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15 Christmas Tattoo Designs in 2021

Christmas is the most sacred and magical time of the year. For many people it is the most important day of the year, people celebrate and reunite with family and their friends.

Tattoos are often used as a way to commemorate special occasions, we can commemorate it by getting a tattoo, expressing our true feelings, finding a tattoo that has deep meaning, and learning to express that we are great inside.

The design concept of these Christmas tattoos, not just to highlight the holiday spirit, more importantly, it is to show peopleÔÇÖs love for life, vibrant spiritual energy.

With Christmas 2021 just around the corner, we can take inspiration from the following Christmas tattoo designs.

1. Fury of Reindeer


2. Jesus with Santa Claus


3. Snowflake Skull


4. Small Christmas Tree

small Christmas tree

5. Christmas Santa

Christmas Santa

6. Pine Tree

pine tree

6.Candy Cane


7.Crazy Santa


8. Christmas Tree on Armband


9. Christmas Snowflake


10.Smiling Santa Christmas

Smiling Santa Christmas

11.Cute Snowman Christmas


12.Xmas Joy Christmas Tattoo

Xmas Joy Christmas tattoo

13.Christmas Light Tattoos

Christmas Light Tattoos

14.Reindeer Tattoo

reindeer tattoo

15.Baby Santa Christmas


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