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what you must know about tattoo power supply

The Importance Of Power To Tattoo Machines

When you start reading this article, it proves that you don’t want to be a normal tattoo artist but a professional tattoo master. (Does it feel like it’s always a bad time to tattoo a client? Maybe it’s not your fault but not choosing the right power source.)Then you have to know that choosing the right equipment is very important for the work of a professional tattoo master. The difference in power supply mainly shows the effect on the tattoo pen by adjusting specific voltage, A professional tattoo artist will adjust his tattoo machine for different patterns and clients. Today I will share how to choose a power source for you.

Types of tattoo power supplies

1, AC/DC Power Supply

DC/AC power supplies were also formerly known as bench power supplies because they were usually located in the artist’s work area or bench. They look like small boxes with several connections. A direct current power supply supplies direct current voltage to the item under test, such as a circuit board or electronic product.

DC Power Supply

  • DC/AC power supplies are generally available for less than $100. You can change the voltage of the output current through it because it essentially functions as a current conversion device. For those who are just beginning their tattooing journey, this is not a huge strain.
  • This large power supply is extremely compatible. You can use different brands of pedals and tattoo machines at the same time once you can connect them. You can even modify it yourself if you have several circuit knowledge. Other power sources make it challenging to accomplish that.
  • More suitable for tattoo artists who work in tattoo stores. Because it is difficult to move and must be plugged in to operate, it severely limits the scope of work. Because you can not drag the wire around.
  • Louder noise and more dangerous. Because DC is more lethal than AC since direct current does not go through zero, it is rarely used at home or in the store.

2, Wireless Battery

This is a power supply mode that is gaining popularity. It is an integrated power supply made up of several lithium batteries. You can connect to the machine using RCA or other connectors. This power supply is smaller in size and is mostly used for wireless tattoo pens. I also have listed some of its features.

RCA Tattoo Power Supply

  • Because lithium batteries have a high storage capacity, wireless batteries are typically very small in size. They generally have a capacity of 800-1000mah, allowing you to work for 2-3 hours continuously. In addition, the wireless tattoo machine will come with two batteries, so you can use one of them while charging the other.
  • Suitable for individual tattoo artists to work. I know of a lot of tattoo artists who don’t have a regular store right now. They will bring their tattoo tools to the client’s home to create their work. A wireless tattoo pen is convenient for them to work without the lack of power. They can charge the battery in the car or on a mobile power source.
  • Relieves the hands of their stress. Most tattoo artists suffer from hand ailments and typically work for two to three hours nonstop. The more consistent power output of a wireless power source can significantly lessen tattoo pen vibration.

How to choose the right tattoo machine

  • Choose The Voltage You Need.

Because of the development of tattoo technology and the diversity of customers have evolved many different power sources have. Power supplies can usually be classified by the range of voltage regulation. Generally speaking, the voltage of the tattoo electrical source will be between 8-12 volts, and some unique low-voltage sources can be lower than about 3 volts. Other portable power sources have voltages of up to 20 volts. Simply put, the voltage difference mainly affects the strength of the machine. The higher the voltage, the deeper the tattoo hour hand will be, and the faster the frequency will be.

  • Display Mode Of Power Supply.

The power display mode of the tattoo machine has two kinds of an analog signal and a digital signal. You can choose different display modes according to your favorite operation habits and output power. A digital readout will be more accurate and easier to read while you’re working, but they tend to be higher priced. A good tattoo machine can adjust the output voltage is also very important, it can help you complete your creation more.

  • Tattoo Power Source Compatibility.

Although the wireless rotary tattoo machine is becoming the choice of more tattoo artists, there are still many tattoo artists who stick to the traditional coil machine. The coil machine usually uses a lot of brass and other metals, which makes it very heavy. During the tattoo process, you will find that your hand has no control over the vibration frequency, but the good news is that the coil machine is cheap and demonstrates the basic principles of tattooing, so this may be one of the reasons why it is still used by tattoo artists. Rotary tattoo machines have become the primary choice for tattoo artists in recent years, especially since wireless ink pens are very easy to use while being small. They often have many other features that are convenient for you to use, while also putting less burden on the tattoo artist’s hands.

  • Size & Portability.

Smaller power supplies are the first option for many tattoo artists who need to make door-to-door visits to clients, They are not only easy to carry but also easier to operate. Other tattoo artists don’t want power sources to occupy a lot of space in their shops, so they use smaller power sources as well. Heavier or larger power supplies generally represent better stability and more functionality, which can be very helpful in making tattoo designs that take a long time.

  • Power Supply Cost Performance.

It doesn’t matter how you get a tattoo, but the more expensive the power supply is the more stability and quality. Generally speaking, the cheapest RCA power supply is about $40, and the most expensive can reach $500-600 or more. As the price goes up, the power becomes more functional. Some multifunctional power sources can be connected to both the coil machine and the rotary tattoo pen, and others can control the output voltage and power more precisely to achieve a more detailed painting.

How to Choose the Right Tattoo Machine With Good Power Supply.

Purchasing the guidance of professional knowledge can save a lot of unnecessary expenses. So before you make a purchase, reading the shopping guide is your best bet. Wireless tattoo pens are becoming the first choice for more tattoo artists as power supplies continue to upgrade. And because it is convenient, portable, and practical, it can help tattoo artists focus more on their creations.

The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2022

1, CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen is a new era Tattoo machine based on the design of the classic CNC product “CNC-X-WE”. This new wireless tattoo pen has a fully upgraded battery capacity of up to 1000mAh, longer battery life, and stability that directly improves the feel of the tattoo at a whole level. It is equipped with the Lower Vibration Motor X-II for improved stability and voltage regulation accuracy. In terms of details, CNC-X-we PRO also has a lot of improvement. It comes in three different Stork Length Choices including — 3.00mm, 4.00mm, and 3.5mm CAMs, This gives you the flexibility and ‘hit’ to use the same machine for bold lines, solid color, or smooth black and grey.

CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo PenA good power supply should make the artist feel the power of technology. So look for the following features.

  • Digital display of voltage and frequency instead of color display.
  • Backup wireless batteries with long battery life
  • The supply voltage can be adjusted more precisely

We chose the CNC WE PRO as the best choice because it has all the features a tattoo artist needs. The battery has a precise digital display to help you with your creations. 1000mah battery allows you to keep working for more than 5-6 hours. It also prepared 3 stroke options for your various tattoo style demand. No matter whether you are a beginner or a master should have a Multifunctional machine.

2, HAWK PEN UNIO comes with a comfortable 25.4mm grip. The precision DC motors of the Cheyenne HAWK Pen Unio are quiet running and have low vibration. It operates in steady mode, which ensures a constant frequency of blows and needles. The all-in-one functionality of the HAWK Pen Unio makes it the ultimate all-in-one tattoo machine.


  • Stitch frequency from 65 to 140 Hz
  • Steady Mode for constant force and stitch frequency in all tattooing situations
  • Steplessly adjustable needle depth (0 to 4.0 mm/0 – 0.16 inch)

3, The Fourth Collection: The Way – Flux. This machine is from FKIRONS. First of all, silver metal is very technological. In conjunction with the 4mm direct drive while maintaining an overall weight of only 6.3 ounces is very compact., it is more suitable for tattoo artists who already have skills. The outstanding feature of this tattoo machine is paired with a 1.5A PowerBolt battery and supports USB-C power cable charging, which makes charging very convenient. The battery uses an LED indicator to show the current frequency, although this is slightly old-fashioned, the good news is that its accuracy is still quite reliable. The purchase will come with an extra spare battery, which is also a very well-thought-out point.
The Fourth Collection: The Way - Flux Tattoo Pne

  • Lightweight Design: Only 6.3 ounces (178 grams), most of the weight is in the center
  • Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same amount of power
  • 4 mm Direct Drive: a versatile stroke for lining and color packing

4, The Bishop Power WAND is one of the tattoo artist’s favorite tattoo machines. BISHOP recommends a battery upgrade kit that includes three different batteries, namely a long 1500mah battery that can support up to ten hours of work, and a short 800mah portable battery, which also has a replaceable RCA power connector.


  • Pen machine with interchangeable RCA adapter and batteries
  • The magnetic connection allows for easy fastening of the batteries
  • 360-positioning to customize screen position


Wireless tattoo machines are becoming the trend of the day. Power is also becoming more and more important. Many professional engineers have added digital displays to the battery. More precise and free regulation is more important for tattoo artists. Before you buy a tattoo machine you better figure out what you need. You should choose a machine with more features for your creation.

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