two years. There are codes of ethics to learn and state regulations to take into account before you are qualified.

When you set up your studio, you will need good lighting and good vision You also will need to supply a comfortable couch for the client, especially when they are having their back or buttock area tattooed. They need to lie down comfortably so that you can work without them moving.

Working with another person is always a good idea, as your safety at work is a concern, and like health staff, it is not always a good idea to be alone with a client. You never know when you are going to need help with a problem.

Types of Machines

The original machines were Rotary tattoo machines, based on rotary technology. Recent changes have made this type of machine pneumatic in place of the electric motor.

Coil machines are more common, using an electromagnetic circuit to move the needle grouping. The coils create resistance causing less trauma to the skin.

The Liner Tattoo machine lays the ink on the skin to make one dominant line. it uses a short contact circuit allowing the machine to cycle faster.

The Shader Tattoo machine is used to shade black ink. CNC Q5 rotary tattoo pen machine from the perspective of professional use of the tattoo artist more focused on the strength of the shadowing.  Colors other than black are also used in this machine.

The Pneumatic Tattoo machine was invented in the year 2000 and is powered by a compressor. This is a lightweight machine that is easily sterilized in an autoclave.

How to Choose the Right Wireless Tattoo Pens Machine?

When you are purchasing the machine this is what you will be looking for?

Before you actually buy, reading the tattoo buying guide will help you pick the best machine for you faster. In the history of tattooing, the art has come a long way, wireless tattoo pens are comfortable and quick and fortunately, easy to use. It allows the tattoo artist to focus entirely on the tattoo without cords and wires getting in the way.

The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2023

  1. CNC X-WE wireless tattooing machine designed by CNC is the first new wireless tattooing machine. it is packed between power bolts to suit those long sessions. The wireless tattoo pen motor is designed to retain power and is highly versatile. Change the cam wheel to adjust the stroke. This gives the artist the flexibility to use the same machine for bold lines allowing for solid color.

wireless tattoo pen cnc we

When you are an artist, you want something with all the modern features available. So look for the following features.

  • 2 wireless batteries with long battery life
  • Coreless imported motor with dual shaft.
  • Interchangeable stroke cam
  • Minimal noise and vibration

When choosing the best Wireless Tattoo Machine it comes down to preference. Price should never be a consideration when as long as you have portability you can work from anywhere and will soon pay for the machine. In this time when everyone, even Grandma has a Tattoo you will have lots of work and may even do some home visits. So not having the best equipment is not an option.

  1. Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine is the first wireless tattoo machine jointly launched by FK Irons and DarkLab. Powering the Flux is a removable battery called the PowerBolt, which allows tattoo artists to run wirelessly and without the need for additional cables or power. So the artists can quickly and easily switch to the auxiliary battery when it runs out of power, meaning you can work without worrying about unlimited life. Spektra Flux supports Bluetooth mode. Spektra Flux is a direct drive tattoo machine with no resistance, a 4mm stroke, excellent performance inlining, shading, and color packing, and runs quietly, producing minimal vibration.Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine
    • 4 mm direct drive for lining, shading, and color packing
    • Long battery life can charge as quickly as 2 hours when used with a proper voltage.
    • Compatible with most tattoo needles on the market
    • Special lightweight design
  2. The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited tattoo pen is powered by a rechargeable battery with an extra-long runtime of 5 hours or more. The backup battery is sufficient for replacement during daily work. The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited wireless tattoo pen is available in frequencies from 25 to 140 Hz for black and grey, old school, and new school tattoos. The wireless SOL Nova Unlimited features two modes of operation: steady mode and responsive mode:

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited tattoo pen

  • Stable mode means that the rotating machine is held steady at a controlled speed,
  • Responsive mode means that the SOL Nova Unlimited’s frequency and strokes will adjust in response to your actual tattooing needs

4. Stigma-Rotary® Force wireless tattoo machine pen uses an exclusive German custom-made Faulhaber brushless motor with a unique dual drive system, at the same time this wireless tattoo pen also uses a double cam mechanism, and isometric operation to ensure solid and practical results. Stigma-Rotary® Force machine is also equipped with a detachable power bolt, a charge can provide 6 to 10 hours. The Stigma-Rotary® Force tattoo pen is available in three controllable models with strokes of 2.8 mm, 3.7 mm, or 4.5 mm:

Stigma-Rotary® Force tattoo pen

  • 2.8 mm stroke length is suitable for shading
  • 3.7 mm for all-around tattoo operation
  • A 4.5mm stroke length is ideal for lining and color packing.

5. CNC CW2 tattoo pen wireless has similar wireless functions, providing two power bolts also. A German stable drive motor makes the process stable with low vibration. The battery connects to the grip to keep it safe during use. The LCD screen displays information ensuring freedom when tattooing allowing the artist to focus on the highly artistic work at hand.

There is a 3.5 mm cam wheel that can be replaced by a 3.0mm or 4.0m. Allowing the use of the same machine for really bold lines while choosing the right stroke for the piece.

CNC CW2 tattoo pen

This machine has a few more features than the other one, including

  • Length 145 mm with power pack
  • Weight 210g with power pack. Power weight 40 g
  • 2 wireless batteries
  • Coreless motor with a dual shaft.
  • Interchangeable stroke cam
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • 9-level voltage output
  • Fast charging takes 1.5 hours to charge
  • Durable aluminum material


  • 1 Machine
  • 2 Power Bolt
  • 0-rings
  • 1 Professional Manual
  • 1 USB-type charging cord

Look for the features Found in the following machine

CNC X WE Plus Wireless Tattoo Pen

This is the latest invention enabling the artist to take their work anywhere, anytime. The machine gives the artist more control with new features.

The machine is much easier for the artist to control, and comes with two batteries and 1 wireless foot pedal, and 2 stroke cams.

CNC X WE Plus Wireless Tattoo Pen


  • Upgraded battery capacity to 1000mAh with overload and built-in short-circuit protection. Useful voltage display with adjustable voltage the press button technology.
  • The foot pedal is designed to pair with an X-WE PLUS battery, meaning fewer cables and a safer environment to work in.
  • Upgraded drive system to make the machine precise, using years of design experience to make a low-vibration motor.
  • Improved machinery casing and easy maintenance
  • Easy to sterilize is a really important factor in maintaining hygiene.
  • Stroke length choices with 3.00 and 4.00mm stroke cams to complement the installed 3.5mm giving 3 choices.
  • CNC’s new wireless tattoo pen – CNC CW2 is out! With an ergonomic pen design, an LED electronic display for intuitive control of tattoo voltage changes. Low vibration allows you to enjoy an absolutely quiet work operation, 2 batteries can be sufficient to ensure that the tattoo long-term work.

This is the wireless pen that you have been waiting for, making being a Tattoo Artist much safer and more exact for the client.

Summary of the Best Equipment

  • Long-lasting battery 1,000 mAh with overload and voltage adjustment.
  • No wires, wireless with foot pedal
  • Upgraded Precision
  • Easy to Sterilize parts
  • No noise or vibration
  • Total portability

These are all features not found in the older models that make the CNC X WE Plus Wireless Tattoo Pen the best buy.

Now that you are a professional Tattoo Artist you want the best, as this is the machine that will help you to maintain your good reputation,

It must have been really difficult to learn tattooing on the old machines, but the new machines have every feature built-in both for safety and artistic endeavor.

The clients say that nothing hurts now, whereas once it was quite painful to get a tattoo. The other thing that has improved enormously in color, which seems to have been perfected more recently, with every choice of color seemingly available.

If you are going to have a tattoo as a client you can pick the style and color that you want, but remember it is permanent, and if you are thinking of having a loved one’s name tattooed on your body, make sure it is a lasting relationship. Once in place, a tattoo is hard to remove.


Modern technology is amazing so purchase the best wireless tattoo machines and the best wireless tattoo that you can. Your clients will be so grateful for your professional commitment that they will recommend you to their friends and family. The sweetest tattoo to start out with might be a butterfly, but if you are a young client remember, no names yet and nothing too big. The profession has come a long way with the Wireless Tattoo machines.

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