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Which is the best machine for tattoo beginners?

Which is the best machine for tattoo beginners?

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    I’m sure every tattoo beginner has the same question – “Which is the best tattoo machine?” or “What machine should I start with?” Believe me, you are not the only one who is hesitant. Every tattoo artist around you will tell you the importance of the machine. But what exactly should be considered? This blog will guide tattoo beginners on what they should consider before buying a beginner tattoo kit.

    Two Basic Types Of Tattoo Machines

    Before you consider the brand, price, and quality of the tattoo machine, you should know the two basic types of tattoo machines: Coil machines and Rotary machines. Many people do not realize that coil machines actually invented 20 days later than rotary tattoo machines. They were both invented in the late 90s. But limited by the technology at the time, the rotary machine did not become popular. Now rotary tattoo machines have been around for decades and decades but only recently have builders found ways to get new features and innovations that will appeal to more traditional tattooers.

    Tattoo beginners have some common problems during their work, many of which are attributed to the quality of the machine. But in fact, the wrong operation leads to trouble. For details, see “The Top 5 Mistakes Tattoo Beginners Made”, which describes the problems that beginner tattoo artists should pay attention to.

    What tattoo beginners should know about Coil Tattoo Machine

    Coil machine working principle

    The coil machine is a classic tattoo machine. It is powered by alternating electromagnetic currents passing through the coil, causing the magnet to turn on and off quickly. This pulls the spring into a regular motion, which causes the tattoo needle to strike the skin.

    Construction of the coil tattoo machine

    Advantages of coil tattoo machine

    • Understand how a coil tattoo machine works. As a tattoo artist, it is essential to know about the machine. You can see every part of the coil tattoo machine from the outside, so you need to understand how the tattoo is left in the skin.
    • Easy to repair. For traditional tattoo artists, in the past machine repair services were not good. They often need to repair the tattoo machine themselves. The good thing is that the construction of coil tattoo machines is relatively simple. You can repair some common problems by yourself after mastering it.

    Disadvantages of coil tattoo machine

    •  Permanent damage to the hand.After you understand the construction of the coil machine you will know its biggest problem. Because of the heavy metal coils and magnets, you are tattooing as if you are using a hammer. Most old-timers are going to tell you that sooner or later their hands hurt, their wrists hurt, and then as time goes on it hurts a lot more. Later in their careers, a lot of tattooers develop carpal tunnel which is when increased muscle mass or bone growth deposits end up pinching nerves and putting pressure on nerves that result in pain and numbing of the hands and the fingers.Carpal Tunnel for Tattoo Artists
    • Inconvenient to use. Coil machines usually use traditional tattoo needles, which are difficult to install on cartridges. When you’re running a coil machine and you’d hit the skin, the coil always backed off a little bit. How to adjust the stroke is also a problem for newcomers. “How To Set Up The CORRECT Needle Depth For Tattoos?” explains in detail how to deal with it. You need to spend a lot of time switching between different needles during the line and fogging process, which is very inconvenient.
    • Terrible noise.Because the power system of the coil machine is exposed. So it will make a lot of noise when it is in use, which can cause a lot of stress to your customers. Imagine when your customers walk into your store and hear the horrible noise, they may refuse to get a tattoo because they are afraid of it. This is a huge loss for a tattoo artist.

    What tattoo beginners should know about Rotary Tattoo Machine

    Rotary machine working principle

    The rotary tattoo machine has a motor inside, and the tattoo artist can adjust its frequency with a button. The motor will drive the internal eccentric wheel to push the tattoo needle to penetrate the skin steadily. Because it is motor controlled, you don’t have to worry about uneven coloring at all. It is lighter and easier to hold in the hand. There are many different brands of tattoo pens that have been upgraded. Each engineer has improved them in a user-friendly way. For details, you can refer to “Rotary Tattoo Machines Reviews in 2022 – CNC TATTOO SUPPLY”.

    Structure Diagram of CNC rotary tattoo machine Q6

    Rotary Tattoo Machine Advantage

    • Easy To Control. The motor is inside so there is almost no noise, and there are no excessive metal parts to reduce the weight of the machine. For the tattoo artist to greatly reduce the burden on the hands. The client will not feel nervous when using the rotary tattoo machine.
    • Quick Switch. Because the rotary tattoo machine uses tattoo cartridges when you create art whether it is a line or hit the fog can be quickly switched. In a few seconds, you can switch between many different needles.
    • Portability. Most rotary tattoo pens have separate batteries. This means you can take your kit with you to your client’s home to create a tattoo. This is a very big change and will not affect the quality of your work. Who wouldn’t love a tattoo artist who comes to your home?
    • Extra Features. Tattoo tools have changed a lot in recent years. Many talented engineers have added many additional features to it. For example, a digital electronic screen, a magnetic battery, and multiple power ports …… Once you have a wireless tattoo pen, you can keep upgrading it with accessories. This can save a lot of money and a lot of fun.

    How to choose a beginner tattoo kit for Tattoo beginner

    To do a good job, one must first make good use of the right tools. On the one hand, you consider the feelings of the customer, but also think about whether the machine is smooth to use, for your tattoo work is helpful. Of course, you do not want to suffer from a permanent hand disease.
    I have previously recommended some very good beginner tattoo kits for you, which you can see in the “Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen Reviews & Guide 2022”.If you are still hesitating on how to choose one, then I would recommend the CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen for you.


    CNC CW2 provides two power supplies, each can work continuously for 9 hours. Adopt German imported coreless stable drive motor, which makes the tattoo process more stable, less vibration, and quiet operation. The battery connected to the handle with a magnet is not easy to fall off but can be easily replaced. LCD screen intuitively displays the voltage change, and simple button operation to ensure maximum freedom when tattooing.

    • 2 Wireless Power Batteries
    • German imported coreless stable drive motor guaranteed maximum stability
    • Interchangeable stroke cam wheel(The CW2 supports the use of 3.0mm, 4.0mm CNC wireless tattoo pen series as an additional 3.5mm is offered as standard.)
    • 9-level voltage output( optimal operating voltage range 8V to 12V)
    • Fast charging: takes 1.5 hours to full charge
    • Compatible with most cartridge needles on the market
    • Durable aircraft aluminum material, ergonomic pen-like design
    • Low vibration, enables continuous quiet operation


    Tattoo machines have changed a lot since they appeared in the 90s. They have become lighter, more stable, and with many convenient features. Although there are tattoo artists who still use coil machines and believe it is the best tattoo tool, we must accept the reality that technology is advancing. Wireless rotary tattoo pens have surpassed coil machines in many ways, they are more stable and can switch between different creative styles faster. This is a huge help to someone new to tattooing.

    Professional Evaluation of CW2

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