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10+ Beautiful Medusa Tattoos Not To Be Missed in 2023

Have you ever been thinking about getting a Medusa tattoo or wondered why Medusa tattoos are so popular? In this blog post, CNC will take you through will talk about the origins of the Medusa tattoos and what they mean.

The myth of Medusa has fascinated us for almost 3,000 years. Today, her image is still instantly recognizable around the world. Medusa is probably one of the most misunderstood characters in Greek mythology. People portray her as a cruel monster, when in fact she is quite the opposite.

The myth of medusa

In Greek mythology, Medusa, also known as Gorgo, is one of the three dreaded Gorgons, generally described as winged human women with living vipers in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would be turned to stone. Most sources describe her as the daughter of Phocis and Seto

According to this myth, Medusa was once an attractive woman with long flowing hair. Even the goddess Athena was jealous of her beauty. Every man in Greece lusted after her. Thousands of men used to visit AthenaÔÇÖs temple just to get a glimpse of MedusaÔÇÖs beauty. But Medusa could not be with any man, for she was AthenaÔÇÖs priestess, the goddess of war, and bound by an eternal vow of chastity.

One day, while Medusa was walking along the shore, she caught the attention of Poseidon, the god of the sea. He was instantly infatuated with her. Poseidon was in the middle of a conflict with Athena and he saw Medusa as a possession he could take from the goddess. So, he decided to take her by force. Medusa feared for her life and ran into AthenaÔÇÖs temple, hoping that the goddess would protect her, but Athena gave her no protection. Poseidon moved against Medusa.

Interpretation of the medusa tattoo's meaning

Medusa is a peculiar character from mythology who brings with her a lot of meaning. Medusa tattoos also come in many different designs to choose from, which is why its popularity has continued to grow over the years.

  • convey the impression of being unapproachable

Through what I have just learned about the mythology of Medusa, it is characterised by her deadly gaze and the head of a serpent. Her image was meant to scare people and turn bystanders to stone.

With the meaning of this Medusa tattoo, the owner may want to give the impression that they are unapproachable. They could also use this tattoo to show that people who approach them usually get hurt. This is a tattoo for someone who has not dealt with all their demons, perhaps socially shy or uncomfortable.

  • Showing uniqueness

Her myth is tragic, a woman born from the gods only to be cast into the mortal world and cursed as a hideous snake-haired woman.

Interestingly, both this meaning and the opposite meaning can be used when someone gets a tattoo of Medusa. They can symbolise the fact that they feel different by getting a tattoo, or they can show that they like being unique by getting a tattoo, and of course some people will see it as two sides of the same coin.

  • Regretting the past

In the mythical story of Medusa, she was abandoned by Athena because she was the jewel of PoseidonÔÇÖs eye. It wasnÔÇÖt necessarily her fault, but it cost her the beauty and immortality she once possessed. The Medusa tattoo may represent what we have become because of our own decisions.

This tattoo may represent remorse for decisions made in the past and this is the reason for the changes that have taken place in their lives.

Medusa Tattoo Designs

1. Traditional medusa tattoo

cnc Traditional medusa tattoo

2. Realistic medusa tattoo

Realistic medusa tattoo

3. Medusa hand tattoo

cnc medusa hand tattoo

4. Versace medusa tattoo

cnc Versace medusa tattoo

5. Dark medusa tattoo

cnc Dark medusa tattoo

6. Simple medusa tattoo

cnc Simple medusa tattoo

7. Medusa thigh tattoo

cnc Medusa thigh tattoo

8. Medusa chest tattoo

cnc Medusa chest tattoo

9. Medusa stomach tattoo

cnc Medusa stomach tattoo

10. Scary medusa tattoo

cnc Scary medusa tattoo

11. Baby medusa tattoo

cnc Baby medusa tattoo
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