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The Best Tattoo Machines Guide For Beginners 2023

The Best Tattoo Machines Guide For Beginners

When beginners start tattooing, there are a lot of problems and worries, a large number of tattoo machines are very noisy, splash out ink, are unstable, turn off at high loads, and generally weigh as much as a barbell.

Many people – both beginners and professionals – make plenty of mistakes when buying tattoo equipment.

We’ve put together a guide on how to find and order the best tattoo machines in 2023, It would be very helpful if you take a few minutes to read it.

Table of Contents

  • What is the concern for the tattoo machine
  • The type of tattoo machine
  • What are the elements of a good tattoo machine
  • What are some good tattoo machine brands
  • 3Recommended best tattoo machines
  • A few tips for tattoo beginners

What is the concern for the tattoo machine?

We polled hundreds of Beginners from around the world about their needs and concerns for tattoo machines:

David, from New Jersey, “I’m thinking of buying a tattoo machine to start practicing, can anyone recommend a machine under $200? And what other stuff do I need to get me started?“

Alan, from Mexico, “Which tattoo machine has a low maintenance cost?”

Byron, From Brazil, “I’m a tattoo artist beginner but all the tattoos I make on clients fade off completely leaving no ink but a scar in 3 weeks? Is it me? The ink? Or the machine.“

Lilith, from New Zealand“ Looking for nearby tattoo machine supply, considering after-sale.“

And the following etc.

How much can a tattoo machine cost?

Are tattoo machines safe?

What is the best power source for a tattoo machine?

Do tattoo artists use more than one type of tattoo?


Through these points of view, we think that everyone’s focus on the tattoo machine: price, multi-function, easy to use, fast hand, sale service…

The type of tattoo machine

Here is a professional article describing the type of tattoo machine and we have compiled some of them for you to quickly understand.

Rotary Tattoo Machines

rotary tattoo machine

In 2010, this Rotary tattoo technique was first introduced. Since then, it has been by far the most popular machine. Here, a small electric motor does the ultimate job. The motor can convert the rotation of a rotor to a needle’s reciprocation. There are several rotary machines available.

Coil Tattoo Machines

coil tattoo machine

Coil tattoo machines have been doing the job of tattooing for years now. In 1891, Samuel O’Reilly patented the first coil tattoo-making machine. There are different variations of coil tattoo machines available.

Pneumatic Tattoo Machines

Pneumatic Tattoo Machines

Pneumatic tattoo machines are another variety of machines, invented in 2000 by a tattoo artist named Carson Hill. They are powered by an air compressor and are extremely lightweight. Pneumatic tattoo machines use pressurized air to power the machine and drive the needles up and down. These tattoo machines are entirely autoclavable, meaning the entire machine can be placed in an autoclave machine and sterilized fully without any major disassembly.

Tattoo Pen Machines


Tattoo Pen Machines are a variant of rotary-style machines. The pen-style tattoo machine has a motor that is contained in a tubular machine body that resembles a thick pen. These machines utilize a cartridge system where the needles come in interchangeable cartridges that you can pop in and out multiple times during tattoo procedures.

What are the elements of a good tattoo machine?

The best wireless tattoo devices have many standard elements, such as they don’t shake, unlike a wired tattoo machine. That is why they are less tiring for artists, and they make less noise. They are very comfortable to hold; it is like holding a stroke, and they are quite lightweight. Wireless devices have a battery life of three hours or more and charge very fast. These machines have modifiable voltages, and many have adjustable needle depth.

Our ratings are based on the following criteria.

● Tattoo machine reliability is the primary criterion, which means that each of the tattoo machines on this list will last quite a long time, and guarantee a high-quality build.

● Intuitive operation, that is, how long you will need to get used to running the machine and understand the peculiarities of how it works.

● Safety in use- possibility to barrier, autoclave, disinfect, etc.

For example, pen-style tattoo machines are weaker in this aspect in comparison to other tattoo machine designs.

● Availability of consumables and tattoo machine components Is it easy to find and buy affordable grips, can you use cartridges, etc.?

● Ergonomics.

● How comfortable it is to hold the machine in the palm of your hand, weight distribution, overall weight, and other external design features were taken into account.

● Industrial design- attention is paid not only to external ergonomics and design. but also to the beauty and functionality of the internal assembly of the tattoo machine.

● Price- Although this is a subjective criterion, we tried to assess how much the cost of the machine is justified in the context of its advantages over other devices available on the market.

● Special features & advantages- each of these incredible tattoo machines has its own unique benefits, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs.

What are some good tattoo machine brands?

There are many of these, like CNC Tattoo Supply, and Solong Tattoo Supply… You can choose them according to your preferences, work style, etc. Previous advice doesn’t work, and tattoo artists don’t like sharing professional stuff with random people who may only tell you to apprentice.

You can even check out the Instagram profiles of different tattoo artists. Many photos of tattoo machines with designer plates that you can study.

What are the best tattoo machines?

Take a look at our 3 best tattoo machines, all of which are of very high quality, both in manufacturing and in the materials used.

1. CNC S1 Wireless Tattoo Machine Brushless Motor 


The perfect pen-style machine in the world – S1 brings you more freedom of control, more convenience, and more innovation from the inside out to bring out the best of all lines, shading, and color packing.

Key Features

● Two Available modes Options: lining mode(L) | shading mode(S)

● The default voltage of lining mode(L): 8.9V, the default voltage of shading mode(S): 10.2V

● Customize your own two working modes- S1’s memory function allows you to keep your own commonly used voltage, and switch between line mode and shading mode at will, eliminating the need for more complicated operation troubles

● Customized German brushless DC motor with noise and vibration for free, with no maintenance costs, and guaranteed long service life.

● Enjoy optimal comfort for longer tattooing sessions. the ergonomic design of the S1 guarantees comfort, stability, and control.

● Utilizing a durable 32mm aircraft aluminum grip, compatible with all tattoo needles on the market.

2. CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine


The CNC X-WE takes this to the next level and allows you, the tattoo artist to focus on the creation and not get tangled up in those annoying cords. 

It is the first-generation wireless tattoo machine. Packaged within two power bolts you always have the power needed for those long sessions. 

Key Features

● 2 Wireless Power Batteries

● Custom Germany coreless motor with dual-shaft

● Interchangeable stroke cam

● Minimal vibrations and low noise

● 13-level voltage output

● Ergonomic grip design

● USB type C power connection

● Accepts all major cartridge brands

● Grip diameter:31.5φ

● Stroke Cam: 3.5mm(3.0 and 4.0mm cams also available)

● Length: 141mm with power pack

● Weight: 176g with a power pack, Power weight: 37.4g

3. Tattoo Machine Q2 Professional Shader with 3 boxes Cartridge Kit

Tattoo Machine Q2 Professional Shader with 3 boxes Cartridge Kit

This Q2 tattoo machine adopted the German Faulhaber flat motor. It is suited for most sorts of cartridges and power supplies in the general market. The original Stroke equipped with Q2 is 3.5mm, in addition to the original 3.5mm stroke, you have the additional 3.0mm and 4.0mm strokes to choose from.

A few tips for tattoo beginners

1. When choosing where to purchase the best tattoo machines on the market, we advise you either buy from the manufacturer directly or from approved, legitimate vendors who are known for providing genuine articles.

2. You can buy tattoo machines online from sites such as eBay and Amazon, but be careful to read reviews from other customers to ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller, and that the machines are as described.

3. Tattoo machines are an investment – in some cases, they can last years – so do plenty of research before handing over your money.

4. Through constant practice, which tattoo device is the best for you comes with practice.

5. Use your creativity and ideas, work with these advanced machines, and you will grow into a great tattoo artist.

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