CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine


The wireless pen is the most comfortable way for a tattoo artist to create a tattoo. The CNC X-WE will lead you to focus on the creation and not worry about those annoying cords and connections. The Wireless Tattoo Pen kit(Quelle Needle) of CNC WE  and CNC WE Kit(bundle with CNC Police Cartridge) are strongly recommended.


The wireless tattoo machine X-WE designed by CNC is the first generation wireless tattoo machine. Packaged within two power bolts that you can use alternately to maintain continuous work. The wireless tattoo pen motor used by CNC WE is the shortest motor drive designed by CNC technical department, and we abandon the direct drive system so the CNC-WE can do more on various types of tattoo effects. A complete wireless tattoo machine CNC WE Kit for various tattoo styles demand. For the upgrade version of CNC WE Plus, please refer here.

 Key Features

  • 2 Wireless Power Batteries
  • Custom Germany coreless motor with dual-shaft
  • Replaceable stroke cam
  • Minimal vibrations and low noise
  • 13 level voltage output
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • The Power connection Type-C
  • Accepts all major cartridge brands
  • Grip diameter:31.5φ
  • Stroke Cam: 3.5mm
  • Length: 141mm with power pack
  • Weight: 176g with a power pack, Power weight: 37.4g


  •  1 Machine
  • 2 Power bolt
  • 1 Professional manual
  • 1 Type-C cord.


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CNC-WE Wireless world

The wireless tattoo machine: CNC-WE is the first 100% wireless tattoo pen by CNC tattoo supply. It inherits the stability and durability of the CNC Q series. It makes wireless work easier and breaks through the limitations of space. It’s time to cut the annoying cord off and embrace this wireless tattoo machine.

CNC WE wireless tattoo pen adopts a modular (3 independent modules) design that makes it easier for your routine sterilization, usage, and maintenance.

CNC-M-WE wireless tattoo machine

2 Pcs
Wireless Powerbolts

Wireless tattoo pen X-WE is equipped with two PowerBolt for cyclic use and works continuously. The battery uses 900mAh lithium polymer, which has a long life and fast charging speed.

Support work time

3.0hour-9.0hour (Test Results)

13 level control

unit 0.5V

Voltage output

Default start voltage:7.0V

Charging time

1.5 hour Type-C Fast charge

wireless tattoo pen cnc we 2 batteries pack wireless

Drive & Motor

The wireless tattoo machine X-WE is equipped with a special coreless motor-DC for tattoo work. After tests by professional tattoo artists, this tattoo machine performs better adapted to various tattoo types. It is marked with the motors of other professional tattoo machines. It produces a smaller volume when working, improves the working time of the power bolt, and the motor has a longer life.

Wireless Tattoo Pen Parameters

Nominal voltage
6.18 mNm
Nominal torque
No-load speed
Germany Motor
85 %
Max. efficiency
Vibration value

Replaceable Stroke

structure of wireless tattoo machine cnc we

Grip & Needle Depth Adjustment

Easy to Adjust.
The grip supports approximately 300° rotation adjustment, and the depth of the needle changes from 0-4mm in the 300° rotation range. The handle can accurately lock the needle depth.

Retractable cartridge slot
As shown, Figure 1 means that the needle length is 0mm, and this slot protrudes from the grip. Figure 2 The needle length is 4mm,This slot is retracted about 1mm in the grip.

Design For Lightweight & Service

X-WE wireless tattoo pen is designed by POWERCHANNEL GROUP, and the overall shell is made of aviation aluminum. The total weight of the tattoo machine is 176g, and the Powerbolt is only 37.4g. About 80% of the weight is concentrated on the grip, comfortable design.

For better after-sales service, wireless tattoo machine X-WE adopts a segmented design. Divided into: grip section, drive section, power section. During the one-year warranty period, if there is a problem with any section, CNC will send the replacement section to you. You only need to simply replace it. I believe this after-sales program is best for us.


Professional Tattoo Artist's Review

What’re the opinions of Daniel Yuck about the wireless tattoo machine? Let’s see what did he say.

In my opinion this machine is outstanding and for reasons that I demonstrate in this video. I pull really smooth and saturated lines with multiple sizes of needles, I use a pepper like shading, and I have packed black. To me the CNC-WE is a workhorse tattoo machine because pretty much anything can be achieved with correct technique and application. I say the CNC-WE Tattoo Machine is TRULY wireless because there is no place to plug in our power supply. The WE runs off of the power bolts that come with the machine, which also in my opinion are very powerful and can be good depending on setup and application. The CNC-WE is a continuously running machine, for this I feel it’s all person preference.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 11 × 7.5 cm




Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
James Charves
CNC tattoo gun, cordless

Best tattoo gun I’ve ever used!!

CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine review

I love this machine, it is very consistent. The battery life is really good and it charges super fast. However, personally I like numbers display for the voltage instead of colour display. Overall, this is a very good machine for all-rounder tattoo, would recommend getting it.

Jorge Melendez
CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine review.

We are loving the CNC X-WE Tattoo Machine. We haven’t had any issues with this yet. Hopefully we can go for a long time with it. I’ll differently be purchasing another tattoo machine with CNC Company. Also, I definitely would like to recommend this tattoo machine.

Rush Van Haye
High quality at a good price point

Having watched my apprentice struggle with her kit I decided do buy her a new machine, she had been learning with a wireless set up so not wanting to change things too much I researched all the available machines and found this diamond in the rough, having eagerly waited for it to arrive I was seriously shocked at how well it was presented, build quality ,feel in hand and the batteries are insane, her work has improved 200% in the short time she's had with the machine, I own several high end well known branded machines and this is as good as they are at a third of the cost, only trouble is she won't let me try it out now because she loves it, well done cnc for developing a great machine at a price that blows your competition out of the water

Vandol Veerman
It’s decent

It’s a decent machine for soft shading. But I can really get a solid line very easily with it

Taylor Riecken

CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine

Ali Cosigua
Good Evening Mr Sketch Here

In my honest opinion about this machine, I love it!! This Machine has multiple uses from shading to lining and color packing. I love how easy it is to use and how true of a wireless tattoo gun it is. Thank you guys for making a great piece of art making machine! Check me out on tik tok Mr Sketch Ink Studio. Have videos there of work with machine

Josue Reyes
Police cartridges


John Little
Favorite machine now

I've done a few bigger pieces and the battery holds up great and the machine runs great

Carolyn Phillips
Cnc X-WE

Amazing tattoo gun love. Very great with lines and have no problems but one . My needles I have before receiving the pen . Some needles don't fit the pen .

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