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Permanent Makeup VS Tattoo: What is the Difference between Them?

Tattoo and permanent makeup have each developed for a long time, permanent makeup has also appeared one after another eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner, lip tattoo, and so on which is called “semi-permanent makeup”. So what is the difference between permanent makeup and tattooing, their machine and materials are the same? Can you mix it?
The answer is – “NO!!!”

What Permanent Makeup and Tattoo have in common

Permanent makeup (PMU) and tattoos have a lot in common: both techniques involve the use of cartridges to pierce colored pigments under the skin. The pigmentation is long-lasting, both for PMU and tattoos.

The Use of Equipment

Tattooing and permanent makeup equipment used differently, tattooing used in tattoo machines with coil tattoo machines, motor tattoo machines, and wireless tattoo pens, coil tattoo machines are the most common. There are two types of tattoo needles: traditional and one-piece needles. The most commonly used tattoo needles are 0.30mm or 0.35 mm in diameter.

The tools used for permanent makeup are generally: eyebrow tattooing machines, embroidery tattoo pens, special needles for eyebrow tattooing or embroidery. Permanent makeup is almost exclusively applied with rotary machines because they use thiner needles and can be performed more precisely. The needles used for permanent makeup, the range from 0.20mm to 0.28 mm, are more prone to breakage and need to be applied with minimal pressure.

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Tattoo Ink vs Pigments

In tattooing, ink is injected into the skin, while permanent makeup uses pigments. Tattoo ink comes in a variety of colors, while permanent makeup uses black pigments, different shades of brown, as well as for the lips to redden the pink shades tattoo embroidery is a natural plant-based pigment implanted in the human epidermis below the layer to achieve the role of modification and beautification, due to the relatively small particles of color, easy to be easily absorbed by the human metabolism, so poor durability.

Micro Pigment

Tattoo different, the process is irreversible, even now the laser cleaning tattoo technology is so developed, it is difficult to ensure that you can wash clean, and also need to repeat the cleaning several times. It is because tattoos used a different color, tattoo pigment particles on the large side, not easily absorbed by the body, so lock color more durable.

tattoo ink

Healing & Durability

Tattoos take two to three weeks to fully heal, while microblading eyebrows and permanent eyeliner take about 10 days, simply because the procedure is less invasive and the pigment is not injected as far into the skin. In any case, it is important to keep track of reactions such as rashes, swelling, or redness that may occur.

Permanent makeup pigments differ from tattoo inks in that they are designed to fade slowly over time, but using high quality PMU pigments will make a difference. The pigment is placed into the skin at a depth of about 1/3 the depth of a traditional tattoo; therefore, the color is much softer.

The duration varies from person, depending on the particular shade and brand used. Most colors last three to five years, although some may not fade for up to 10 years! Regular retouching is highly recommended to maintain the desired look.

In Conclusion

Both tattoos and permanent makeup have a certain time limit. It is best to choose the most suitable tattoo equipment for your production to better ensure its integrity and longevity. Choose CNC tattooed products to give you a new look.

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